He looks forward to giving the mouthy hunter his blood.

He doesn't let it show, obviously, but before that first night, he had never been taken from. The feeling...the buzzing that had spread through his body then, like a hum in his bones...it felt so good. He loves the feeling--which in itself, is very dangerous.

Ridiculous. A pureblood who likes to be fed from. Of course it has happened before, but in the shadows, behind doors. It brings loss of stance, of respect--ridicule where it spills onto the roots of the grapevine.

Kaname is aware of these thoughts. He is, he is, but he can't stop the gasp that leaves him when Zero's teeth part skin and muscle with gentle pressure, and the hum, the buzz leaks into him like molten gold poured over his head. Spreading, from the breach. His body trembles and his fingers shake, his head falls back onto the teenager's shoulder. The gasp breaks just as the last of it passes into the air.

And Zero groans into Kaname's icy-smelling skin, because the pureblood hasn't hidden his reaction as well as he thinks. He feels the tiny, minute jerks against his body, pressed flat to the vampire's back. He's undulating, and the thought of that word and the image it invokes is enough to make Zero's cock twitch with interest. His hands release their bruising grip on Kaname's forearms and cross instead over a slender chest, tight, hotly possessive.

He grinds his hardening length into the cleft of the pureblood's ass and moans, long and heartfelt, against his mouthful as he sucks and laps at the shining fluid that wells up. Kaname's body goes rigid in his embrace, but even though they both know he has the strength to, he doesn't break away.

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