WARNING:This CHAPTER contains corporal punishment, i.e. spanking.

A/N: For those of you who have read "The Repercussions of Petulance". This depicts the time Edward mentions of his first punishment with a bigger family. I hope you enjoy it.

When I was standing on his right side he nodded to me.

Unfasten your trousers son.

With shaky fingers I did as I was told, then moved my hands to my sides.

Without wasting time, Carlisle pulled them down to pool at my feet and positioned me over his lap. I squirmed a bit at the all-to-familiar position.

My feet hung to one side, with my torso supported by his knees. I grasped his pant leg for support as he adjusted me on his lap.

Aside from the occasional warning slap, he always spanked me bare. Still, I couldn't help but let out a soft whimper when he opened the flap of my long johns.

"Why are you about to receive this spanking Edward?" He asked, his voice soft but stern.

"Because I… I disobeyed you…" I whispered. "And I went off alone."

"And why must you not venture off alone?"

"Be… because I… I'm still learning control… and I could… hurt someone or… get hurt."

Carlisle worries that should I be alone and come across another vampire, what harm could come to me.

"That's right." He rubbed my lower back to show his approval of my answers.

Satisfied that I knew the reason for my punishment, he wrapped his left arm around my waist to hold me in place. Then he let out a heavy sigh.

A moment later I felt a hard smack land in the center of my backside. I jumped at the sudden impact, sucking in a sharp breath. Just as the sting began to sink in, the next smack landed right below it, and then the third above the first.

Carlisle soon found a rhythm as he began spanking in earnest. It didn't take long before I started to squirm, drumming my feet on the floor a bit. Oh boy did it hurt.

I bit my lip, trying not to cry out as he landed smack after smack on my defenseless backside. My eyes began to prickle with tears that couldn't fall and I gripped his leg tighter. The pace started to quicken and a pained sound escaped my throat.


I was really starting to squirm about when the lecture began.

"I am very disappointed in you Edward. These rules are in place for a reason, and I expect you to abide by them. My only concern is for your safety." He accentuated each word with a burning spank.

He paused for a moment, shifting me forward on his lap, and raising his right knee.

"When I tell you to do something, you are to heed me." He said, and then began spanking my sit-spots, HARD.

"OOOHHHHHHH!!!" I howled out, no longer able to stay quiet.

"Am I making myself clear, young man?" He landed 5 especially hard spanks to emphasize his point.

"AHHH!!" I cried out, kicking my feet in earnest. "Y..Y..YES!!"

He continued to blister my burning backside, landing hard smacks to my sit-spots. I broke into sobs as the throbbing intensified. It felt like I was on fire.

"P….ple..please! OH OW!! Father, Please!!" I begged. "N..no m..more!! OH PLEASE!!"

I was squirming and kicking, trying anything to avoid his stinging hand. I continued howling with each burning smack.

"I..I..mm.. s..s..sorry!! OH!! I'm sorry!!"

He slowed down a bit, but continued to spank hard another minute or two, until I could only lay sobbing over his lap. The second I ceased struggling he stopped. I lay crying tearlessly over his knees as he released my waist, and began to rub soothing circles on my back.

He closed up my long john's and I yelped in protest of the fabric on my burning skin. Then he quickly sat me up in his lap, careful to hang my bottom off his knees. He cradled my head in the crook of his neck, rubbing my back soothingly.

I clung to him as I cried, gripping him fiercely by the neck.

"Alright." He murmured softly, wrapping his arms around me. "Shhhh. Alright. It's all over."

"Father…" I choked out, still clinging to his neck.

"I'm right here… It's alright." He soothed.

"I… I'm s… orry."

"Shhh… I know… It's alright, you're forgiven. Calm down now. Deep breaths… good lad."

I calmed myself slowly. I was slightly embarrassed by my childish clinging, but Carlisle didn't think anything of it. His thoughts were only full of love and concern as he soothed me.

"There now." When I had myself under control, he moved me back so he could look into my face. "Edward, It hurts me to have to punish you, but you must learn not to go off alone. I know you couldn't live with yourself if you accidentally hurt someone." I nodded. "But even more than that Edward, if something happened to you..." He paused, trying to quell the fear and emotion caused by the thought. "I... I don't know what I'd do. You are my son; I cannot bear the thought of harm coming to you." He gently brush a lock of hair from my forehead.

"I know father. I'm sorry." I whispered hoarsly.

"I know." He gave me another strong hug. "I love you son."

"I love you too."

He sat quietly another moment, looking over my face carefully. Then he frowned.

"I feel like there is something I'm missing Edward. Is there something you'd like to tell me?"

"Umm.." I squirmed on his lap uncomfortably, from more than just my burning posterior. I had hoped I wouldn't have to have this conversation.

"Why did you go off Edward?" He asked softly.

I swallowed, and shifted my eyes to the floor. I wasn't sure I could look at him.

"I... I just... I needed a minute... Um... alone."

He didn't reply, just waited patiently for me to continue. When I didn't, he spoke.

"Are you upset with Esme?"

He always knows... how does he always know?

"Not... exactly..."

go on Edward. He encouraged.

"I just... she's really nice and everything... but." I sighed. "I just... she just... shekindatookyouaway..." I finished in a rush.

"Alright, take a deep breath and say that again... a bit slower."

"Well... it's not just us anymore.... She... she kinda took you away." I squirmed again.

He sat stunned for a moment. That was not what he expected.

Suddenly, he drew me tight against him. Oh Edward... No one can ever take me away. You are my son. I love Esme, yes. But you have special place in my heart; Always. Esme only wants you to like her. She knows how important you are to me. She is very fond of you. She hopes that one day you will think of her as family.

I suddenly felt a million times lighter. Then as I processed everything he said, I began to feel guilty. "She's fond of me?" I asked quietly. "I don't see how."

Carlisle chuckled. "Well, you can be a bit stubborn." He ruffled my hair playfully. "But I wouldn't have you any other way."

I smiled slightly.

I love you son, very much.

"I love you too." I whispered.

He hugged me tighter for another minute.

Alright now?

I nodded and he smiled.

Good. He stood us up. Now I must go and fetch Esme. You are confined to your room with no books tonight.

I groaned. "Yes sir."

And you will Apologize to Esme for running off when we return.

"Yes sir."

He pulled me into one more quick hug, then he was gone.

When alone I let out a sigh and tried to rub the sting out of my blazing backside. I looked around my room as I rubbed and sighed again. No books… it was going to be a long night.

I lay down on the bed on my stomach and considered what Carlisle had said. I decided it was time I started to give Esme more of a chance. I felt bad that I had worried not only Carlisle with my little stunt, but her as well.

As I awaited their return, with my backside throbbing painfully, I thought about the stray thought I caught from Carlisle. One he didn't really mean for me to hear... at least not yet.

Esme hoped someday I'd think of her as a mother. She was not just fond of me... I was the son she never really had. I reached back, rubbed again and thought... it might not be so bad to have a mom.


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