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Hello, I am Black Dragon41, not Kurostuki-Tenchi. I am her sister and we share the same profile.

We all get into crappy situations in some point in our lives, and who's there to help? No one! Who'd really care other than ourselves anyways? I do! And I will set up some of those situations and use the resident evil characters to help sort out the right from wrong.

Warning: may be very disturbing and crack-like in some situations.

Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil, Chris, Wesker, Jill, Rebecca, Billy or Saddler.

~Making Friends~

Are you having trouble making friends? Are you tired of all of those failed attempts? Do you have anyone to hang out with? This fic section is the answer to all of your questions! After this, you will no longer be the 'avoided' kid around your neighborhood. In using all of our favorite Resident evil characters, you can be shown the correct way in scoring some awesome friends and do away with loneliness. Billy and Rebecca will demonstrate how to make friends, the right way.

The right way to make friends: Situation 1- In the city park on a nice and sunny day. A lonely but intimidating guy sits alone on a picnic bench, until a friendly looking stranger approaches.

Billy: "Uh, Hello? How are you today?"

Rebecca: "I am doing fine, how about you?"

Billy: "Good, I guess. What's your name? I am Billy." Holds out his hand to shake.

Rebecca: She greets him by shaking his hand. "Billy? That's a cute name for such a tough looking guy, I am Rebecca."

Billy: "It was a pleasure to meet you Rebecca."

Rebecca: "Thanks. It was a pleasure for me too." Takes a seat on the bench next to him. "So what brings you here to the park?"

Billy: "I like to get out ya know. Mom always complains about me sitting in the house all day and stuff."

Rebecca: "Really, my mom is the same, she always…."

Sparking up conversations is a good way to make friends, so be sure to be happy, friendly, and respectful at all times. If you avoid Situation 2 below, then you will hopefully make some everlasting friends and good friendships. And remember, there are plenty of other ways to make friends. Just be sure to be kind and courteous to everyone.

Now you must avoid making friends in the next situation. Wesker, Chris, Jill, and Saddler will be demonstrating the wrong way in making friends. Do not attempt for any reason, there are 'consequences' if you follow this procedure.

What NOT to do, to make friends: Situation 2- In the city, a dark alleyway next to the trash bins. Three friends; Chris, Jill, and Saddler talk about the basketball game they went to last night, until an unfriendly and shady stranger approached them.

Jill: "Did you see Brad make that 3 pointer, it was awesome!"

Saddler: "Why yes, he scored the winning point. I never knew he was that good, odd huh?"

Chris: "Yeah, I never thought he could…." Looks around and see's the stranger. Both Saddler and Jill also turn around to see the unwelcome guest. "Wesker?!! What in the hell do you want?!" He pulls out a pocket knife and holds it out at him.

Wesker: He then pulls out his silencer and aims it at Chris. "I am going to be your friend. Like it or not."

Chris: "What?! No way in hell!"

Jill: "Bastard!"

Saddler: "What?"

Wesker: "Oh, but you will." He then pulls a detonation device from his long coat. "If you do not become my benefactor then I will annihilate over half of humanity with Uroboros, and it is not likely that you'll survive it.

Chris: "You bastard!"

Wesker: "So what will it be… associate?" He grins evilly.

Forcibly terrorizing people to become your friends is not the proper way to make friends, but instead make adversaries or enemies. Although I advise you not to attempt, I just know that someone somewhere out there is going to try and not only the method in situation 2, but in the list below as well. This is the list of what you should not do to make friends:

1. Do Not engage in hostile activity towards them

2. Do Not use blackmail as an excuse

3. Do Not enforce them by bio-terrorist weapons

4. Do Not beat the living shit out of them until they submit

5. Do Not inject them with deadly controlling viruses.

Remember: Friends are Forever, but Evil is for Eternity.

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