"As you wish"

JJ/Reid, Morgan/Garcia, Prentiss/Hotch, Rossi/New character

I do not own Criminal Minds though I do own the new characters and the plot of this story.

Chapter 1-The Introduction

Special Agent and Media Liaison, Jennifer Jareau entered the BAU bullpen as she did every morning, only this time she was with someone else. This caused Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi to do a double take. The guest, as she was presumed to be, was a young woman that Agent Rossi placed in her mid-twenties, and was of average height and build. Her dark hair was cut in a very appealing pixie cut, framed her pretty face. Her glasses accentuated her sparkling chocolate brown eyes. She was captivating and he was curious as to why she was here.

JJ led the young woman up the steps that led to Unit Chief Supervisory Special Agent Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner's office. Derek Morgan asked "Rossi, you know what's going on here?" The Italian just shook his head and returned to his desk to go over files of completed cases. JJ rapped on the door.


JJ opened the door and allowed the young woman to enter. Hotch looked up from his work.

"Hey JJ, new case? Who's this?" asked the Unit Chief.

"This is Nicolette Labonte..." JJ started.

"It's pronounced Labonté, the 'e' at the end has an accent aigu and is pronounced like an 'a'. I'm sorry, it's a French last name, and I'm kinda fussy on that." Nicolette interrupted.

"Sorry. Nicole Labonté, she's been assigned to us to help create a BAU in Canada." JJ finished.

"You're Canadian?"

"Yes sir. Born and raised in Alberta."

"You can't be working with us with only Canadian citizenship, I'm sorry."

"I have dual-citizenship sir.I came here to follow my husband, I was granted dual-citizenship shortly after we got married and moved down here for his work. My husband was recently killed in Afghanistan, about a month and a half ago sir. I've been working within the Canadian Embassy since we moved to the States about 2 years ago. The government and the RCMP, have asked me to help start a BAU in Canada, we have something similar to one as you know, but they want a team like yours sir. It seems we need one."

"I see and how long will you be with us?"

JJ looked at Hotch. "As long as she needs to be."

Hotch just nodded silently thinking "Great! Just what we need... a greenhorn." He looked up again and asked JJ to introduce Nicolette to the rest of the team.

"Hey guys? Could you gather around...?" JJ called out.

The rest of the team, including Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia, gathered around JJ and Nicolette.

"What's up JJ?" The dark and handsome agent asked.

"Everyone this is Nicole Labonté. She's here from Canada to learn the ropes to help set up a permanent BAU like team up there." JJ pointed to the dark-skinned man. "This is SSA Derek Morgan. His specialty is obsessional crimes."

She then pointed to a pretty brunette, who seemed a tad bit on the serious side, but Nicolette suspected she was actually very spunky. "This is SSA Emily Prentiss."

Nicolette shook the woman's hand. "Are you Ambassador Prentiss' daughter?"

Emily was shocked, the rest of the team knew this to be true, yet this young woman wasn't from here and hadn't been around long enough to learn that. "How do you know my mother?" "I met her when she had dinner with the Canadian and French ambassadors at the Canadian Embassy. I was a translator." Emily was in awe of this new addition to the team.

Next to be introduced was Dr. Spencer Reid. "This is Dr. Spencer Reid. He's a genius and will start spurting random facts all the time, you'll get used to it." The young man smiled.

"Doctor? Medical?"

"No, I have 3 PhDs..."

"Don't scare her off." The speaker was a handsome, older man. He extended his hand. "Dave Rossi."

"Pleasure, sir! I've read your work." He smiled.

"God, he's handsome!" Nicolette thought to herself.

"And I'm Penelope Garcia, more commonly known as 'chopped liver', as it should seem! I'm the technical analyst here. We'll be best buds and don't let all the guys scare you. We're happy to have you!" the perky blonde pushed her way through the other members and gave Nicolette a big, warm hug.

As Penelope released her from the embrace, Nicolette looked at the people around her and said, "If you don't mind, I noticed you all sort of have nicknames, and I was wondering if you could call me either Nicky or preferably Lettie?"

Rossi smiled, "As you wish."

Nicolette blushed, then grinned ear to ear and asked "Where do I sit?"

The group just burst out laughing. She felt like she was home.