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One year later…

Dave and Lettie had three beautiful children. They were bundles of energy and kept both parents extremely busy. Dave had done one more book tour since Elena's birth, and Lettie was just going back to work now. Mama Rossi had decided to stay with the couple to help watch the children while Dave and Lettie worked. They had decided to go and visit the team in D.C. before Lettie would return to C-BAT. They had just arrived and were waiting for their luggage.

"Mama!" Calleigh shouted.

"What is it sweetie?" Lettie went over to her daughter.

"Elena on belt." Calleigh pointed to the luggage belt.

"What do you mean?" Lettie asked. She turned and saw Dave busy with Brennan trying to load what luggage had come out, onto a cart.

"She sat on belt. Went bye bye."

Lettie then understood. Elena had sat on the belt and now she was somewhere in with luggage. "Dave!" She cried out.

He rushed over to her. "What's wrong?"

"Elena decided to sit on the conveyer belt." She pointed to the slow moving belt.

Dave looked around. "Are you sure?"

She nodded. "Calleigh just told me."

Dave knelt in front of his daughter. "Elena went with the suitcases?"

"Yep." Calleigh giggled. "She said it looked fun."

Dave shook his head and handed Brennan to Lettie. "I'll go find someone to help." He quickly found an employee and told him the situation, all the while flashing both his C-BAT and FBI badges.

The employee nodded and led him to where the conveyer belts past. "That one there sir." He pointed to where the belt was slowly moving around.

Dave ran over and looked. The belt passed twice and he couldn't see Elena. He got up and began to worry more. She was just over a year old, yet she managed to get into more mischief than the twins combined, and that includes the fact that the twins were in the terrible twos. Suddenly he heard her laughter. He followed it straight to a back office. The door was locked, so he pounded on it. "FBI." He said.

The door opened and a teenage boy no more than 18 stood there with his daughter in his arms. "Can I help you?" He asked.

"That's my daughter."

"I found her on the conveyer belt. I've been trying to get through to the main security office to tell them." He said as he handed Elena over to her father.

"Thank you." Dave breathed a sigh of relief. "She wasn't hurt?"

"No sir. She was having a blast. She's very curious."

Dave nodded. "You have no idea." He extended his hand. "Thank you for finding her for me."

The boy shook his hand. "No problem sir."

With that Dave left and took Elena back to her brother, sister and extremely worried mother. When Lettie saw Elena she shouted her name, and carrying the twins ran to the rest of her family. She kissed Elena. "Oh my. Don't scare mommy like that again!" She looked up at Dave. "Where was she?"

"A baggage kid found her and was trying to get through to security when I got there."

"Oh thank God!" She put the twins down and took Elena. "You scared me."

"Ride! Ride!" Elena giggled, waving her arms in the air.

"Yes, we'll all go for a ride." Dave said as he took the twins' hands to go collect the rest of the luggage. Soon they were outside loading everything into the rental Dave had ordered. Soon they were on the way to Little Creek, where they'd be having the entire BAU over the next night.

During their visit they saw how everything had changed since they moved. The familia was going strong. Dave still ran it, even if he lived in Alberta full-time. They had a few meetings, during which Lettie would entertain the wives, and the children would all play together. Dave took Lettie out on the town a couple nights, while his JJ, Emily or Penelope would watch the children. They had picnics and went swimming. They wished life could always be like this, but sadly that was impossible. Work with the BAU and C-BAT meant they would always have a case, and would always be on the hunt. They just hoped that all their work would mean a safer and more peaceful future for their children. Soon their vacation time was up and they had to head back home. Dave was receiving his dual citizenship upon their return and then he'd be able to work with Lettie through C-BAT as an agent instead of a consultant. This would make all their lives easier.

One day after work, Dave took Lettie out to the lake. He had a gift to her.

"Dave, what's with all the secrecy?" Lettie giggled.

"You'll see." He said as he kept her eyes covered.

She wasn't used to the secrecy thing just yet, especially when it comes to their private lives. "Dave, tell me! What's going on?"

"Just keep those eyes closed. We're almost there." He guided her to the perfect spot and said. "Open them."

Lettie looked up. She saw the house of her dreams. It was what she'd always dreamt of for a house. It was bungalow on a full basement, with a veranda running all the way around it. It was huge. The house was white with a green roof and green trim. It had a whole rustic feel to it. "What's this?" She asked.

"That my love," He kissed her cheek. "Is our new home."

"Oh my God!" She shouted. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yep. I decided to start having it built when Elena was born. They just finished it." He handed her the keys. "Go check it out."

Lettie ran in and looked around. It was what she had always dreamed of. Dave soon joined her. "What do you think?"

Her eyes said it all. "It's perfect. But Dave, this place had to have cost a fortune."

"That doesn't matter my love. All that matters is your happiness and your safety." Dave wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

"I'm truly happy."

"Perfect. Now, let's go pick up the twins and come home."

Lettie looked confused. "You mean here?"

He nodded. "I had everything moved while we were at work. The whole place is ready to be lived in, all it needs is the pitter patter of little feet."

"Oh Dave!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. "Before we do that, I say we christen our new bedroom." Her eyes glittered with the apparent erotic mischief she felt coursing through her blood.

He grinned and swept her off her feet and carried her to their bedroom.

A few months later…

Lettie was late for a meeting with her team. Dave was a little concerned. This never happened, and he knew that she was here because he drove her here. He asked Amie to go look for her, but before Amie got up, Lettie appeared. She was a little pale, but she seemed to be all there.

"We have a case here in the city." She said. She grabbed the remote that Amie offered her. Pictures showed up on the screen.

Lettie knew nothing of the case, just that it was within Edmonton for once. There wouldn't be any traveling and having to leave the children. This she was thankful for. She looked up from her case file and dropped it upon seeing the pictures. It was almost as if part of her past she had tried to forget had found her and was staring her right in the face. Dave got up and picked up the file.

"Everything okay bella?" He asked.

Lettie nodded. "Yep. Just think I may be coming down with the flu."

He handed her the file and returned to his seat. There was something up with her. He'd ask her later.

They passed through the case and soon they were packing up to go meet up with the officers who'd called them in.

Dave pulled Lettie aside. "You sure everything's alright?"

She shook her head. "I'm pregnant."

Dave's jaw dropped. "Are you sure?"

"I just did the test. It came back positive and said I'm about 2 to 3 weeks along." She shook, that wasn't the problem. She was happy to be expecting again. They had wanted a large family and now they were getting it.

"There's something else Lettie. I can see it in your eyes."

Just as Lettie was about to explain, Dean burst through the door shouting that another victim had been found and they had to hurry.

They took off. Dave drove, all the while Lettie stared at the screen of her tablet containing the case information. Her past was back, with a vengeance and she really didn't know how she'd be able to keep it hidden, especially from her husband.


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