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I only made this because of the "Fanfic's good idea nagging voice in my head" told me to. And because it's near Halloween, I ended up getting a freakin' ghost story in my head. Enjoy! ^^ And sorry for all those who were expecting a Halloween story, I ran out of time...

Kakashi Hatake stood before the memorial for KIA ninjas, for the ten-billionth-and-second time in his life.

He sighed as he stared at the particular name that he memorized by heart. "Obito... I wonder what you're doing now." He lifted his his headband just enough to allow his Sharingan to be seen. "I still have it Obito... your gift to me." He covered it up again. Protecting his memento of the boy he became best friends with when he first became a Jounin.

At some random pile of rocks in the Earth Country... wait, was it Earth or near the Grass Village? Ugh! -_-" At some random pile of rocks...

I woke up somewhere dark. Really dark. Where was that light-switch? I stretched my hand out, but it immediately touched a rock.

"What are rocks doing here?" I asked myself as I climbed out. The sunlight when I got out was almost blinding. The birds singing, the air was fresh, scene would've been nice except for the small mountain I was standing on.

"Spring? Already? Wasn't it summer or something?" I leaped down, then started wandering around out of boredom.

I took the time to try to remember what the heck happened. Let's see... I had a mission today... Kakashi and I were arguing again...Uh... what was next?! I couldn't remember anything! Wait... what if Kakashi finished the mission and told everyone to ditch me?! I can't just be laying around here!

I got up and ran. But I remembered I didn't know where I was. I saw two shinobi land in front of me, from the Stone Village. Then I remembered that I was at war with the Stone Village.

"Hey! You two!" I shouted at them. One of them turned around, and screamed like a little girl. "OW! MY EARS!"

"R-RUN!!!" They tripped over their own feet before they could make a decent escape.

"Geez, you two act like you've seen a ghost..."

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