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Obito's POV

I looked down at the unconscious blonde on the ground. "Wow. I made sensei faint." I wasn't sure whether I should be nervous about doing a good job as a ghost, or label this a major achievement.

"Um, that's not sensei, Obito." I turned around to see Kakashi. "That's one of my students, Naruto."

"Students? Am I that late?" I thought I saw a slight smile in the eye I could see. "Anyway, where's sensei? And Rin?"

"Uh..." He looked away. "Around."

I knew there was something wrong, so I changed the subject. "Uh, who was the new Hokage back there?"

"That was Lady Tsunade."

"What? Wasn't she a Sannin?"

"That's right." Awkward silence. "Sooo. Want something to eat?"

"RAMEN!!!" Suddenly the blonde ninja woke up and ran down the street. "Your treat, Sensei!!!"


When we got to Ichiraku's, this ramen shop I used to always eat at, Kakashi ordered me and Naruto some big miso ramens. Naruto started slurping it up the second it was in reach. The shop owner hastily put my ramen down and ran to the back saying "Ayame! We're being haunted by former customers! Run!!"

Then I tried to pick up my chop sticks. My hand passed through it with a whish. I frowned and tried again. Whish. Then I tried to pick up the chop sticks with both of my hands. Whish whish whish whish whiiish.

Kakashi stared at me and said "Need some help, Obito?"

I think I blushed as I said "No, I don't need any help."

Then Naruto remembered I was still there and that I was a ghost and screamed. Hid behind Kakashi. "S-Sensei... What's he doing here eating ramen?!"

"Naruto, I'm not eating ramen. I'm trying to eat ramen."

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