My FIRST FF…no flames ^^

It has been ten years since the defeat of the dark lord…Malefor. Spyro and Cynder have adjusted to the new and more peaceful way of life but unknowing to the world there was a threat more powerful then the dark master himself.

"Mmm I'm getting hungry how about you Purple boy?" Cynder said.

"Well just a little bit but not too much…you stay here I'll go fetch us some sheep to eat." Spyro replied.

"Alright dear." Cynder said.

Spyro had been hunting for a little over 20 mins. When he had heard a rustle in the bush.

"Well well well I think I've found my sheep." Spyro crouched down as low as he could and dared not make a sound because he was too tired to fly and he didn't feel like running after it. Spyro leaped at the bush to find none other than a very old friend.

"What the... hey can you please get off of me I know we have not seen each other for a great while friend but this is a little much." A cheetah said.

"Sorry Hunter I thought you were a sheep and sneak attacks are good if you and a certain dragoness were starving to death."

"Yes, yes, I know how it feels." Hunter said.

"What do you mean?" Spyro said.

"Well Avalar isn't doing very well since the attack from an unknown species. They walked on two hind legs just like us and had two arms and hands also like us but they carried these weapons that continuously fired without them having to reload after every shot… and I know you're going to freak when you hear this but… the dragon temple has been severely damage and *sniff* ALL of the guardians are dead!" Hunter said.

"W…W…WHAT?! How could the dragon temple be so heavily damaged! I haven't been back to it ever since it was rebuilt but I'm sure that it was well protected!" Spyro yelled with hatred and anger towards these unknown creatures.

"There's another thing you must know too. There were two groups. One wore black armor that radiated dark energy and a group with white armor that shined like angels. The white figures fought with us while the black figures fought against us."

Well there you have it. NO FLAMES PLZ it's my first fan-fiction so and tips will be very appreciated