If It Takes Forever.

Rating: T

Notes: Future Fic

Summary: Carly meets with Freddie one last time before he moves on with his life. Freddie/Carly.

Carly walked, almost floating, along the green surface, a rolling hill covered in soft ryegrass. There were trees scattered in most directions, with a handful of buildings inside the grounds. Some of the trees were filled with yellow and orange, an autumnal spectacle against the dull sameness of their evergreen cousins. A bitter wind flowed through, cold enough to chill a man down into his soul.

She saw the man, standing silently some distance away, barely moving at all, simply looking down in contemplation as he walked towards her along the gravel path. He looked to be about in the mid-20's, brown hair, wearing a long grey overcoat, silver buttons shining, his hands covered by jet black gloves.

He stopped, turned to his left, and took a few steps onto the green grass. Carly stood in front of him, just watching him, as he looked up at the sky, she could see his eyes streaming with tears, dark circles across his eyes, a frown etched across his mouth.

Carly opened her mouth, letting out a "Fr.." only to be cut-off by him speaking first.

"I still can't believe this happened, I wake up, and reach over, and you aren't there anymore, I just can't accept it."

'Freddie, it wasn't your fault, it could have happened to anyone.'

"It feels like a nightmare, but whenever I try to wake myself up I can't, and I just sit there, crying, for hours in the middle of the night."

"I could have stopped it from happening, but I didn't, I vowed to never leave you, but I was weak." Freddie looked down at the ground, disgusted with himself.

'You weren't weak, it was just fate.'

"I hate myself, why did this happen to you? It's not fair." Freddie's fists balled up, and his face became contorted with anger for himself, for life, for the cruel world that conspired to take away the love of his life.

"It should have been me. I'd give everything in the world to get you back Carly. I'll be with you one day. I don't know when, or how long I will take, but I will come back to you." Freddie dropped a single rose onto the ground in front of him.

Then Freddie turned, the soft gravel crunching under his heel, a slow clip as he started walking back to his car.

"Freddie. I love you!"

Fredward Benson thought he heard someone call out his name from behind, he turned, only to look back and see no-one at all. He continued silently, hands in his pockets, protected from the cold, but not from the bitter pain that cursed him inside.

Carly watched him leave, saw him go, then herself drifted away. Before she was gone, she whispered out one last time.

"I will wait for you."

Carly Benson

Faithful Friend

Precious Sister

Beloved Daughter

Loving Wife

1994 – 2019