Heart Grows Fonder



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Summary: All Bella wanted was to know the truth about the mother she thought had abandoned her, what will happen when a complete stranger shows up in search for her? AU/AH

Heart Grows Fonder

Chapter 1: A Mother's Heartbreak

(Ohio: 1901)

Outside there was a storm, lightning flashed with thunder booming seconds later. Lying in her bed, Esme Evanson was whimpering in pain. "I can't push anymore I'm so tired," she whimpered.

"Mrs. Evanson I can see the baby's head, you need to push," the doctor answered.

Gripping the sheets under her, she pushed as hard as she could, screaming in pain. Falling back, she let out a gasp, the oxygen returning to her lungs. "And it's a girl," the doctor announced. Her heart filled with joy as she looked at her child for the first time.

"My little girl!" She gasped, tears falling down her face.

The doctor had cleaned and swaddled the baby up before placing her into the young woman's arms. "Oh…oh look at you…" she whispered smiling. She held the baby close to her chest with a small smile on her face. "So beautiful," she said crying softly. Resting her hand on the baby's stomach, Esme let out a shaky break, kissing the baby's forehead. "My little girl," she whispered.

"Excuse me ma'am, we'll have to take her and check her over, she'll be returned to you," the nurse informed.

Nodding her head slowly, Esme handed the baby to the nurse who took the baby from the room. Smiling softly, she leaned back on the bed, closing her eyes as sleep took over her.

In the waiting room, Charles Evanson stood in the window as the nurse pushed the baby crib to the window, showing him the sleeping baby in the crib. Instead of pride showing on his face, it was disgust. "How dare she give birth to a daughter before a son," he hissed. He walked away from the window just as the baby opened her big brown eyes and a wail escaped her tiny mouth.

When Esme and Bella were released from the hospital, the new mother found it odd that she hadn't seen her husband in those days she was in the hospital, the ride home was extremely silent. Little Bella was sleeping peacefully in the crook of her mother's arm, her tiny hand peeking out from underneath her blanket. "We're almost home," she cooed softly.

"Just keep it quiet," Charles muttered.

Esme sighed and rocked her daughter close to her chest.

Once inside, Esme went up to the bedroom to find that the crib was no longer at the end of the bed. "I put the crib in the extra room," Charles informed. Smiling sadly, Esme walked into the extra room, putting the baby into her new crib.

"There we are darling," she said to her daughter.

The baby whimpered softly but fell right back to sleep. Esme stroked her daughter's forehead with a smile before leaving the room.


Two weeks later, Charlie Swan walked into the kitchen to find his wife enjoying her breakfast. "I'll see you later darling," he told her, kissing her cheek.

"I will see you this evening," Renee answered.

Kissing his wife's cheek once more, Charlie went to leave when he saw something on his doorstep. Squatting down, his eyes widened when he saw that it was a baby. "Charlie, what is that?" Renee asked before seeing the baby in her husband's arms. Gasping, she put her hand over her mouth.

"I just found her," he told his wife.

Renee walked over and took the crying baby into her arms. "The poor thing," she cooed softly.

"Is there a note, anything?" He asked.

Renee reached into her swaddle and pulled out a photograph. "Only this," she replied showing the picture to her husband. "Does it say the baby's name anywhere on the back?" She asked. Charlie flipped the picture over.

"Isabella," he read.

"Oh! It is perfect for her, I wonder why anyone would get rid of someone as perfect as you," she cooed, touching the baby's tiny nose.

Little Bella opened her eyes again, looking up at the two strangers that were coddling over her. Looking around for the woman who had coddled her and sung to her, her bottom lip started trembling, feeling so unfamiliar with this place. "She must be hungry I'll get a bottle and feed her," Renee said happily as she went into the kitchen with the baby.

Renee smiled as she rocked the baby back and forth in her arms. "You are such a beautiful baby," she cooed softly, stroking her face. After the maid had given her a bottle, the young woman sat down and fed the baby.

"Isabella, that is such a beautiful name," she said quietly. The baby whimpered, kicking her feet a little.

Once Charlie had arrived home, they moved the cradle that was put away into their room after he had found out that no one had reported the baby as missing. There was no reason why they were unable to care for this baby girl as their own.

On the other side of the city, Esme Evanson's heart was shattered. She was sitting in the empty nursery with her daughter's little dress in her lap. Tears were falling down her face as she moved her fingers over the fabric. "I couldn't do it," she whispered. She pressed her hand against her forehead. Charles was going to send her off to the richest man when she was of age. She loved her daughter too much to let her go through that kind of torture, to go through the same kind of Hell she was going through.

When Esme held Bella in her arms for the first time, she pictured her daughter growing up beautiful and intelligent. She pictured her daughter falling in love with someone on her own, not to be forced into a marriage based on status. Letting out a shaky sigh, she sat back in her rocking chair as she looked at the now empty crib her child once slept in.

--------------------------Four Months Later--------------------------

It was dark, it was so dark. Everything ached and throbbed. "Why am I not dead…" she thought.

"Brother she is awake," a voice informed.

"Esme…" a familiar voice whispered.

She opened her eyes, her vision was blurry but she was able to recognize the person next to her, tears welled up in her eyes. "Carlisle…" she croaked.

"Shh shh shh, you are safe," he whispered.

"Everything hurts," she whimpered.

"I know, I know it does, just rest," he told her holding her hand.

She hadn't seen Carlisle in over five years, not since the day she told him her parents were forcing her to marry Charles.

Stroking her hair gently, Carlisle kissed her forehead. He felt nothing but rage in him, seeing the woman he loved and adored so beaten made his blood boil. "You're given sanctuary here," he whispered. He pushed the hair from her face. "We'll get this divorce between you and Charles started, he won't ever hurt you again," he told her. She leaned into his touch, closing her eyes. "I love you," he whispered. Esme reached up and held his hand.

"I love you," she answered before sleep took over her.

Carlisle kissed her forehead again before leaving her alone to rest.

Later on, Carlisle was standing in his office when Charles came in. "Welcome Charles," he said sarcastically.

"I have come for Esme," Charles informed.

It took all of Carlisle's self-control from jumping across his desk and strangling the life out of this evil man. "I have given Esme sanctuary here," he informed.

"Sanctuary? From her own husband?" Charles spat.

"You haven't been a husband! You've beaten her, locked her up, stole her child away, that's not being a husband! That's a monster! You are not to touch Esme while she is in my home," Carlisle snapped.

Charles was silent for a moment. "That is my wife, in the eyes of God and in the town I am her husband. No piece of paper saying our marriage is absolved makes it so," he answered.

"In the eyes of God he would forgive Esme for leaving the marriage. For leaving you," Carlisle answered.

Moving out from behind his desk, he stood in front of Charles. "If you want Esme you'll have to get through me to get to her," he informed.

"Gladly!" Charles snapped.

Before Charles could even touch him, Carlisle's brother-in-law, Edward, walked in. "If you want to get through Carlisle you'll have to get through me too," he informed standing next to the doctor. Charles stood there in silence, the Masen family was one of the most powerful families in Chicago. Charles glared at the two men.

"I'll be back," he snapped.

"We'll be right here waiting," Carlisle answered.

Charles glared before leaving the office, walking by Edward's wife, Elizabeth. "Esme's awake brother," she said quietly cradling her sleeping son in her arms. Carlisle nodded before walking upstairs.

Elizabeth sighed as she looked at her husband. "I feel horrible for Esme, losing three children…" she said quietly. Edward walked over and kissed her briefly before looking at their sleeping son in her arms.

"I can never imagine being as evil as him," he answered.

"You could never be as evil as him, never," Elizabeth reassured him.

They looked upstairs where Carlisle and Esme were. "At least he's happy now," he said quietly. Elizabeth nodded her head slowly.

Carlisle was sitting by Esme, holding her hand as she looked out the window. "I miss them," she said quietly. Her lower lip trembled and sniffled. "I want my children back," she sobbed. He pulled her into his arms, rocking her back and forth. "I want my children back," she repeated sobbing. Carlisle kissed the top of her head, hushing her gently.

"One day, one day two of them will come back," he whispered rubbing her back soothingly.

Kissing her forehead, he whispered sweet nothings into her ear until she was asleep again. Even then he didn't let her go. He was lying next to her on the bed holding her close to him.

When night fell, Elizabeth peeked into the bedroom to find her brother and his love fast asleep in each other's arms. Smiling she walked over to the candle by the bed, blowing it out before leaving them to rest.