Dear Diary,

There is a new ghost in the opera!! Suzette says it's all hogwash and probably just the rats but Mama says it must be the ghost's lady, for she never asks for a footstool anymore, so she must be quite upset. But Emile and Gaspar swear they heard a lady shrieking in despair, deep down under the waters of the lake. Perhaps she was a victim of the Commune, wailing for her freedom? This is quite the most exciting thing that has happened in simply ages. I do hope she stays down there, though! I have no wish to come across a drowned lady ghost backstage; seeing the regular ghost the night poor Joseph hanged himself was quite enough for me!

A/N: Happy Hallowe'en, all!

I am still very new to writing morbid fics, but it's just such an appropriate style for Hallowe'en! Still, I would greatly appreciate feedback on how I am doing. I had thought, at one time, of breaking it into chapters all the way through, but I think it reads better as a continuous piece, although I did break out this entry here so as to avoid a certain amount of confusion. Ideally, I would have liked to have used several handwriting fonts, so as to reflect Christine's deteriorating mental state through deteriorating handwriting (with, of course, Meg's handwriting a perky and cheery one; I suspect she dots her eyes with little circles or hearts, heh heh), but of course, they aren't supported here. Oh, well. I hope I succeeded anyways.

Tell me, what do you think of this epilogue? Does it add to the story? Detract from it? Make you go wtf?

Thanks for reading, thanks for reviewing, and enjoy the spookiest night of the year! :D ooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000!!! XD