A/N: First in this series of plotless inter-related one-shots surrounding the idea of power roles in the ShizNat relationship. Updates WILL vary, as theres no plot and il b updating as ideas comes and goes!

This was originally a plotless Halloween drabble... but it turned out a bit long for a drabble and barely any relation to Halloween... but its still plotless! so 1 out of 3... isn't that bad... Look its a ShizNat fic just b happy wif it!

The Wolf and Her Prey

She was the wolf, and I was the prey.

As I trudged through my crowded surroundings, weary and cautious, I could feel my predator's eyes on me – watching my every move. I was being stalked, I know it.

With every step I took, my heart beat with anticipation and fear. As adrenaline pumped into my blood I could sense that the wolf was drawing near. I, the unsuspecting rabbit, is about to be pounced upon.

I must flee.

I perked my head up, to see far and wide, nose twitching whilst I scanned the area. My instinct tells me the wolf was close and she is about to attack.

I whipped my head to my left, my right and even behind me – she wasn't there. Perhaps this is all my imagination...

I breathe a sigh of relief and mentally chided myself for my paranoia.

It was then she pounced.

"AH!" Two girls tumbled forward a step in a mass of people.

"Woof! Grrr!" The girl in the werewolf costume growled into the other girl's ear before breaking into a joyous fit of giggles.

The werewolf clung to the back of her prey, her arms wrapped around her neck possessively.

"Where does my Natsuki-bunny think she is going? Hm?" Shizuru asked.

The two stood in the midst of costumed people, they themselves, in their respective attire:

Natsuki wore a playboy bunny suit – with the black one-piece like outfit, black fish net stockings, and coupled with white fluffy shoes, gloves, bunny ears and a cute little bunny tail on the lower portion of her back. The blunette whole body blushed red.

While Shizuru, still hanging on to the back of her girlfriend, wore ragged clothes and tan furred gloves that reached to her elbows and furred boots, both equipped with fake claws, and face paint that further disguised the crimson-eyed girl as part of the wolf kin.

"Natsuki should at least greet her friends before she leaves" Shizuru said sadistically in Natsuki's ear eliciting a look of pure horror and dread to appear on her paling features.

'This is going to be a long night' the biker thought before she was dragged unwillingly by the hand towards her friends, her words of protest fell on deaf ears.

The Halloween party had ended and we returned to my place of residency.

I had finished my shower and headed to our bedroom, but upon opening the door I found it odd that the lights were already off.

I stepped into the dark room choosing to allow my beloved to enjoy her well earned rest and I decided not to disturb her with piercing light.

Closing the door behind me while keeping my eyes fixed onto the shaded mass on the bed, I was completely oblivious to the dark and dangerous figure waiting behind door - hiding in the shadows.

I sneaked silently up toward the bed, hoping to join my love in her deep slumber. It was then she pounced.

With a small shriek closely followed by fits of giggles, I was pushed down onto the cushiony texture of our duvets and, eventually, I was able to turn onto my back so I could face my attacker.

From the little amount of light that flowed through the window, I made out the glistening midnight blue hair that cascaded down toward to me, her emerald eyes sparkling in the dark.

I may have been dressed as the werewolf tonight and Natsuki had been my bunny, but definitely, tonight …

She was the wolf and I was her prey.

And I am about to be devoured.

A/N: and now an omake to explain how/why Natsuki is in tht costume!


At the Halloween Party, in a corner of the event room, Mai and Natsuki sipped at their drinks whilst leaning against the wall.

Mai: Neh, Natsuki… Why ARE you wearing that? *refers to playboy bunny costume*

Natsuki: *blush and sighs* … Shizuru said that… ONE of us was going to wear it tonight, if it's not her then me… and there's no way I'm letting any perverts get an eyeful of her in THIS! *gestures to self* Plus… I don't think I could actually hold off and protect Shizuru from her rabid crazy fans when they do see her…

Mai: … ahhh … *looks over to where Shizuru was*

Shizuru was speaking animatedly to Haruka, Yukino and Reito the atmospheres of cheer and grace whilst facing them, however the aura she had behind her - facing the masses of unknown bystanders, was murderous and dark. Occasionally she sent heart-stopping, bone-chilling stares to anyone that looked over to Mai and Natsuki's direction for any significant amount of time or even dared to walk towards them.

Mai: *mumbles* … yeah, Shizuru-san is probably a better people-handler than you… she sure knows how to mark her territory.

Mai had to rub her eyes when she thought she saw Shizuru's shadows morph into hydras when Takeda took a step toward them… before stopping dead in his tracks.