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Dressed for Battle

White fluffy clouds would drift peacefully across the clear blue sky. The sound of mellow waves crashing gently down, merging with the distant cries of gulls soaring overhead. Music would play in the background.

And my eyes would be captivated by her.

Ignoring the watchful gaze of my friends and family, they would stand by their white framed fold out chairs placed on either side of the aisle.

Ignoring the simple, yet beautiful, floral arrangements that decorate the white ribbons and banner with pink and whitish-green roses.

Ignoring the texture and the sensation of sand, found beneath my bare feet, as I walk down my heart-yearned path.

I would be captivated by the blue-haired angel that stood in wait for me.

She'd have her hair in a half-up bun – with deliberate stray hair curled elegantly to her near bare shoulders – covering the whimsical spaghetti straps of her simple white dress. It would sway and float gently above her knees.

Her hands would be clasped nervously together in front of her as her bright green eyes stare mesmerizingly into mine.

"… and I thought maybe you should wear a long gown – a more elegant one – as opposed to my simple dress. It can be like short at the front and long at the back with a trail – it'd get sand all over it but I think it'll look nice." My Natsuki continued to muse as we lay beneath the covers, on the bed in each other's arms.

Her hand mindlessly drew circles on my shoulder as I let her lead me into the intoxicating daydream.

Her chest grew and deflated against my face as her breath skimmed the top of my head. I let out a contented sigh and snuggled further into her arms.

"I'm surprised Natsuki would be wearing a dress..." I commented blankly to myself and soon noticed the sudden yet near missable tension in her arms. "… But I'm glad Natsuki would be willing. You would look so beautiful." I soothed, letting my finger draw circles on her arms as well.

She tightened her grip around me, burying her face into my hair.

"Well… I do want to look pretty for you." She whispered into my ear, her heated cheeks radiating onto mine.

I chuckled happily as I pulled back to see her loving and bashful face, and my heart was filled with unimaginable warmth.

"So what made Natsuki think so far into our future? Hm?" I asked teasingly, hoping to keep that pink tinge on her features a little while longer.

She gave me a queasy smile. Drawing me back to her embrace she pressed our lips together as her hand worked its way over to our bedside table and I heard the faint rumble of a drawer being drawn.

When she retreated and parted our kiss, my eyes opened to see hers staring deeply into mine… and when I looked into her hands… it felt like my heart had stopped that very moment.

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