Stop thinking about how drool worthy he is, stop staring at his tanned skin, stop wanting to kiss him!

Just look at his eyes, its as if their burning, doesn't that just make you want to melt?

Now that you mention it- wait NO! Ugh! You're driving me crazy you stupid hormones! I'm only 14! (at least I think I am) It is so not proper for a fourteen year old to want to jump her flock-mate. No matter how hot said flock-mate may be.

"Max are you okay?" Oh crap… I must have been quiet longer than I thought.

"Of course, I'm fine." I was trying to come off as bored, but my voice was hoarse. Oh great, now I sound like I'm sick.

"I'll buy some cough medicine while I'm in town." And with that, Fang walked out the door.

What a cute butt.

Will you just shut up!

Not until you finally get a piece of that.

I hate you.

So you're Emo?

…What? How am I Emo?

You just said you hated me, and me being a voice that comes from your mind, am a piece of you. Meaning that you just said that you hated yourself.

Fuck you.

Well now, if you had jumped Fang's bones before he left, then we would be doing that right now.


Well, I can see you were raised to be a well-mannered lady Max.

… You know, maybe if I stop paying attention to you you'll shut up.

Go ahead and try, it won't work.

Doesn't mean I can't dream.

Ooh, ouch Max, that really hurt – right here.

Of course not, you don't have any heart to hurt.

For once your right.

Angel's eye twitched madly as she sat up straight on her bed.

Max was starting to argue with her "voice" about what was the hottest thing about Fang – in detail.

It was times like these that she hated being a mind reader.