Hiya everyone! It's been sometime since I written a Blue Dragon fic and just in time of Halloween! Well, this fic is short and that's all I can came up with. Sorry and I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^;

Disclaimer: I do not own Blue Dragon or any of its characters.

Nene sighed as he waited in the castle's living room for Himiko to come out in her costume for Halloween. They first learned about this holiday from Shu after the Blue Dragon user visited them (much to Nene's annoyance; because he knew Shu look up to Himiko as a mother) and Himiko then takes an interest of the holiday and wants to try it out; dragging Nene along with it.

"Himiko, are you done yet? The party is gonna start in 6 minutes and I don't want that boy giving me a headache when he comes in." His costume for the Halloween party is a black knight; giving by King Jibral as a gift. The helmet help Nene to hide his face so anybody won't find out about him being alive again.

"I'm done, Nene. You can turn around now." Nene turned around to see her in her costume and then blushes as he saw her. Himiko was wearing the most beautiful black wedding gown he ever seem. She was wearing a long white wig with a black tiara, holding the black velvet behind her head tightly. Giant dark fairy wings were attached to her back and on her face was a black butterfly mask and wearing deep red lipstick.

"So, how do I looked?" She asked.

"Very b-..." He was cut-off as the door slam opened with Shu, Jiro and Kluke rushes in the room. "Wow Himiko, you look very beautiful in that costume!" Kluke said happily.

"What are you two still doing here? The party is about to start!" Shu, taking Himiko by the hand, left the room leaving Nene alone but not before Himiko turn her head to look at Nene and smiled.

"Are you coming?"

Nene sighed heavily as he followed the group; thinking he could have some fun by throwing Shu at the drinking fountain and dance with Himiko before the party ends.

Happy Halloween! Enjoyed getting candies and be careful at going out for the holiday!