Hello everybody! This is just all the Carlisle/Bella drabbles I have done put into one. It's easier for you to read and me to. . . I dunno it's just better for me too. They will all be here now and I will be deleting the others. Only the C/B drabbles are here; one drabble a chapter, just so you know. I own a weird imagination, that's it.


I stitched up the wound on her arm. Watched as she twitched in pain.

As I sewed her up, the pang in my empty chest grows stronger.

He wouldn't hurt her – intentionally.

I wouldn't hurt her. Period.

The selfish part of me knows that the time she hurts, is the only time I can be near.

I tell her what she wants to hear, and pray Edward's good intentions will keep bringing her to me.

Anything, to keep her close to me.