"What's so important about the invasion anyway?"

Natsumi wasn't stupid. Giroro knew that. So when she asked him a question that seemed so obvious as they sat at the campfire, he couldn't hide his confused look.

"Are you trying to be like your brother? Were you forced into it?"

"What are you talking about?" Giroro replied before Natsumi could ask anything else. "I'm a soldier. It's who I am. It's who I've always wanted to be."

"But what's so important about invading Pekopon?"

"On my planet, being a soldier means being an invader. Same answer."

Natsumi gave up trying to beat Giroro's sidestepping, moving onto another question. "Okay, but why Pekopon?"

"I don't know. That's just where we were ordered to invade."


They continued to sit by the fire, letting sweet potatoes roast in silence, sans crackling. Giroro had finally gotten her to leave him alone about it.

And now he felt a need to answer her.

"If I were to guess, maybe they appreciate this planet."

"Come again?"

Giroro's eyes turned away. "I guess they think this planet is beautiful or something. Some keronians aren't beyond that sentimental crap, even in the military."

"So you think Pekopon is ugly?"

"Beauty is a pointless aesthetic to pay attention to. It simply distracts you from truly examining your surroundings in enemy territory," He turned the sweet potatoes. "But if I must think about it, yes."

"So do you think pekoponians are ugly?"

Giroro froze.


He turned his head in the direction of his eyes so Natsumi couldn't see him blushing like mad. "...No, not all of them," he replied, hoping she wouldn't ask which half she was in.

"But some? Like me?"

Crap. He turned a deeper red, but couldn't turn his head more without becoming obvious. "No, you're not ugly."

Giroro grabbed the sweet potatoes from the fire, not looking at her to notice she was smiling, and not letting her reply before thrusting one of the sticks towards her. "Here, done."

"Thank you," she replied, still smiling as she took it. She wondered to herself what he thought of the stars as she gazed up at them, sitting next to him as she ate slowly.

But then again, both planets had stars, right?