so I watched Lancelot and Guinevere (again) today nd I wazZ like far my fav ep yet so I hav to write something!! yep. here it is. Arthur wnats Gwen like the soil yearns for the rain. Title is totally inspired from EdenEcho by Kamelot, check them out..awsummest, epicest band eva!! (not to mention their awsumm name!!)

Disclaimer: And yet again it is time for myself to unwillingly admit that I own nuddah. nothin. shit all.

Like the Soil Yearns for the Rain
by DotCom-WDB.

He'd defied his father, snuck out of the castle, risked his life, risked Merlin's life, faced Wildren, broken into a fortress, jumped into a cage with another Wildren, fought off the Wildren, broken out of a fortress, all for one person. The girl he loved. Guinevere.

And it was all for nothing. He was too slow, Lancelot had beaten him to the prize. And yet he could not bring himself to hate the man, not even dislike. He had no idea of his feelings toward the servant girl and to be honest who would even suspect it. No one. He'd noticed when Lancelot went to Camelot before that Gwen seemed to hold him in high esteem but he thought nothing of it. But now he reprimaded himself for not noticing.

The quiet smiles, the eye contact. Everything was there.

On the way to rescue her Merlin had convinced him that Gwen would wait. She would wait for him. But how wrong he was. Bursting in like the hero he'd expected all the attention, all the love. He'd been stupid enough to think that kiss meant something, anything. But no. He went from bursting in feeling like a hero to breaking out feeling like an idiot. As soon as he saw the way they looked at each other his heart dropped. Dropped and shattered into a million thousand tiny shards and every bit belonged to Gwen. The shards stung his insides, the back of his eyes. But he would not cry. Not in front of Lancelot and especially not in front of Gwen.

But later, hours and hours later, he cried for Gwen. He cried the same tears for her that she had for Lancelot. And that sickened him so. The very same tears. The tears of wanting, needing but not having.

The tears of a broken heart.

He withdrew into himself. Spending every spare second alone, only speaking when spoken to. He'd even lost the will to torture Merlin.


The only person who knew the words in his heart. The only person who knew his yearning. The only person who had seen Lancelot off.

In a way he hated Lancelot for leaving. He could not bear to see Gwen so miserable. Like half of her was missing. But then he was not sure if he had've been able to live seeing her with him.

Everything was just so hard.

Merlin had tried to cheer him up but nothing worked. He did not even have the will to shout and scream at his servant. He simply sat there and slowly shook his head, those ever-stinging tears fighting to race down his features.

Everything was just so hard and for the life of him, for the life of Gwen, he had no idea what to do...

so that wazZ, tell me wt u think..ATM just a oneshot but hu knows..u guys might want more..