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So, this little one-shot was inspired by the Michael Bublé song, Everything. I really wasn't going to write any more one-shots until I'd done the next chapter of my Unfinished Story fic, but the inner writer in my head was screaming at me to do this, so here you go – just a bit of Callian fluff. Hope you like!


Cal wasn't usually one to have music on at work, but for some reason, he felt like it today. Flicking the radio on that Emily had bought him last Christmas because "not having a radio at work will turn you into even more of a sad, obsessed workaholic, Dad", he collapsed back in his chair. He liked the opening of the song they'd just started playing, and waited for the lyrics to kick in.

You're a falling star, you're the get away car.
You're the line in the sand when I go too far.
You're the swimming pool, on an August day.
And you're the perfect thing to say.

He looked up, as at that exact moment Gillian Foster walked into his office.

And you play it coy but it's kinda cute.
Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do.
Baby don't pretend that you don't know it's true.
'cause you can see it when I look at you.

"Cal?" He seemed to be concentrating on something, but Gillian had no idea what. He was also staring at her with a strange expression on his face. "The Davidson file, as requested." She dropped it onto the desk in front of him.

You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
You're a mystery, you're from outer space,
You're every minute of my everyday.

"Thanks love," Cal said, trying to drag his mind away from the song, but finding it impossible. The chorus was kicking in again now; he'd missed it first time round as Foster was speaking.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, you make me sing.
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

Shaking her head in faint amusement, Gillian turned around and headed for the door.

"Foster." Calling her name stopped her in her tracks, and she turned.


"It's you."

"Have you been drinking already this morning Cal? Because it's not even 10am…"

A short laugh escaped from his lips as he stood up and walked towards her. "It's you," he repeated, to her utter confusion.

"Yes… Cal, what…"

He silenced her by pulling her towards him, catching her lips in a kiss that although brief left her slightly breathless.

"You're my everything," he told her, reaching up to brush a loose strand of hair off her face. "Always have been."

The smile lit up Gillian's face, and Cal was always amazed at how radiant she looked.

"What brought this on?" she asked softly, running her hand softly along his jaw.

Cal grinned at her. "You should listen to the radio more often love, it can do wonders."

He pulled her close to him as their lips met again, and both tuned their ears to the music playing in the background.

And I can't believe, that I'm your man,
And I get to kiss you baby just because I can.
Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through,
And you know that's what our love can do.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, you make me sing.
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.
You're every song, and I sing along.
'Cause you're my everything.