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Samantha´s POV

My name is Samantha Colt and I´m a hunter but not the average kind. I don´t hunt deer or any animals for that matter, what I hunt are the creatures that nightmares are made of. Just because you might not believe in their existence doesn´t make them any less real than they are. You should be afraid of what´s hiding in the shadows or under your bed because one day it might come for you. And no, I´m not crazy, stoned or drunk. You can believe me when I tell you that I know what I´m talking about. So far I´ve encountered pretty much everything ranging from vampires and wendigoes to werewolves. Hell, even Zombies and Ghouls.

I come from a long line of hunters that go back centuries. My parents knew of the dangers and evil predators that were hiding in the dark, so they wanted to prepare me as early as possible. I had just turned 8 when my Dad officially started my training. Instead of going to ballet class like my friends, I went to martial art practice. Taekwondo, Aikido, Kickboxing, you name it. 4 years after that, at the age of 12, my Dad felt I was ready to handle weapons. We started out with knives, swords, arches and later on moved to guns and other weapons alike. I spent a lot of time on my own in our extensive family library and studied as much as I could about the supernatural.

My Mum was a huntress aswell but when she was pregnant with me, she quitted. She was born into the hunting business just like me and knew what it was like, so she tried to balance as much normality into my life as possible. When my Dad was out on hunts, she would take me out shopping or do other girly things with me. I´ve got to admit that she did an excellent job in preserving my girliness.

If you´re a hunter yourself, you can pretty much distinguish female hunters from average women. In my case it has always been and still is impossible to tell. I`m about 5´7 tall, have long dark brown hair that reaches to the middle of my back and piercing blue eyes.

My Dads fellow hunter friends didn´t take me serious at first until they saw me fight. It didn´t take me long to gain a respectable reputation among hunters.

Almost 2 years ago, tragedy struck and my life took a turn for the worst. My Mom had started hunting again due to the increasing demon activity and was killed by Lilith, a demon who held a grudge against my entire family. My Dad was severely injured and after my Moms funeral he just vanished, leaving no trace behind. I was devastated and went on a vendetta against Lilith and on a search for my Dad. Along the way, I took out every evil SOB I could find. Nothing mattered to me except for getting revenge and finding my Dad. I was reckless and on the road to selfdestruction. Eventually after a year on the road, I returned back home. I hadn´t gotten my revenge neither had I found my Dad. I was an emotional wreck with nothing to live for.

That was until my Dad started to appear in my dreams. What he had to tell me changed me forever.

Samanthas Flashback..

I was sitting on a cliff, staring at the endless ocean in front of me. The sound of the waves clashing against the rock cliff calmed me down and for once in a very long time I felt at ease. I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to where they were originating from.

"Dad?" I asked in disbelief as I recognized the man in front of me. "Yes, it´s me sweetheart."

He helped me up to my feet and pulled me into a hug. "This is just a dream, isn´t it?" He looked away sadly. "Yes, unfortunately it is. What I´m about to tell you is very important and I need you to trust me, okay? I don´t have much time to explain everything and I´m really sorry for just vanishing out of your life after your mother died but I had my reason. Coming into your dream is the only safe way to communicate with you. I don´t want to endanger you." His voice was serious. I nodded and signaled for him to continue speaking. "Remember the story I told you about angels falling from grace and how a miracle happens when they do?" He asked and I nodded. "My Mom suffered lots of miscarriages and at some point she was told that she would never be able to have children of her own. One day though she fell pregnant, against all odds, and gave birth to me nine months later."He paused and took a deep breath. "Shortly after your Moms death, I started to have very vivid dreams about angels, demons and the apocalypse. I went to a known psychic and she helped me restore my memories. I used to be an angel but traitors ripped my grace out and caused me to fall to earth. The day I fell from grace was the day your grandmother fell pregnant with me."

"If you´re a fallen angel that would make me a Nephilim." I swallowed hard. I had read a lot about Nephilims and they were usually portrayed as evil giants.

"Yes. Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and mortal women but forget everything else that you´ve read about them. They´re extremely powerful beings and they can be good or evil. The choice is up to you. A war is coming up and you will play a huge part in it. Lilith is trying to break the 66seals in order to free Lucifer and unleash hell on earth. Rumors say that even angels have sided with her but I haven´t figured out who the traitors are. Your powers will manifest soon and you´ll get stronger than you already are. Sweetheart, I have to go. Promise me you´ll be careful. I want you to know that I love you and will always be there for you." He kissed my forehead and disappeared. End Flashback.

My powers manifested shortly after that very night my Dad had appeared in my dream and told me the entire truth. It freaked me out at first but after a while using my powers started to feel more natural. Telikinesis was the first power to manifest and it turned out to be very useful, especially on hunts.I started out with moving small objects like books and chairs but I soon found myself moving around heavy pieces of furniture and cars.

Whilst on a hunt I discovered that I could trap and exorcise demons with my mind. My physical strength and speed rapidly increased, aswell as my ability to heal. Small cuts almost healed instantly.

My Dad appeared in my dreams every now and then to check up on me. It felt good to have someone to talk to about my current transition. Every time he´d tell me how proud he was and how I was destined to do great good.

General POV (Set sometime during the beginning of season 4. The Winchesters are in Hartford, Connecticut and they are investigating the disappearance of several girls. Hartford happens to be Samanthas home town. She´s investigating the same case as the boys.

The Winchesters had just arrived in Hartford and headed straight to the bar in which the missing girls were last seen in before they disappeared.

"Dude, this place is packed with hot chicks." Dean grinned as he finished checking out the bar. "Dean, we´re on a job. Can´t you for once concentrate on that?" Sam rolled his eyes. He wondered why he even bothered to ask since he knew the answer to that question already. "Cmon Sammy, I just got out of hell and need a little fun. Someone needs to pop my mancherry." "Eeeew, dude could you be more disgusting?" Sam retorted with a disgusted look on his face.

The brothers sat down in one of the booths and ordered some beers. Deans eyes along with his attention wandered off every now and then to the girls in the bar. Typical. He hasn´t changed at all, Sam thought and once again rolled his eyes at his brothers behaviour.

Just then a girl entered the bar who caught pretty much every guys attention in the bar, even Sams. She wore tight low rise skinny jeans, 3 inch high heels and a figure hugging top that showed off her body in all the right places. Sam estimated her to be around 5´7 tall without her high heels. She had long brown hair that bounced with every step she took. Her eyelashes were long and curvy which made her piercing blue eyes even more mesmerizing.

Samantha was aware of all the attention she was getting but she didn´t care. She was on a job and all that mattered was finding those girls. That´s when she spotted those two hot guys sitting in one of the booths. The one with the shaggy brown hair was smiling at her, revealing his cute dimples, while the other one grinned at her cheekily. Normally she would just ignore them but for some reason she couldn´t help herself but smile back briefly, before heading straight to the bar. Samantha sat down on one of the bar stools and ordered a beer. After a few minutes a guy, who was drunk out of his mind, walked up to her. "Hey darling, what is such a gorgeous girl like you doing here by herself? If you want I can give you some company." He slurred. "I´m Jack and you are?" He continued and attempted to smile at her flirtatiously. "So not interested." Samantha replied and rolled her eyes at him. "Cmon Baby, don´t play hard to get. I know you want me." He scooted closer and his hand moved to her ass. Dean watched intently and was about to interfere and help her out but she was faster. She grabbed Jacks hand before it touched her ass and twisted his entire arm around and pinned it onto his back in a painful way. "You really don´t take no for an answer, do you? If you know what´s good for yourself, you better leave me the hell alone. Believe me, next time I´m going to break your arm." She hissed into his ear and let go off him. Jack stomped away angrily.

"That chick totally kicks ass." Dean remarked as he watched Samantha down the rest of her beer.

Just then Samantha spotted a suspicious looking guy in the far back of the bar. He was chatting to a girl that matched the missing girls description. Just like the other girls she was a pretty brunette in her midtwenties. They headed for the exit and Samantha decided to follow them. She was passing by the booth the Winchesters were sitting in, when all of a sudden Jack shoved her so hard that it caused her to loose balance and fall onto a suprised Deans lap.

"Not so tough anymore, huh? You bitch!" Jack laughed. Within seconds Samantha was up on her feet again and drilled her heel into Jacks foot who fell onto the ground, writhing in pain. "I warned you. You wanted to play dirty, there you have it."

She turned around to face Dean and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks. Nice catch." She winked and left the bar.

Dean grinned at Sam. "She totally digs me." Sam just rolled his eyes. "Dude, did you realize that she fits the missing girls description? I think we should follow her and make sure she´s safe." Dean nodded at Sams suggestion. Maybe I can get her number, Dean thought and smirked at his little brother. They paid for their drinks and left the bar.

Samantha roamed the area but wasn´t able to find the guy and the girl from earlier. Shit, I lost them. She cursed and continued walking down the dark alley that led to the car park. That´s when she realized that she wasn´t entirely alone. Someone was following her. My lucky day after all, she thought and decided to ambush her stalker. She silently hid behind a tree and when a dark tall figure appeared, she lunged at him. With two quick blows, one to the stomach and one to his jaw, she knocked him unconscious. Out of nowhere another figure appeared and tackled her to the ground. She righthooked him and flipped him over, so that she was on top now. "Easy there tiger, we´re not the bad guys." The pale moonlight shone on the guy´s face and she could see him clearly now. It was the green eyed guy that caught her earlier. "Who are you and why were you following me?" She demanded without letting go off him. "I´m Dean and the guy you knocked out is my brother Sam. A couple of girls have gone missing in the past few days and we just wanted to make sure you´re ok." Dean explained. Samantha was about to say something but she was distracted by the sound of hands clapping and a light chuckle. A man appeared out of the darkness and she knew right away that he was a demon, a very powerful one. "Little Samantha, what a sight for sore eyes you are. I´m really impressed, taking out John Winchesters boys like that proves you truly have Colt blood running through your veins." With these words he vanished into thin air. "Son of a bitch." Samantha cursed as she got up. She dusted herself off and helped Dean up to his feet. Sam was slowly regaining consciousness. "So you´re Johns boys huh? I´m really sorry for mistaking you as the bad guys." She apologized and kneeled down next to Sam to make sure he was okay. "I´m Samantha, Samantha Colt. Pleasure to finally meet the infamous Winchesters. I met your Dad a couple of times. He was a good guy, I`m sorry he passed."

"Colt as in Samuel Colt?" Sam asked. "Yeah. He´s an ancestor of mine." She replied. "Cmon, I´ll patch you two up." She said and signaled for them to follow her. They stopped in front of a black 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. Dean whistled. "That´s your ride? Sweet." She smiled at his comment and got her first aid kit out. She patched up Sam first and then Dean. "Are you guys staying somewhere?" She asked as she smeared some antiseptic cream on Deans busted lip. "No, we went straight to the bar after arriving here. Do you know any decent motel close by?" He replied. "I live close by, if you want you can crash at my place." She offered. "Really? We don´t want to be a burden." Sam objected which earned him an angry glance from Dean. "It´s the least thing I can do and besides it looks like we´re working the same case. I usually don´t do team work but I could make an exception."

5 minutes later the three got into their cars and headed off. "Sammy, she totally kicked your ass back there. Unconscious after two blows?" Dean chuckled as he followed the Camaro. "Haha, very funny. From what I saw you didn´t do much better, jerk." Sam retorted. "Bitch."

20 minutes of drive later, they arrived at a very luxurious looking area. Samantha stopped in front of the giant gate. She got the remote out and pushed the button which caused the gate to open slowly. Samantha drove along the driveway that led to the main entrance of her family home. She parked in her usual spot and got out of the car. Dean pulled up next to her and got out aswell, along with Sam. "Woah, this is your place?" Dean asked in awe as he took in the giant mansion in front of him. "Yes, it´s been in my family for decades." She explained when all of a sudden an older looking man opened the door. "Good evening, Miss Colt. It´s good to see you." He greeted. "Hi James, good to see you too. These are Sam and Dean and they´re staying with us for a couple of days. Would you please be so kind to get the guestrooms ready?" James nodded at her request and left the three alone. "You have a butler? You´re friggin awesome." Samantha blushed at Deans words. "Guys, I´m really tired and am going to call it a night. I´ll show you around tomorrow, okay?" The boys nodded. James returned. "James will walk you to your rooms. If you need anything just let him now. I´ll see you in the morning." Samantha added and walked up to her bedroom.

Dean and Sam followed James up to the second floor. James pushed open the wooden double doors to reveal an enormous room with two double beds in it. "Don´t hesitate to contact me if you need anything. You´ll find towels and toiletries in the ensuite bathroom. Have a good night, gentlemen." James said and left. Sam closed the door behind them. Dean dropped on one of the double beds. "This house is the bomb. Can you believe it? She even has her own personal Alfred." (A/N Alfred as in Batmans/Bruce Waynes butler.)

The boys woke up at around 9am the next morning. "This was the best sleep I´ve had in my entire life." Dean said as he stretched his body. James knocked on the door and after being invited in by Sam, he entered their room. "I took the liberty of washing and ironing all your clothes." He said as he placed their clean and neatly folded clothes on a table. "If you´re looking for Miss Colt, she´s in the gym working out. The gym is located in the basement. Just follow the music." He added and left.

The brothers got dressed and headed to the basement of the mansion. They followed the music which led them to a huge gym. Samantha was dressed in tight shorts and a sports bra. She was throwing punches at a sandbag. She stopped when she spotted Dean and Sam. "Morning boys, I hope you had a good sleep." She smiled. "Best sleep ever." Dean grinned. "I´m just going to take a quick shower. I´ll be back in 10 minutes."

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