This chapter is loosely based on the episode "Sex and Violence". The boys and Samantha had to Bedford, Iowa to investigate the suspicious murders of three women. I would really love to hear your thoughts on it. What do you think about the way I worked Samantha into this? xxLois

Dean watched her walk away and a smile appeared on his face as he realized what just happened a minute ago.

Samantha smiled aswell. Damn, that guy can kiss. She thought and bit her bottom lip. Normally she was never the one to take the first step but she just couldn´t help herself. She really liked him and she knew that the feeling was mutual. So why waste time? Maybe after all the drama and tragedy in her life this was her one shot at happiness. Even though as a hunter happiness was very rare and usually rather short lived, she was willing to take that risk.


The next morning...

Samantha woke up at 8 am and headed straight to the kitchen for a much needed coffee. She was surprised to find Dean sitting at the kitchen counter when she came in.

"Hey, I made some coffee."

"Oh great, thanks." She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down on the barstool next to him. "Listen, about yesterday..uuhm. I really like you and I hope I won´t scare you away by going all chick flicky on you now but I´ve gotta get this off my chest. I honestly don´t know how this war we´re in is going to end and wether we´re all going to make it but I sure as hell know that I don´t want to be alone anymore. I have no idea how you feel but..."

He silenced her with a kiss and almost immediately felt her smile against his lips. At some point they had to pull away due to lack of oxygen.

"I like you, too." He said and pulled her into another kiss.

They were interrupted by someone clearing his throat. Turning towards the doorways they saw Sam standing there.

Samantha blushed. "Oh hey Sam. Sorry about that."

"Don´t worry. Anyways, I found us a new case."

"What is it?" Dean asked.

"Three women were brutally murdered by their husbands in Bedford, Iowa."

"Demon possession?" Samantha asked.

"Possibly. Definetely sounded like our kind of case."

"Good enough for me. I´d say we hit the road asap." Dean said and then turned towards Samantha. "What about your training?"

"I guess Castiel will have to zap himself to Iowa then." She smiled. "I´m really itching for a hunt."

Dean returned her smile. "It´s 10 am, if we shake ass we might make it by tomorrow afternoon."


Samantha stuffed all the clothes she would need in a midsize duffle bag and then headed downstairs to the armory.

She stood in front of the weapons and smirked. "Time to pick some toys."

Within a short amount of time the empty duffle bag she had brought was filled with weapons and other hunting essentials. She picked two brass knuckles, a set of knives, two knickle-plated Colts 1911 A1 .45 caliber, a desert eagle, a shiny Winchester 1866 rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, a bag of salt, bottles of holywater, a crucifix and a rosary.

After locking the armory back up she headed to the underground garage to get a car. Dean had insisted that she´d come with them in the Impala but she declined since they could cover way more ground with two cars.

She took the keys for her Mustang Shelby GT500 and popped open the trunk and the secret weapon compartment within it. After neatly putting the weapons into the compartment, she got into the car and drove out of the garage. She parked next to the Impala by the mansions front door and got out again.

"Nice choice." Dean let out a whistle. "We´re almost ready. Sam´s just getting dressed."

"Okay. I´ll just let James know that we´re leaving. Be back in 10." She said and went back inside.

James was in the kitchen preparing some provisions for the hunters. "I´m all done now." He smiled as he spotted Samantha.

"Thank you so much James." She took the two plastic bags full of food. "I´ll see you in a couple of days. If something should come up, you know how to reach me."

"Have a good journey."


Samantha picked up her duffle full of clothes along the way and met up with Dean and Sam outside. "James packed us some provisions." She said and handed one of the plastic bags to Sam.

"Awesome!" Dean smiled like a little kid as he briefly went to the contents of the bag that he almost immediately had snatched out of Sams hands.

"Let´s get going then. We have a job to do." Samantha said and tossed her bags into the backseat of her car.

She was surprised to see Dean hand Sam the keys to the Impala. "Here ya go Sammy, I´m riding with her." Dean smirked and then glanced over to Samantha. "I hope you don´t mind."

She replied with a smirk of her own. "No, not at all."

"Whatever." Sam remarked and rolled his eyes.

She slid into the drivers seat of the Mustang and smiled when Dean got in next to her. His eyes grew big as he spotted the Ipod dock. "Seriously?"

"It´s more convenient than having tons of cassettes lying around."

Seconds later Led Zeppelins 'When the levee breaks' started blearing out of the speakers and he smiled.

"If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break, When The Levee Breaks I'll have no place to stay." Samantha started singing.

"Please, marry me." Dean grinned and started singing aswell.


Five hours later they stopped at a gas station to fill up their cars. Sam went to the restrooms while Dean and Samantha waited outside for him. She was sitting on the hood of her car with Dean standing between her legs. His back was facing towards her and she was massaging his neck since he had complained about it being stiff.

"Oh that definetely feels better." He moaned.

"I know something even better." She grinned and started leaving small kisses up and down his neck.

"Hell yeah!" He turned around and caught her lips with his own.

"Guys! Seriously?! I know you´re crazy about each other but if you keep doing this in public places you´re going to get arrested for indecent exposure and FYI I´m so not going to bail you out!"

Dean just rolled his eyes at his brother.

"Sorry Sam." Samantha blushed a little. "Anyways, I was thinking we could keep going for a few more hours and then check into a motel or something for a couple of hours of sleep."

"Sounds like a plan. See ya later." Sam said and got back into the Impala.

"Hey Dean, wanna drive?" Samantha winked and waved her carkeys at him.

He eagerly nodded which made her chuckle.


The next day...

The hunters arrived in Bedford at around 3 pm and checked into a motel before splitting up. Samantha interviewed the victims families while the boys went to jail to talk to one of the husbands.

After finishing up interviewing the families, Samantha got back into her car and pulled out her cellphone.

"Hey babe, miss me already?" She could hear Deans smirk in his voice.

"Of course." She let out a chuckle. "I just talked to the families and got nothing. How about you and Sam?"

"Adam spent 9000 bucks in this strip club called the Honey Wagon. He met a stripper called Jasmine there and fell in love with her but doesn´t know where she lives or what her real name is. Apparently she told him to kill his wife so they could be together forever. We´re on our way to the sheriffs department now to talk to this Doctor. Talk to you later babe."

"Bye, honey."

Samantha had an idea and she was sure as hell that Dean wouldn´t like it. After looking up the Honey Wagons phonenumber online she dialed it.

"The Honey Wagon." A male voice aswered.

"Hi! My name is Candy and I heard that you´re looking for new dancers. I´d be really interested."

"Hey Candy. We´re holding auditions right now, so why don´t you stop by and show us your talent."

She was about to vomit, that guy sounded and probably was an absolute sleazebag. "Oh great, see you in 20 minutes."


Samantha just exited the strip club after successfully auditioning when her cellphone rang.

"Hey Dean."

"Hi babe. We´ve decided to check out that strip club. Let´s meet up at the Honey Wagon in about and hour."

"Great, see you then." She hung up and hurried back to the motel to get ready for her first shift at the Honey Wagon.

After changing into a jewelled black bra, matching laced shorts, fishnet tights and high heels she put on make up and tied her hair into a messy bun.

She inspected herself in the mirror and chuckled. "Damn, I could pass as a Pussycat Doll."


Dean and Sam arrived at the honey wagon and started interviewing Phil the owner while waiting for Samantha to show up.

She still hadn´t shown up by the time they finished interviewing Phil so they ordered a few drinks.

"By the way, I got this amaizing new dancer. I hired her today and if you want a private dance, it´s on the house." Phil smirked and pointed towards Candy.

She sure has a nice ass. Dean thought and then shook his head. Stop it, you´re with Samantha now.

"No thanks, Phil. We´re alright."Dean said but Phil wouldn´t take no for an answer.

"Hey Candy, cmon over here." Phil called out.

Dean and Sams jaws hit the ground when they recognized who Candy really was. They quickly snapped out of it because they didn´t want to blow their covers.

Candy/Samantha walked over to them with a big smile on her face. "Yes Phil?"

"Why don´t you give these nice FBI agents a little private show in one of the backrooms?"

"Of course. I sure love a man in a suit." She said, trying to sound as dumb as possible.

"Thanks, but I´ll pass but I´m sure my partner would love to take you up on that offer." Sam said.

Candy/Samantha took Deans hand and led him to the backrooms. She could tell that he was furious.

"What the hell do you think you´re doing?" He hissed into her ear as they made their way through the crowd.

"Doing my job. I thought I might do some snooping around here. Now play along, I don´t want my cover to blow up." She whispered back.

Samantha opened the door of one of the backrooms and pushed him inside. She locked the door and then turned her attention back towards him.

"I´ve talked to all the other girls and they´re clean as far as demon possession goes. Did you get anything out of that sleaze bag?"

"No, he didn´t have any paperwork on those strippers that caused those men to kill their wives." He tried to sound angry but he couldn´t since he was so distracted by her very appealing outfit.

"Okay then. Listen Dean, I´m sorry about not telling you but I knew you´d freak."

"Oh you think?" He said and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

She approached him with a seductive smiled and pushed him onto a chair before straddling his lap. "You know private shows last at least 30 minutes." She purred into his ear. "It would be kind of suspicious if we´d leave this room before that."

His anger vanished and was replaced by lust and desire.


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