SUMMERY: After loosing her mom at the tender age of five, Buffy is thrown into a whole different world. A world where vampires exist. A world where even the most creative fairytale creatures do in fact exist. On a quest to find her mom's killer, she finds herself doing something she swore she never would: falling in love with a vampire.

The little girl spun around and around.

She was lost. Scared. Close to tears.

She had been walking in the forest with her Mommy, as they always did on Sunday mornings to tackle the boredom that the daytime held, and they had been talking about her school when her Mommy had vanished. She had been so keen on telling her story about the teacher spilling paint down her dress that she hadn't realised her Mommy wasn't by her side anymore. As soon as she finished, she was merely greeted by a thick silence that enclosed the creepy woods instead of the soft sound of her Mom's voice as she had been expecting.

'Mommy?' whispered Buffy as she came to a halt.

Hot tears stung at the five year olds eyes.

'Mommy, I'm scared – please stop playing hide and seek,' Buffy begged.

The trees towered over the small girl, where she stood helplessly looking around, and every single feature that had once made the woods magical to Buffy now seemed haunting. The sun was high in the sky, however the trees seemed to block out any light that dared shine down on the misty forest.

The forest had been a special place where Buffy's Father, Hank, had first taken her Mother on a date. He had apparently found forests so mystical and full depth that he had wanted to share the beautiful place with the first love of his life. Joyce had been impressed with the forest, understanding why Hank had seen so much beauty within it. Years later after Buffy had been born; they had pushed the stroller through here every single day to give Buffy some air. And as she grew, and after her Father had died, Joyce continued to bring her daughter to the sacred place that had captured her heart.

Except now it didn't seem so sacred anymore.

Buffy was such a small girl in such a large world. It seemed unfair of the high heavens to torture her in such a way. After all, she was only a child who wanted her Mother.

'Mommy?' she said once again, her voice breaking slightly.

She glanced behind her, only to be greeted by the trees, before turning her head to survey ahead of her.

'Mommy always told me to be strong,' Buffy mumbled to herself.

She was only five years old, still learning about the world around her, though it didn't seem as though she only had five years experience of life – she was wise beyond her years. The blondes head lifted up high as she marched through the forest, calling her Mothers name every now and again. She was desperate to find her Mommy and return home before lunch time.

As Buffy descended further in the woods, she found that her Mom was still nowhere in sight. She had expected to find her hiding behind a tree and to jump out when she walked past, laughing when she startled her. However, she had no such luck. She was only five and she was lost in the huge forest. She didn't know how to get back now.

She was scared.

Suddenly, she spotted two people in between the trees. She began to run over, stumbling slightly over the rough surface. As Buffy toddled closer to the two people, she noticed that one was unmoving on the floor and the other was hovering above her. She stopped in her tracks.

Buffy knew who the person on the floor was. She would know that face, that hair, the glowing aura around her from anywhere.

'Mommy?' she whispered quietly.

The other persons head snapped up as soon as the word left her mouth.

A scarlet liquid was smeared across his lips, dripping from his teeth, as his black as coal eyes examined her. His lip curled back, his fangs exposed. Buffy just thought his face was all scrunched up and ugly, though she didn't know that she had stumbled across a vampire. A very hungry vampire. He rose to his feet, a snarl slipping between his teeth, as he took a step towards Buffy.

Buffy, immediately realising that he wasn't friendly, took a step backwards, tears brimming in her eyes.

'I just want my Mommy,' she said loudly. 'Can I take her home, please? I think she's fallen asleep.'

An amused laugh echoed around the forest as the vampire took another step towards her, his fingers twitching in anticipation.

'Don't worry, little child, you shall soon be joining her,' he snarled.

He crouched, ready to spring.

'Over my dead body,' hissed another voice.

And suddenly, from out of nowhere, appeared another man. He dived on the crouched vampire, knocking him over, and began to punch every single part of the vampire's body. As they fought, neither of them was aware of the five year old girl watching them with tears streaming down her face. Buffy ran around them, keeping out of their way and wobbled over to her Mom, who hadn't moved an inch since Buffy had first lay eyes on her.

'Mommy … Mommy … Mommy, why you bleeding?' questioned Buffy.

Her tiny fingers lingered on her Mom's neck, watching as the bright red liquid stained her fingers. Her Mom didn't move, nor did she talk back to her.

'Mommy I want to go home,' said Buffy.

She heard a grunt behind her.

She turned her head to see the brown haired man rip off a ring on the black-eyed mans finger. Before Buffy could register anything, the man froze and then suddenly turned into a pile of ashes as the sunlight poked through a clearing in the surrounding trees.

Buffy screamed.

The brown haired man's head shot up as he realised that she had been watching. He quickly shoved the ring into the pocket of his jacket and jogged over to Buffy, putting his hands up defensively.

'Hey, I'm not going to hurt you,' he said as Buffy stumbled away from him.

'Who are you?' asked Buffy bluntly.

'I'm Angel,' the man answered, smiling at the child's straightforwardness.

Buffy smiled for a moment. 'That's a pretty name.'

Angel returned the smile, approaching closer to her. 'Thank you. What's your name?'

'My name is Buffy … I don't like it very much,' Buffy replied honestly.

Angel let out a low chuckle, enjoying the honesty and humour of the blonde child. He had never seen any human act so naturally around him, though he was aware that it was because she was only young and probably had no idea that she was in fact talking to a vampire herself.

'Buffy … I like that name,' said Angel.

Buffy smiled up delightedly at the stranger, evidently pleased that he liked her name, however she soon turned back to her Mom, kneeling down besides her and taking her hand.

'Why won't my Mommy wake up?' asked Buffy, looking up at Angel with tearful eyes.

If Angel's heart had been beating, it would have broken. He was aware, unlike Buffy, that her Mother was dead and gone. He felt pity for the young child that was now hugging into her Mom's side, whispering in her ear for her to wake up so they could go home. Because he knew that her Mother was far from home. He also knew that the child would be left alone and defenceless, motherless as well. It was a cruel life.

He bent down on his knees besides the girl, who surprisingly didn't jump away from his closeness, and bent over. As expected, the woman's neck was covered in a sticky scarlet substance. He knew if he wiped away the blood then two punctured marks would be in the side of her neck. Angel cursed himself for not getting their fast enough, for being unable to save the young girls Mother, for not killing that pathetic excuse of the un-dead sooner.

'Was it a monster that put my mommy to sleep?' said Buffy, looking up at him.

'Erm … yeah,' Angel answered, deciding honesty was the best way.

'I don't like monsters,' croaked Buffy.

And Buffy, the young five year old, sat with her Mom for another hour, holding her hand and asking her Mom to wake up for her. Unbeknown to the small child that her Mommy had gone somewhere that she would never be able to reach her again.

And so the harshness of life began …