Ok so i got a few requests to do a longer Carlisle/Alice fic and this is what i came up with.

It's not very original I'll admit but it is my first proper multi chapter fic.

Hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1:

I was seated in my office reading a medical journal, the window was open bringing to me the sounds and smells of the forest behind our home.

Downstairs I could hear Esme and Rosalie chatting.

Edward and Emmett had gone hunting for a couple of days so it was just the three of us at home.

I let out a contented sigh at the thought of my family.

Edward, my first son, so quiet and thoughtful. I could always see the battle he fought everyday, coming to terms with what he was and what he had done in the time he had spent away from us.

I didn't blame him for his moment of rebellion.

I had brought him into this life with little thought of how he would take to it, and the way of life I had chosen was difficult I could understand why he would want to try another way.

I had been overjoyed when he returned to us.

The sound of Rosalie's laughter caused me to smile, it was very rare she ever let her guards down, and then it was only ever with Emmett or Esme.

She was the one who had the most trouble accepting what we were.

I knew she resented the limitations of this life and that often transferred to resenting me for bringing her into it.

It saddened me to know we would never be close due to this, I knew she loved me but she fought against calling me her father the way she called Esme her mother, everything was a battle with Rosalie, although, I had to admit it had become a lot easier since Emmett had joined us.

Not only had Emmett's presence eased some of Rosalie's sense of loss, it had also eased some of my guilt, I stood by my decision to change Rosalie, her life may not be perfect in her eyes but she had found the happiness and love she deserved in Emmett.

I shook my head thinking of my other son, he was so full of life, just a big kid.

Constantly curious, fun loving, and an absolute nightmare when he forgot his own strength and broke something.

He had filled a gap in all our lives, he gave Rosalie love, he let Esme mother him and his simple acceptance of what he had become helped Edward stop dwelling on it so much.

The only thing missing now was a mate for Edward. I wouldn't let myself worry though, after all it had taken me centuries to find Esme.

I let my eyes wander to the window at the sound of bird song, it was a nice day today warm and dry but enough cloud cover for us to be safe.

The bird song stopped suddenly and an unsettling silence filled the air.

Apprehension grew in me as I stood and headed to the window looking out, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I chuckled, I was getting paranoid in my old age!

Taking a deep calming breath the scent hit me. Our kind, not one I recognised.

My eyes darted over the forest again, still nothing.

I kept calm, this wasn't the first time nomads had come across us, just explain the situation and they'll be on their way.

I heard a knock at the front door and frowned in confusion for a second before realisation hit.

I'd caught their scent on the wind but my window looked over the back of our house, that's why I hadn't seen anything.

I flew out of my office and down the stairs in time to hear a tinkling soprano voice.

"Esme, Rosalie. It's an absolute pleasure to finally get to meet you."

I paused at the bottom of the stairs taking in the scene before me.

Rosalie stood away from the door, back to a wall, teeth barred.

Esme, who had opened the door, had staggered back slightly in surprise at the tiny dark haired vampire who had just greeted her by name.

Standing just behind her was a tall blonde male whose eyes flickered to each of us in turn a calculating look on his face I didn't like.

The female suddenly caught sight of me and squealed before launching herself across the room and locking her tiny arms around me in a hug.

Over her head I saw the male tense, eyes locked on her back.

"Hi Carlisle." she trilled pulling back to beam up at me, excitement and happiness seemed to radiate off her.

"I can't believe we're finally here, it's fantastic."

She turned and headed back to the male who relaxed a little once she was beside him.

I just stood there blinking in shock, even after three hundred years, this was new.

The male tensed again and his eyes shot to Rosalie who was glaring at them both, teeth barred.

"Oh." the female looked up at the male "It's alright Jasper." She spoke softly, calm and reassuring.

His eyes dropped to hers, something seemed to pass between them and he relaxed.

"Who the hell are you?" Rose managed to spit out in a growl.

"Oh, sorry."

The female blinked as though she had forgotten we had no idea who she was despite her apparent knowledge of us.

"I'm Alice and this is Jasper."

She indicated the male who had gone back to glaring at Rosalie behind Alice's back.

I stepped forward thinking it best to do or say something, though what I wasn't sure.

"Well it's very nice to meet both of you."

Rosalie rolled her eyes and scoffed whilst still managing to maintain her glaring contest with Jasper.

Alice beamed at me and stepped forward.

"Alice." Jasper half growled half whined. It was an interesting sound.

"How many times Jasper, they're not going to hurt us." she reassured before taking another step towards me.

Over her head I could see Jasper lean slightly towards her but his main focus was still Rosalie.

As she stepped closer to me I took a moment to get a good look at her, her short black hair stuck out at random angles making me wonder how she'd ended up with that style, her features were small and pixie like.

She was absolutely tiny, not even 5 foot tall, yet the smile on her face seamed to make up for that.

Her eyes, to my great surprise, were golden like mine.

"You hunt animals."

The words were out before I could stop them, but, other than Tanya's family I had never met another vampire who chose our way of life.

If possible her smile widened "Yep, thanks to you."

I frowned "I've never met you before."

Her eyes began wandering around the room. "I know that. This is a lovely house you have."

"She's insane." Rosalie hissed.

Jasper growled a little shutting her up.

"Jasper be nice." Alice reprimanded him.

I couldn't help smile at the relationship between them, it was as odd and unexplainable as they were themselves.

Jasper's eyes flickered to Esme and back to Rosalie.

"I think you should explain things Alice."

She pouted at him "I am explaining things."

He broke his glare from Rosalie again to raise an eyebrow at her "So people can understand."

"Oh." she muttered biting her lip.

She looked back at me.

"Sorry I tend to be a few steps ahead and it's hard remembering others aren't."

She looked down with a frown thinking.

"Maybe you should just start from the beginning." I said calmly as I felt Esme's fingers entwine with mine.

"Well it's complicated." she mumbled "you see I get visions of the future, I mean it's not always perfect and sometimes things change depending on peoples decisions, but basically I had visions of your family when I decided I didn't want to kill humans and they helped show me how to hunt animals and then we decided to come find you."

She looked at me for some reassurance she was explaining this ok.

"So you're a psychic?" I asked still unsure what to make of this entire thing.

She smiled in relief.

"Yep, and I saw us join your family, so here we are."

That took me completely off guard.

Rosalie growled again but stayed pinned to the wall under Jaspers glare.

"You want to join the family?" Esme asked from beside me.

Alice turned her beaming, hopeful face to Esme "Yes please."

Her eyes flickered from me to Esme, looking for all the world like a small child asking for an ice-cream.

"Don't you already know what I'm going to say if you've already seen yourself as members of the family?"

She bit her lip "Yes."

"Alice." Jasper's reproachful tone made me look over at him.

Alice sighed a little dejectedly "Fine." she huffed "I have seen us as part of your family, but the future isn't set in stone, I mean you might change your mind and decide we can't stay."

Her eyes were big and sad, I couldn't help softening towards her more.

I felt Esme squeeze my hand and knew she felt the same.

"Well before we make a decision I would like to know a little more about you both."

Alice smiled at that but I noticed Jasper tense.

"Why don't we all sit down." Esme suggested.

Jasper frowned and simply stood next to the armchair Alice delicately folded onto, his eyes once again flickered over each of us as we sat on the sofa opposite.

I tried to casually observe him, I had to admit he was very intimidating.

His wavy blonde hair fell into his face casting a shadow over his eyes. I tried not to show the instant shock and fear that hit as I finally got a good look him and took in the scars that crisscrossed his jaw and neck.

I saw one corner of his mouth twitch.

"So what would you like to know?" Alice asked swinging her legs slightly.

There were so many things I decided to go with an easy one.

"When were you both turned?"

"1864." Jaspers response was direct and to the point, I could tell it would take a lot to get any details out of him.

Alice bit her lip "I don't know." she whispered sadly.

She looked up into Jasper's eyes and smiled softly, a thank you, for what I had no idea.

"You don't know?" Rosalie asked in disbelief.

Looking back at us Alice shook her head "I don't remember being changed." biting her lip her eyes fell "I don't remember being human."

My heart went out to the tiny girl sitting opposite me as she seemed to shrink into the chair, based on how I felt alone I expected a stronger reaction from Jasper to her sadness than the one he gave.

He simply placed his hand on her shoulder.

That bothered me for some reason, it was obvious she needed comforting, and that was all he could manage?

It seemed enough for Alice though who smiled at him, their eyes locked for a long moment before they both faced us again.

I smiled sadly at Alice "You really can't remember anything?"

She shook her head "No. the first thing I remember is being in this glade, I sat up and everything faded and I saw Jasper." she paused to gaze at him lovingly for a second "Then I refocused on the world and I was alone in this glade again.

Anything before that is just black."

"The first thing you remember is getting a vision of Jasper?"

I could here the romantic tone in Esme's voice at the thought.

Alice nodded beaming at her.

"Wow, that's cute." Rosalie stated sarcastically "What about him?" she pointed at Jasper "Don't tell me all those scars are a fashion statement."

"Rosalie." Esme reprimanded immediately.

I had to bite my tongue to stop me doing the same.

I love my daughter but sometimes she really did have the ability to make a nun swear.

Jasper had tensed, his eyes flickered to the door and windows like he was analysing the room layout, exits, possible escape routes.

That's when it clicked the piece I'd been missing, I let my mind wander back. He had said so little I'd missed the slight hint of southern accent.

He was a soldier or had been at least, the scars, the defensive posture, the calculating looks it all made sense.

With the realisation came a sudden wave of fear, I had heard stories about the southern wars but had no real experience of what to expect from those involved.

Jasper suddenly seemed a lot more dangerous.

His eyes locked on mine finally giving me a good look at them.

They were a burnt orange colour, either he had only just started feeding from animals or had slipped recently. However, it was a positive sign in my eyes that he was willing to follow our way of life.

"You're from the south?" I asked keeping eye contact trying not to let the fear show.

I had to give him a fair chance.


Direct and to the point.

"You fought in the wars?"


At least he was being honest with me.

"Why did you leave?"

He frowned "I'd had enough."

I could tell from his posture that Jasper didn't like being under the spotlight so I turned my attention back to Alice.

"I take it you found Jasper the same way you found us."

Her eyes flickered to Jasper before giving me a small smile of gratitude.

"Yeah, I kept seeing him in visions and they led me to him. I only got visions of you when I didn't want to kill humans anymore though."

I frowned, it was very unusual for a vampire to not want to kill humans, after all it was instinct, it was like asking a lion not to kill a zebra.

"Why don't you want to kill humans?" I had to ask.

She looked at me a little guiltily.

"Well whenever I did kill, afterwards, I always got a vision showing me the consequences. I'd see their families waiting for them to come home and knowing that because of me they wouldn't." she looked down at her hands "I wished there was another way, and I saw you hunting animals."

Looking back up she smiled at me again and I couldn't help smiling back.

"How long have you been travelling together?" Esme asked, making me smile more.

Alice beamed "Two years, four months, five days, ten hours." she reeled off giggling as she looked up at Jasper who surprised me by actually smiling back.

I looked over at Esme who was smiling softly at the pair she looked up at me and smiled wider.

"Can we keep them?" she mouthed silently.

I smiled back, Guess that settles that.

Turning back I noticed Alice's face had gone blank, her eyes looked glassy and unfocussed. Jasper curled over her protectively.

She blinked a couple of times and refocused a massive grin broke across her face and I found myself once more being embraced by her tiny arms.

"Thank you." she whispered to me, her voice so full of joy and hope at the thought of being part of the family it made my eyes burn and my arms wrapped around her returning the hug.

We broke apart and she danced back to Jasper taking hold of his hand she turned back to me.

"So which rooms ours?"