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"Goku." King Kai approached the saiyan as he ate.

Goku kept stuffing his face. The crunching of the fried food drowned out most other sounds.


He glanced over at the kai with a raised eyebrow as he swallowed the mouthful. "Yes King Kai?"

"The war is over."

He smiled. "That's great!"

King Kai smiled and nodded. He looked down at an excited Bubbles.

The monkey had has hands in the air and was hopping from one for to the other.

Goku stuffed another handful of fried food into his mouth.

"There's more," King Kai added. His face became more serious. "Gohan has regained his memories."

Goku's eyes widened. He winced as the fried food slid down his throat. "You're kidding!" He stood, knocking his chair to the ground. "What happened? Where is he now?"

"He's currently in physical therapy on the New Planet Vegeta."

Goku frowned. "Will he stay with the saiyans?"

King Kai shrugged. "He'll always have a tie to them. However, in the age of open intergalactic travel, he'll probably be all over the place. He'll be meeting and helping many different people. It's sort of like you in your youth, only on a larger scale."

Goku's frown softened slightly. "I guess that's okay."

"Would you like to talk to him?"

Goku nodded. H placed a hand on King Kai's shoulder. He shut his eyes and soon sensed his son. "Gohan."

Gohan sat up in his bed. His eyes wide. That voice… He looked around the room.

"Gohan. It's me. Goku. Your father."

"F-Father?" Gohan took a deep breath. "Why and why are you in my head? What's going on?"

"I'm in the Otherworld," Goku replied. "I'm with a being called King Kai. He's letting me talk to you telepathically."

Gohan nodded. Then he took a deep breath. "I have my memories back, but I'm the same person I was back then. I'm still mostly the person the saiyans made me to be."

Goku frowned. "I…I understand." His face srunched up a little. "Is she there?"

Gohan raised an eyebrow. His heart rate quickened slightly as he glanced left where Juu slept peacefully. "…Yes."

Goku shut his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. "I heard that she was the one who killed…that monster. I forget its name."

"Cell," Gohan replied. "She did kill it. In fact, she also put her own life at risk to make that possible."

Goku nodded. "Gohan. You're my son, even if you were a jerk to me that last time I saw you. I can't change you back, but I guess I can accept who you are."

Gohan blinked. His eyes had moistened.

"Just please promise me you'll visit your mother. At least once."

Gohan paused. His head tilted down. "I promise."

As time passed, the warriors recovered. It would take years to rebuild the economy. While the dragon balls could rebuild cities, many lives were permanently lost. Purunga only brought one person back per wish and nobody wanted to choose.

Once fully recovered Gohan visited Earth. Though his and Juu's reception wasn't the most pleasant, at least his mother knew where and who he was. He had work to do, keeping peace on other planets. Once while, he would find time to check up on his mother and brother.

I hope this was a satisfying conclusion. As a reviewer pointed out, I had to address Goku somehow. After rewatching Dragon Ball and reading the DBZ manga, I've realized that Goku is one of my favorite characters. I definitely didn't feel that way when I was writing first writing this. Also, my characterization of Vegeta was definitely off. Moving forward I hope to portray these characters more accurately and give Goku more respect.