Author's Note: For StoryGirl02 on the Drabble Request Thread. Prompts: Narcissa, Dark Mark, "You may kiss the bride," Regulus.



"I hate weddings," Andromeda grumbles, shaking out her lurid green bridesmaid's dress and eyeing it with distaste.

I shrug. I'm already dressed, and, although the green makes me look like a drowned person, I'm still a very attractive drowned person, so I'm not complaining. Besides, it's Bellatrix's day—I'm just glad she didn't dress us in burlap sacks.

The long sleeves are a bit uncomfortable for summer, though.

Andromeda jabs irritably at her back with her wand, to fasten the dress in place, misses, and bites her tongue, wincing.

I fix Andromeda's dress, and I'm just pinning up her hair when Regulus rushes in. "Why do I have to wear this stuff?" he complains, picking at his dress robes. Poor Reggie! It'd take just one bogey-flavored Bertie Bott's Bean to set him over the edge, these days.

"Because Bella says so," sighs Andromeda.

Reggie seems satisfied with Andromeda's answer. Sirius wouldn't be.

As though called by my thoughts, my older cousin appears in the doorway. "Mother says you've got three minutes," he reports in a swift monotone.

"How does B look?" I ask, fingers and wand moving deftly through the tangled mess that is my sister's hair.

Sirius wrinkles his nose. "Look?" he asks, confused. Silly boy. He'll be a heartbreaker someday, of course.

"She's beautiful," says Reggie, and somehow he makes it sound spiritual as well as physical. How does he do that? He's only ten.

"Mother's wedding dress won't look right on her," Andromeda disagrees.

I roll my eyes. What difference does it make? Andromeda ought to be thanking Salazar for deliverance, since B, the oldest, is the only one who'll has to wear that dratted old thing. But no, some people just love to make trouble...

I've lost track of the ensuing argument, and suddenly it's time to go. Andromeda heads toward where the ceremony is being held, but I've got to get a glimpse of B first.

Reggie follows me, looking solemn. "Cissy, was it awful, waiting a year after Andy left before Hogwarts?" he asks.

"Yeah," I admit. "But don't worry. You'll be there soon enough. This year'll fly by."

"What if…?" he starts, then bites his lip. "What if Siri forgets all about me?"

"He couldn't. Not in a million years."

B looks gorgeous, of course, in that smoldering way she's got. She's scowling at the mirror. I walk down the aisle next to Rabastan, and the ceremony drags on and on…

I love weddings, but even I think this part's boring. I idly scan the crowd, and my eyes meet Lucius Malfoy's. I blush.

"You may kiss the bride," jerks me out of my reverie. Rodolphus grabs B around the waist, and her arms snake around his shoulders. Her sleeve falls, and I gasp at the strange symbol on her left forearm.

It's a snake and a skull—like a pirate. When did she get that done? Next second everyone's applauding. I won't say anything.

It's probably nothing anyway. Just a tattoo.