Drabble Request Thread: for StoryGirl02; Marlene McKinnon, "why are you so obsessed with me?"


"She's following me again," Sirius complained.

"Aw, poor Padfoot, getting chased by a girl," teased James. "He likes to be the chaser."

"He's not the only one," Remus said dryly.

"Worked, didn't it?" James said defensively.

"Now, now, let's not get sidetracked," Sirius said. "I believe we were talking about my stalker, not James's finally successful love affair with Lily-Vanilly. You realize she could be a Death Eater under Polyjuice? Probably learning all our secret hideouts, like this dilapidated old shack." He gestured deprecatingly at the latest Order headquarters.

"It is a bit…rank," commented Remus, wrinkling his sensitive nose.

"Come on," James said, grabbing Remus and Peter's shoulders and shoving them ahead of him toward the door. "Let's leave Sirius to his, er…stalker."

"Heartless bastards," Sirius grumbled, and Peter wavered, as though considering remaining, for moral support.

"You'll be fine," James said bracingly, pushing Peter forward. "She's just a girl."

Sirius scowled, but waited for his, er…stalker, hands shoved into his pockets.

"Hey, Black," she said, panting a bit from running to catch up. Her hair bounced, and Sirius frowned, because she was just such a schoolgirl.

"McKinnon," he acknowledged grudgingly.

"What are you doing?" she asked curiously. "Aren't you going to the meeting?"

"Waiting for you," Sirius shrugged, and smiled charmingly. It was the smile that always worked on girls.

McKinnon tilted her head, studying him. "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

Sirius almost groaned aloud. "What is wrong with you?" he muttered, and, grabbing her arm, pulled her toward the shack where the Order waited.

"You're going to lose everything, you know," McKinnon told him matter-of-factly.

But Sirius had never believed the rumors about McKinnon's uncanny Divination ability, so he just scowled at her.

"Marlene," he said disgustedly, "just get over it."

Marlene grinned slyly. "You used my first name."

Sirius despaired.