13th January 2011, 08.56 GMT, Unknown African Jungle.

Billy and Gizmo crept through the bushes. They were going to find Kate no matter what. A crash sounded, and Billy turned. A branch crashed down and startled him. Some more branches snapped, gathering pace, and soon, branches were scattered across the floor, and Billy lit a match. He stuck some leaves to the branch with some superglue he had handy, and set the leaves alight. Billy swung it around, and a sound at last came from the trees.

"Gizmo... KAKA!"

Billy jabbed the torch at a tree and set it alight. A gremlin collapsed to the floor, oozing blood. Muttering was heard, and a gremlin launched itself at Billy. The last thing Gizmo saw was the floor as Billy collapsed, and everything went black...

14th January 2011, 23.34 GMT, Unknown African Jungle.

Gizmo woke up to a massive, menacing grin. It spat "kaka!" in his face and stamped off to a Red Gremlin. They spat and argued, and the Red Gremlin finally punched the other gremlin in the face, knocking it off the cliff they were standing on. The Red Gremlin turned to face Gizmo, hissed at him, and trundled off.

Gizmo tried to run over and beat the gremlin, but he was tied to a table composed of vines and thorns. It was boiling for some reason, and he couldn't figure out why. All he knew was that Billy was missing, and he needed to find him.

Meanwhile in the skies above Nigeria, a cargo plane soared through the air. On board, Billy lay on a bed, hooked up to a machine.

"He's in a coma, I'm afraid. Getting rid of these pests just got harder."

15th January 2011, 05.09 GMT, Unknown African Jungle.

Gizmo weakly woke up. Gremlins surrounded him and were having a party of some kind. Red Gremlins were present, and humans were being flung into a fire... and that fire appeared to be where Gizmo was being held over. Two huge red gremlins dragged Kate over to Gizmo and threw her to the floor. The Brain Gremlin walked in, and wandered over to Gizmo. The noise stopped. All was silent.

"Hello Gizmo!" he cheerfully exclaimed. "Enjoying yourself? Go on, make yourself comfortable." Gizmo just looked him, and kept his head low. "Your probably wondering where your friend Billy is."

Kate looked up and said, "What have you done to him. Tell me NOW!"

The Brain Gremlin smiled down at her and said, "I've sent him to his death."

Kate covered her mouth in shock and despair. She got up and ran at the Brain Gremlin, but two red Gremlins picked her up and flung her into a wall. "Now, you two, The Mogwai. One of you kill the Mogwai now."

Gizmo struggled and struggled, and finally let out a final "Mogwai!" as he was shoved into the burning pit of fire. Kate looked and sobbed as she was carried away, and the Brain Gremlin just said...

"Gremlins, the world is ours to rock."


Billy is missing, Kate is imprisoned and Gizmo is dead... But is he? Find out next time in chapter five, NEW ARRIVALS!