Title: A Fatherly Figure (Repost)

Summary: Well, here's the first chapter of the repost, and just in time for Halloween! Yay! Takes place after first year in case you haven't read the other one. Hope you like it! R&R! :)

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Warning: Character Death :(

Chapter One: A Tragic Night

A warm summer's breeze blew gently through the open window in the east wing drawing room at Malfoy Manor. Eleven year old Draco Malfoy, fresh from his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was sitting on a deep red couch as he mindlessly scanned the pages of chapter two in his A History of Magic text book. Beside him on an end table; a lit candle that was now only a few inches tall because of how long it had been burning, flickered slightly when the breeze hit it.


Draco looked up at the old grandfather clock that stood on the other side of the room.

'Eleven o'clock.' he thought.

He looked back down at the book and noticed some of the words were beginning to turn fuzzy. Yes, it was defiantly time to call it a night. He let out a big yawn as he climbed off the couch. Rubbing his eyes he tossed the book on the seat of the couch and made his way for the door. Merlin he was tired! All he wanted to do was go to bed and sleep forever. He would normally have been in bed two hours ago had it not been for the fact his father had found out about his grades coming second to that muggle born Granger girl and had demanded he study more. He could still remember what the elder Malfoy had said to him his first night back.

"You can not have some muggle born twit out smart you Draco. You're a Malfoy, purest of the pure! And therefore I expect you to come out on top, nothing less."

Which was precisely why he had been stuck studying in the drawing room cense dinner and told he could not go to bed until he had read at least two chapters in every one of his school books

Letting out a yawn he was about to walk out the door when suddenly he remembered the candle. He turned back to go put it out but ended up simply walking out and heading for his room.

'It will be alright. The breeze will probably blow it out anyway.' he thought.

He dragged himself through the long dark hallways to his room; there was no other sound in the dark house which indicated that his parents had already turned in for the night.

"Naturally" he muttered.

Once he reached his room he quickly made his way over to his closet and slipped on some nightwear before crawled into his large bed. Flopping himself against the pillows and sliding under the blankets he let out another yawned and quickly slipped off into an exhausted slumber.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the drawing room a sudden gush of strong wind came rushing through the open window causing the fine satin drapes to swoosh up and knock the lit candle and it's holder off the end table. It hit the floor with a thud and the candle popped out. It rolled a few feet until it came to rest under one of the other floor length drapes, with its tiny flame still lit.


Draco`s eyes immediately shot open when he heard the loud sound that seamed to echo throughout the grand house. Quickly sitting up he gasped but choked when his lungs filled up with bitter smoke. Fear filled his entire body and seamed to paralyze him as he looked around. The entire room was on fire! Bright orange flames seemed to climb the walls and furniture, eating away at everything it touched, even the ceiling was on fire! The foul smelling black smoke filled the air, burning his eyes and made it hard for him to see and breath. All he could hear was the roaring sound of flames and the crashing sound of wood falling as it was burned away.

Another crash broke him out of his momentary shock. Jumping out of the bed he desperately tried to find the door. Once he finally managed to find it, he grabbed the door knob but let out a scream of pain when he felt it burn his hand. Clutching his injured hand to his chest, a few tears slipped out of his eyes as he stumbled away from the door and stood in what must have been the center of the room. There was so much smoke in the room now he could hardly see and the heat was enough to make anyone want to die.

"DRACO!" a sudden voice screamed.

Draco immediately recognized the voice as that of his fathers and called back as best he could.

"F-FATHER! HELP!" he managed to choke out.

A second later, he saw a blinding light and heard the door to the room smash open. More smoke poured into the room.

"DRACO!? SON WHERE ARE YOU?!" Lucius Malfoy coughed.

Oh Draco had never been so glad to hear his father's voice.

"O-OVER HEAR!" he choked.

"STAY WHERE YOU ARE! I'M COMING!" the man yelled.

Draco felt the tears slip out faster. Oh Merlin he was terrified. What was going on!? It felt like he had been trapped in a nightmare from hell. The floorboards felt hot on his feet and he was so sweaty his clothes clung to him. He could hear his father heading towards him and prayed he would reach him soon. He heard another loud groan coming from the ceiling and in a split second was knocked to the floor so fast he didn't even have time to scream. He felt pain spread through his entire body and was shocked when he realized he was trapped under two large, burning pieces of fallen wood. He quickly regained his voice.


A slit second later he saw the face of his father who quickly set to pulling him from underneath the rubble, all the while managing to give him reassuring words.

"Draco! it's okay! Hold on I'll get you out I promise!" he said in a panicked voice.

Draco felt his father grasp his hand and wrap his arms around him before wedging him out. Draco cried in pain as he was pulled out. Once Draco was free Lucius scooped him up and quickly apparirated the two of them to the front gate. The cool and fresh air was welcomed as Draco struggled to breath. Lucius gently set Draco in the cool grass.

"Draco!" his father said.

Draco looked up to see his father, who was also in nightwear and black from the soot, crying as well.

"Wait hear! I have to get your mother!" he said before stepping back and apparating away.

Draco let out another violent cough again and laid his head in the grass. His entire body hurt, never before had he been in this much pain at once. He could tell that some of his bones where broken, and he knew he was burned in multiple places. He was pretty sure he was also bleeding but with how sweaty he was, he couldn't tell where. He began to feel weak. Looking over he could see his house from where he had been set. The once grand Malfoy Manor was now completely engulfed in flames. Thick black smoke filled the sky which had only hours ago shown brightly with stars.

A loud sob escaped his lips as he heard another crash, and saw the entire house crumble to the ground. A second later, his world was flooded with darkness.

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