Chapter 1

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I am Abby Sciuto, the Chief Forensic Scientist for NCIS. I work for Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who is second in command at NCIS. There is also Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, and Tim McGee. Then there's Dr. Donald " Ducky" Mallard and his assistant Jimmy Palmer.I love my job and I would not trade it for anything.

I am going threw files right now for Gibbs latest case. I hear my door open, I look out of th corner of my eye and find Gibbs walk towards me. He stands beside me, with his black coffee and my Caf-Pow in hand. I take it and take a sip. Gibbs does the same and then says.

"Do you have anything for my Abs?"

"Ya, she was doing Crack Cocain"

"You sure?"

"Yep, positive. The blood sample Ducky sent me had it in. I checked it twice to make sure"

"Print me out a copy of the result"

"Sure Gibbs"

I push the print button of my keyboard and wait for it to print out. I look at Gibbs out of the corner of my eye and find him in deep thought.

I have known Jethro for 5 years. Ever since I first lay ed my eyes on him I have loved him. I have never told him, because I am scarred of being rejected.

Plus I have to see and talk to him everyday and I know that I could not deal with it. I don't know if he feels the same way about me or not.

Every time I get scarred I run into his arms and he holds me tight and tells me that it will be alright. I always savor those moments in his arms for as long as I can.

I love smelling his after shave first thing in the morning when he comes to work. Right now I can smell it, I think it smells just like I have always pictured his smell.

I break out of my train of thought when the printer is done printing me out Gibbs copy of the blood test results. I go over to my printer and pick up the few pieces of paper and walk back over to Gibbs.

I extend my hand with the results in it, his hand brushes on mine when he takes the papers and my heart flutters. He gives me his genuine smiles and I smile back.

"Thanks Abs. Call me if you find andything else"

"Sure thing Gibbs"

He turns his back to me and I watch his retreating back walk out of my office, my smiles drops.

Gibb's POV

After I leave Abby's lab, I walk over to the elevator and pus the button for my teams floor. When the doors clothes I let out my sigh. When ever I am around Abby all I do is either look at her or think of her.

Ever since she started working here I have had feelings for her. At first it was just friend feelings, but for the past two years they have evolved.

I love Abby and I use every last ounce of my strength to keep from kissing her when we were alone in her lab. The doors to the elevator open, I walk out and over to the bullpen. My team in all at there desk. They look at me as I walk over to my desk. DiNozzo speaks up.

"Did you get anything for Abby Boss?"

"Yes the blood test results"

I set down and set the results down on my desk. I bring my coffee cup up to my lips and take a sip. I practically live on coffee. My cell phone rings. I pick it up and say.


"Yes, we got something for you Gibbs. A murder"

I write everything Agent Thomson is telling me on a pad. When he finishes I say. " My team will take it over from here Thomson, thank you"

"Your welcome Adgent Gibbs"

We hang up and I place my cell phone back down into its case on my belt. Ziva looks at me and I say.

"We just got another case. A Miurder in Amad's Virgina"

"We will go get out bags and meet you down at the cars"

"McGee go get Ducky. You and Ducky ride in the van. DiNozzo, Ziva go in the one car. I will coming with Abby and we will take the other car"

"Yes Boos"

I get up and walk out of the bullpen and over to the elevator as my team gathers their stuff up. I step into the elevator and push the button of Abby's floor and the doors close.

Abby's POV

I am going threw some evidence I just received for Jethro's case. I am analysing it for anything I can find. I hear the elevator ding. When my doors open I turn around from my Computer and find Jethro walking over to me. I smile at him and say.

"Hey Gibbs. I am sorry but I don't have anything for you yet from the evidence I just got"

"Thats ok Abs. Right now I need you to stop what your doing and come with me. We are taking over and murder case and I need your help"

"Sure Gibbs, let me just get my stuff"

I walk away from him and into my office. As I start to gather my stuff I think.

' What was I thinking he was going to say, ' O come with my Abby, I love you'. Hn he is Jethro after all anyway'

I grab my stuff and walk out of my office and over to Jethro. He talks my bag, we walk out of my lab. Since I already have stuff in Ducky's medical van all I packed was my overnight stuff.

Gibbs pushes the button for the main floor and the doors close. I feel so safe being close to Gibbs. When the doors open we walk out onto the lobby, out the front door and over to our cars.

Gibbs threw my bag in the back of the car with his and shuts it. We get into the Dodge and buckle in. With all of the others behind us we pull out of the NCIS parking lot and onto the highway heading to our unknown destination.

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