8 Months Later

Everything is so perfect, A few days after that long forgotten trial Jethro proposed to me and of course I said yes. Ever since the I have been planning our wedding, neither one of us want a big wedding so it will be just our family and friends

I contacted a few of my family members who were very excited to hear the news and immediately flew here to D.C. to meet my future husband.

I shake my head at the memory and smile while Ziva helps me with my hair. Today is our long awaited wedding day, my stomach is in knots and I am so nervous but when I think of walking down the ial and seeing Jethro standing there smiling at me I know its all worth it.

"I think I did a pretty good job." Ziva says in a happy voice.

I look into the mirror and I have to agree with Ziva, she did a awesome job on my hair. Instead of my normal pony tails its in a Japanese style bun with stray strands hanging down at the side of my face.

"You did do a good job Ziva, you did a awesome job!" I say.

I jump out of my chair and pull Ziva into a tight hug which she returns. She pulls back after a little bit and looks at me.

"We need to do our make up."


We go over to our little make up stands and start to do our make up. I do mine like I do everyday. Once I am finished I go over to my white bag where my wedding dress is.

My dress is a little different then the normal dress, I have had black lace put on the dress and it was made to be my dress. It is sleeveless and has only one shoulder and very elegant.

I unzip the zipper of the bag and look at it for a second. I take my sweatshirt and pants off and lift my dress out of the bag and step into it. Ziva comes up behind me and helps me zip it up, I step into my white heals and walk over to my full length mirror.

I whil myself not to cry when I see how beautiful I am, the way every girl wants to feel on her wedding day. "I think I am ready to go Ziva."

1 Month Later

It's been a month since our beautiful wedding, the wedding night we took a light out of D.C. heading for England where we would begin our around the world honeymoon.

We are not just getting him after our wonderful Honeymoon. Everyone is going to be very surprised when we tell then the great news we have.

I am pregnant.

I lay my head on Jethro's shoulder as his arm slides around my waist. I have the man I love by my side and a baby on the way, could a girls life get any better.

HI everyone, okay I know this is a shocker but I can not longer continue this story which is why I am ending it. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Please review and tell me what you think!