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Summary: Three words or is that four ... Halloween, red K, reveal.

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The Real Clark

It was Halloween and the day had started out like any other day. Clark had returned to the farm after work and picked up the mail, but what he saw in the mailbox sent shivers down his spine. He couldn't help but be leery of boxes from anonymous senders. He opened it carefully hoping it wasn't anything he shouldn't be touching. He peered inside and what he saw immediately sent him back three years ago to a time he would rather forget, but that was just it, he hadn't forgotten. He decided to take the ring out of the box. As long as I don't put it on, there isn't anything it could do to me right? He was wrong, as he immediately felt the effects. He smiled and put the ring on his finger.

Later that evening:

Lois was at the farm that evening getting ready for her party. She had put together a last minute get together in the barn for Halloween. It was way past time to put that horrible day behind them. Clark had agreed. It was short notice, only a few weeks, but the invitation had said wear a costume or not. It didn't matter one way or the other. She, on the other hand, had found her costume. It was 'Morticia' from the Addams Family television show. She had always loved that show, watching it in reruns growing up, and she had convinced Clark to come as 'Gomez,' Morticia's husband, dressed as Dracula. It was perfect. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. This will be the first time Clark and I will be out together in public as a couple ... on a date. She had to pinch herself. She still couldn't believe what had happened just the other day. Her mind went back to the Daily Planet bullpen:

Two days ago:

"Clark, I can't believe you didn't tell me about this," Lois said, furious with him.

"Lois, it wasn't my secret to tell. Please understand. You know Ollie; he didn't want anyone to know what happened at the gala."

"And here I thought we were getting along, getting closer."

Clark couldn't let her believe he didn't trust her. He came to stand in front of her then. "Lois, we are closer, closer than we've ever been." He touched her chin, raised her face to look at him. "I would never jeopardize that, not for anyone or anything. You do believe me, don't you?"

"I want to believe that, Clark, but when you keep things from me, it hurts."

"Then believe this." He took her by the shoulders and kissed her right there in the Daily Planet bullpen in front of everyone.

Lois was shocked at first and then she melted against him. How long have I wanted this to happen? I can't remember. She kissed him back pulling him closer.

Clark was overjoyed at her response. He slanted his mouth against hers. They both groaned into each other's mouths.

Then the catcalls, whoops and applauses came into his hearing. As they pulled back, both smiled into each other's eyes.

Halloween night:

"Lois, it's getting late. Aren't you ready yet?!" Clark hollered. He was standing at the foot of the stairs waiting for Lois to appear. He knew she wanted to make a grand entrance at the party. He stared at the ring on his finger, remembering their time together all those years ago. He wished Lois could remember. Maybe I'll tell her everything. She doesn't want any more secrets between us, right? Well, there is one more secret, and it's a big one. Wouldn't that be a surprise? I wonder how she would react. There's only one way to find out!

"I'm ready, Smallville. Well?" She put her hands on her hips waiting for his reaction.

Clark was stunned. She had showed him her costume before, but it was on a hanger. This was totally different. Lois was all in black with a long black wig, high heals and stunning makeup. That dress... could it be any tighter? He didn't think so. It reminded him of that Stiletto costume, but he liked this one much better. One zipper … no problem.

Lois rolled her eyes. "Clark?"

His eyes glowed red, as he blinked and snapped out if it for a moment. "Wow, Lois, I like it ... a lot. Come here." He held up his hand and waited for her to take it.

Lois slowly slinked down the stairs showing off the dress. She smiled at him. She had to admit she liked this 'aggressive' Clark. When he had grabbed her and kissed her the other day, it had seriously turned her on. The man definitely did something to her. And now, just looking at him made her insides turn to mush. Is Clark wearing a cape?

"So, you like what you see?"

"You know I do." He couldn't wait anymore. He met her halfway up the stairs, lifted her off her feet and planted a wet one on her lips. She ran her fingers through is hair and kissed him back liking this side of him more and more.

When Clark finally came up for air, he kissed his way down her throat.

She pulled his head up. "Clark, the party …!"

"What party?" He asked, as he dived back down to her throat, coming closer and closer to her cleavage.

Who knew this dress would turn him on like this? "Whoa, there, sailor, let's back it up a notch. Clark, we have guests. Put me down."

"Forget the party, Lois. I have more important things to show you and to tell you." Instead of waiting for her to reply, he pulled her closer and flew out the door.

Lois lost her wig, and if she hadn't held on for dear life, her head would have flown off as well. Before she had a chance to say anything, they were flying in the sky, and a few moments later, they landed at the clock tower in Oliver's old apartment. Lois stumbled out of his arms, brushed her hair out of her eyes, then turned and stared at him. "What in the world just happened?" Lois managed to ask, too shocked to believe or understand.

"I'll give you two guesses?" Clark said, loving the look on her face.

"OMG! It's you, isn't it?"

Clark pointed to his chest. "If you mean Clark? Yes, it's me Lois," he said teasing her.

Lois put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes. "You're the Blur, aren't you? It all makes sense now. I can't believe this. Why, Clark, why tell me now?"

"It felt like the right time, Lois. I wanted you to know everything about me. I'm not like any other man you've ever met. I don't want any more secrets between us. Isn't that what you said the other day?"

"Yes, but ..."

He didn't give her a chance to finish. The next thing she knew, they were in Oliver's old bedroom. He pushed her up against the door. "Just admit you love me, Lois. You can't deny it, can you? I can see it in your eyes. Just say it." He then dove in for her throat, like a starving man.

Something wasn't right. Lois could feel it in every fiber of her being. This wasn't her Clark.

"Who are you?" She struggled to get away from him.

His fogged brain suddenly realized Lois was trying to get away from him. Why is she pushing me away? He let her go, backing away from her. "It's me, Lois. I'm Clark ... Clark Kent."

"No, you're not. You look like him, but the Clark I know wouldn't force me to do anything."

Clark turned from her then. Am I forcing her? He stared at the ring on his finger. What was I thinking? I would never hurt Lois. Everything is different this time. He pulled the ring off then and threw it against the wall. It bounced to the floor. He went and sat down on the bed. The ring fell to the floor at Lois' feet.

She picked it up and stared at it for a moment. "Clark, did this ring change you somehow?"

She came to him then and sat down on the floor in front of him.

"Yes, Lois. The red rock embedded in the ring alters my personality. It makes me feel confident, assured, and powerful."

"But Clark, you're all of those things without this ring. You must know that by now."

"How can you say that? How long did it take me to admit my feelings for you? How long did it take for me to finally kiss you? How long ...?" he didn't finish.

"Ok, ok, I see your point. But you didn't need the ring to do those things, did you? Of course, you didn't. The Clark I know is strong, assertive, and powerful." Her eyes turned wistful then. "I remember when you took me to safety at the Planet, when you held me in your arms in the rain after that horrible night of the zombies, and when you grabbed my arm to stop me from punching you. That's the Clark I love." His head came up at that. "Yes, you know I love you. You're not surprised, are you?"

"Well, I had hoped," he said smiling at her.

"Silly man, come here." She kissed him with all the love she felt for him.

Holding her tight, he kissed her back. "I love you too, Lois."

Then, Lois suddenly had a thought. "Clark Kent ... you're the Blur!??"

Oh, boy!

The end!


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