Title: Look to the Stars
Rating: G (will go up in the future)
Word Count: 493
Pairing: Ace x Luffy
Topic: None
Type: AU, Modern Times
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: A random idea I got by looking at a cute pic. This fic is REALLY experimental right now, so comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I'm going to have this in smaller installments for now, but if it goes well we'll see what happens.

-Chapter 1-

It was raining again, for the third day in a row, a young boy trudged home from school with no raincoat. Monkey D. Luffy was not the most logical boy in the world, many would be quick to call him foolish, stupid, or half crazy. He was known for always smiling, except for today, he was sick of all this rain. Luffy grumbled to himself a little, he couldn't do much but stay indoors when he would get home. It was so boring, especially with gramps always somewhere over seas with work. On second thought, he'd take the loneliness of an empty apartment if it meant gramps wasn't home, at least there was no waking up at ungodly hours for some type of insane training trips. Luffy shivered at the thought, or it might've been the cold from the rain.


"Na?" Luffy looked around. There was that tiny voice again. He looked around for its source, he checked the nearby garbage cans and looked around to see if it was someone calling from a window, but he found nothing.

"Help!!!" sounded the voice again, only this time more frantic.

Right then Luffy notice a storm drain close by, stuck in it was a yellow toy rocket ship, it looked about ready to be washed down by the rain water any minute. Luffy rushed over and grabbed it from the drain in the nick of time as a torrent of rain water suddenly came. Luffy looked at the toy he now held in his hands. It was a little heavy for a toy and a bit big too. There was a lot of detail in it, aside from being mostly yellow there was orange trim along the windows and orange fins. Luffy tapped one of the little windows and then tried to peer inside, but it was pitch dark. "Hmm...Maybe it's one of those models Usopp was going on about."

His friend would always scold him on calling models 'toys', Usopp would say that they were completely different. But then again, this was the kid that always said the action figures weren't dolls and that the green jello served at launch was exploded lizard guts from the science lab. Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to ask him about it tomorrow, right? Maybe he could trade it to Usopp for some food! Maybe a meal at Buggy Burger! With that thought in mind Luffy headed home with a new spring in his step, food always made crappy days better!

When Luffy got home he dropped his bag and the toy rocket by the door and went off the get changed into some dry clothes. Little did he know, that when he was out of view the toy started to twitch and rock side to side.

Soon it lit up a split started to form along its sides.

'Pssshh!' went the ship as it gave off a puff of steam as it began to open.

-End of Chapter 1-

VTM: That's the first bit, it'll get more interesting in the next chapter. Again comments would be appreciated. Thank you for reading, see you next chapter which should be up pretty soon!