Title: Look to the Stars
Chapter: 3
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1482
Pairing: Ace x Luffy
Topic: None
Type: AU, Modern Times
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Third installation!

-Chapter 3-

"Luffy! You're Grandpa's home~! Give me a hug!"

Luffy looked like a cornered animal facing an impending death.

"Are you okay?" Ace asked, he looked a little worried.

"whatever you do, don't talk!" Luffy said suddenly.

Just then a large man appeared in the door way of Luffy's room. He was an old, muscular man with a horrifying grin spread across his face. There was a scar above his left eye which Ace assumed was either a battle wound or maybe a remainder of some failed attempt at brain surgery.

"Huh? You playing with dolls?" Garp asked with a blink.

Luffy had to think fast. "Oh, uh...no! He's an action figure! Look!" He then gave Ace a poke to the stomach.

The said alien squeaked with surprise and batted the boy's hand away.

"Oh! I see, yes, action figures are completely different!" Garp said as he cleared his throat. He enjoyed playing with action figured too as a kid. He still had a couple in his office that he'd use to play out 'work place soap opera' when he found paper work to be too boring. (which was whenever Sengoku wasn't around nagging at him.) "Hey! I got a firework in my closet! Want to strap that thing to it and launch him? Then BOOM! Bwahahahahahaha!"

Ace looked at Luffy with a look of horror, he was shivering at the thought of such a thing.

"N-no thanks gramps..."

"Eh? Bah, fine, you can keep your little doll. But start getting ready! We got a hike to go on!" Garp said with a laugh.

Luffy paled at the word 'hike', for normal people a hike was a nice walk in the woods, but with gramps, god only knows what kind of crazy plan he had in store. "But I got school tomorrow!"

Garp laughed. "Silly grandson! I already called you out for the next two days! Nothing's going to get in the way of your marine training! Now get packing!" He laughed as left to pack his own bag for their hike.

Luffy groaned as he set Ace down and went to his closet and pulled out a hiking backpack.

"Where are you going?" Ace asked.

Luffy sighed. "Off on a training trip. Gramps wants me to be a marine like him. He makes me do all sorts of crazy training. One time he-"

"Luffy! Hurry up!"

"Okay, Gramps!" He called to the hallway, looking back Luffy found Ace missing. "Aww...he ran away..."


Hiking in the mountains usually would be kind of nice, but not Garp's 'Extreme Hiking'. He set up a trail filled with traps! Luffy had to outrun, dodge, or climb out of any obstacle that came his way. "AHHH! BEES!!!!" Luffy ran from the swarm, flailing his arms about trying to swat away any of the little bastards that got too close. He suddenly tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. Luffy quickly covered himself with his arms as best he could, preparing for the assault of stings that was about to befall him. But it never came. "Na?" Carefully letting his arms down Luffy looked, the bees were gone. He looked around, no bees anywhere, he then noticed the smell of ash in the air.

A zipper on his backpack opened and Ace popped his head out. "Whew! That was scary..."

Luffy looked back at him. "Oh! You snuck with me!?"

"Well, seemed like a good idea at the time." Ace explained. "Seems I was wrong though. That guy is crazy! Is he trying to kill you?"

"No, he just wants me to grow up strong. I guess it's gramps way of saying 'I love you'." Luffy said with a groan.

"Do all people here say 'I love you' like that?" Ace asked in a worried tone.

"No, just him. Sometimes I wonder if Gramps is some kind of alien too." Luffy said with a small laugh.

"From planet 'crazy' maybe..."

"Sugoi! There's a planet called 'crazy'!?" Luffy said, eyes sparkling with excitement.

"No, I was joking." Ace laughed at Luffy's pouty face.

Luffy took off the backpack and opened it, Ace hopped out and took a seat next to him. He then took out a canteen, opened it and took a drink.

Ace looked a little worried, they've been on their own for quite a while now. "You don't look so good, why don't you go home?"

"I would, but we're in the mountains, I'd get lost if I tried to go home by myself." Luffy explained.

"Well, where's 'Mr. Crazy'?"

"He probably went back into town to have a drink with his friends. This is also his time off." Luffy explained with a pout.

Ace looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hmm, I guess I could help you, but only this once! Got it?"

"Mmm-hmm!" Luffy nodded, if it meant getting home then he'd agree to anything.

The end of Ace's little antenna started to glow and fade, glow and fade, like it was a signal of some sort.

Soon Luffy felt the wind pick up. "Huh?" He looked up in time to see a bright, sudden flash of light. It was the little spaceship! He backed away as it landed in front of him.

Ace trotted over to it as it opened up, he then climbed inside. "Wait right there, okay?" The ship then closed shut and floated off the ground. Suddenly a beam of light shot out of it and hit Luffy.

"O-Oi! What's going on!?" He felt himself dragged towards the little ship, but as he got closer the ship seemed to grow in size! In another quick flash he looked around and found himself in the ship with Ace. "Huh!?" He looked at himself and found that it wasn't the ship that got bigger, he just became smaller! He was now a chibi like Ace! "Oi! What did you do to me!?"

"Relax, it's not permanent, though you do look cute this way~!" Ace said with a smile. He then turned to the computers and began typing in the location of Luffy's apartment. The ship then hovered high above the trees.

Luffy looked out through a window and saw as the sped off towards the city. "Wow! Hey! I see Ussop's house from here!" Luffy looked around the little ship excitedly. "How did you make me small anyway?"

"It's a feature that comes with this model of ship, this is "Striker" it's fast and it's perfect for exploring places. Becoming smaller makes it easier to avoid enemy tracking and makes me harder to see on possibly hostel planets." Ace explained. Seeing the confused look on Luffy's face he quickly gave up trying to explain. "It's just a way to stay a little more safe."

"Oh, okay..." Luffy said thoughtfully. "Hmm, does that mean you can become big too?"

"Yep, this isn't my real size, I'm about your size regularly."

"Oh!" Luffy pointed to an apartment building. "There it is! My window's open too!"

"Perfect!" Ace said as he slowed the ship down. They then carefully floated into Luffy's bedroom and landed by the bedroom door. There was then a flash of light and a 'poof' noise.

Next thing Luffy knew he was pinned on his bedroom floor under the now human sized alien guest. The two's faces were mere inches apart. The alien looked so different now! He actually looked cool, gone was the alien's chibi physique, he now had the body of a young man just a little older than himself. The alien still had freckles though, but Luffy didn't mind, they made him look a little more fun loving for some reason. "S-Sugoi..." Luffy whispered before could realize it.

Ace smirked slyly, he almost looked like a cat ready to play with its prey. "Now who's the pipsqueak, ne?" he said with a small laugh. One could argue there was a 'purr' in that tone he used.

Luffy felt his stomach churn slightly, he could feel his face warming up as he began to blush. Such an odd feeling, he didn't like it very much, he felt nervous. Luffy tried to shake off the awkwardness, he then shoved Ace off of him and pouted stubbornly. "If you could do that then why didn't you just turn big earlier?"

"Ouch, rejected..." Ace gave the younger boy a feigned look of hurt as he sat up."Because that'd make me easier to find. I'm in hiding, remember? In this form it's easier to track me."

Luffy looked thoughtful for a moment then he gave a nod. "Oh, right! Plus I like you better when you're small anyway."

"Huuuuh???" Ace cocked his head to the side. "But I thought you said I looked cool in this form..."

"No! You look stupid, stupid alien!" Luffy then cheekily stuck out his tongue at Ace.

"You're none too bright either..." Ace said with a slight pout.

-End of Chapter 3-

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