***Wind of the Haunted***

The wind was whistling. It was trying to tell him something. It was talking about the secrets. The truth. The lies. His past. His future.

Jarod was excited. He'd come to Carthis hoping that he would meet his mother or find out more about his (and Miss Parker's) past. If he was lucky, he would finally understand why the Centre wanted him back.

The wind was getting stronger and the people called it a killer storm. And indeed, it was killing his hopes.

Hectically, he looked around and asked everyone he could find if they had seen his mother. But no one had a positive answer for him.

The wind was still for a moment and everything became clear.

Jarod saw his mother. He had only seen a few pictures of her, but he was absolutely sure that it was her. He had to get to her.

The wind was changing its sound and Jarod realized that it wasn't the wind. It was a helicopter. And Miss Parker was setting her feet on the isle.

He needed to hide. He needed to protect her. But all he wanted was to run to her and never let her go. But he couldn't.

The wind was still there, but his hope was gone just like his mother.

He wasn't sure whether or not Miss Parker had seen him. But he didn't really care.

And the answers were still blowing in the wind …


P.S. Sorry, my intention was to write a kind of alternative version where Jarod went after his mother and Parker went after Jarod and they all ended up together on the island … But somehow, my muse was against me …But YOU can write that story if you like. ;-)