"Requesting backup, I repeat we need back up fast!" Yelled Dominique into her walkie-talkie. She and her partner, Trevor, were using the car doors as shields as the proprietors fired a hail storm of metal at them.

"I told you we should have called for them earlier, but no someone has to get all masculine."

"Well I didn't know they had that much ammo on them. You were the one who went under cover you should have known that they had all that." He said defending himself.

"Oh, so it's now my fault? You suck!"

"Well it should take them about ten minuets to get here." He tried to lighten the mood. "Want to take a brake?" He chucked at his own joke and looked over to see her expression. She was petrified. She was good a keeping her emotions under control and her face was usually set in stone but now it was open like a book and he could read it clearly. He stared to wonder if someone were to come up behind her and said boo what would happen, would she faint. No he said to himself, she didn't seem like the fainting type. But the image still made him laugh.

Her voice was horse, and came out squeaking. She wished with all her might that she was any on the face of the earth then here. Her stomach was in knots and her heart in her throat. How could anyone laugh in a predicament like this? "May I ask what is so funny?"

He taught up several answers but didn't dare say one of them. When he finally did come up with a good answer they heard the backup closing in. Ha saved by the squad. When Dominique heard the squad approaching the firing had seceded. She chuckled at herself slightly. That was the longest ten minuets she had ever spent, the sun was shining brightly 90f but she had never been so cold in her life.

"Why did they stop firing?" she asked nervously.

Trevor taught a moment and shot up from behind the door running he yelled, "Their making a brake for it." She cursed before getting up and running after Trevor.

By that time the new media had caught a drift of what was happening, and rushed to the seine having police officers scrambling to put up the yellow tape and ignored the questions being shouted out at them.

"As you can see her behind me the firing has stopped and the first two police officers started the chase. As I was informed this is one of the biggest drug busts in history-"

"What the heck were you doing out there not calling for backup until it was almost too late? What possible evil could have twisted your mind into thinking that you could even remotely do it, because quite frankly I want to know?"

"It was my idea boss." Dominique was amassed that he actually took the responsibility.

"Well was a very stupid idea at that."

"Yes sir."

Waving them away he said, "You'll have a lot to write so better get a start on it while it's still fresh."

They were in his office writing, "Hey Dominique that was some but you kicked today. Maybe there's more to you then what meats the eye." Trevor said sizing her up. She rolled her eyes at him she had gotten uses to his smart-alecky remarks as well as the looks he gave her.

"And you weren't so bad you're self, partner." They smirked at each other while they finished their write up of the day's accounts.