The next day their boss Mark Black called them both into his office. "Dominique, Trevor come into my office." They both looked at each other and quickly followed their commanding officer into his office.

"Dominique I have good news for you. The boys down town have promoted you to Detective. In addition, if you accept you we start on Monday four days from now. Now the reason I called you both in here is to give you a heads up that sometimes if the case calls for it you may work to since Trevor here is already a detective. So what do you say Hill?"

"Wow I'm speech less."

"Well welcome aboard Detective," he said shaking her hand. "Oh, leave you badge here because you're going to need a new one."

"Dominique I will look forward to working with you again." Trevor Smith said hitting her back. Even he could not get her in a bad mood. As they left the room, she gave a little shout of joy.

"Detective Hill, I like the sound of that, look out bad boys here I come." she said to herself before leaving the room with a gigantic smile on her face.


"Welcome back Hill. So you're a Detective now good luck with that you get played more and less hours I so envy you."

"Christina just keep doing what you doing and hope for a big case to come your way and I'll also put in a good word for you, us girls got to look out for each other."

"True, just make sure you watch your back with Smith there he lives to harass girls especially you. If you ask me I'd say he liked you."

Dominique scoffed, "Well I got to go, don't want to be late on my first day with me new position." Christina was her friend in the job, they went far back going to even the same school when they were kids, now they had worked at the same place both proving their worth in this life. They took what life threw at them in stride, but were both obsessed with rising up to higher power and became like roses that could be observed but not touched. They had a since of seriousness and professional attitude about them and that was why Hill and Smith butted heads.

As Hill was going to her new desk she had a few things to decorate, it with she looked around her office and sighed to herself. She heard a tapping on the door and turned around to see Trevor standing there with a big smirk on his face.

"Taking in the sent Hill? It soon goes away."

"Get out of my office."

"Just because you got promoted doesn't mean I have to be nice to you, just so you know."

"I didn't expect anything less from you."

"Welcome aboard Hill." After wasting about two minutes of her time for nothing, he left without another world. She shook her head and started fixing her office. Later on that day, her boss stepped in.

"So Hill, how are things going."

"Slow, Sir."

"Well don't get too comfortable it want always be like this."

"Yes Sir." she said as he left. The hours rolled on by ever slowly and she nearly fell asleep at her desk she arranged the pen and pencils on her desk and her cards until she got up for break. She went out for lunch and came back to more hours of sitting in boredom. By the time her shift was over, she had memorized every line on the ceiling, eased dropped into countless conversations she was even beginning to wish that Trevor would come and bother her. However, during intervals of her boredom other Detectives dropped by to introduce themselves, one of them being Obadiah.

He had been transferred there. He was clumsy and shy and her new partner. At least I didn't get stuck with Smith. She had thought as she got ready to leave the excitement of being promoted returned, and as she was walking to her car, she walked on air. She called her sister how was struggling to raise three kids and getting a job. She told her about it four days ago but now she could add the experience of it all.

"She reached her apartment complex and was starting to think about moving to a new neighborhood with her new found riches. In addition, buy a house even with all the money she was saving throughout college and the first year and a half since she started her job.

She unlocked her door and was shocked to find her sister and the kids there.

"Um, hi Michelle, what are you doing here?"

"Well my boyfriend hit me so I'm ending it with him and well I had to just get out of the house. You were right about him he is a jerk all I know is if he ever laid a hand on my babies I'd have to kill him."

"Well its fine with me if you stay here and I'd prefer it then you living with some guy."

"Yea, well I'm going out for a light because you," they said in unison, "don't like smoking in the apartment. So how was your job like?"

"Well, I thought you'd never ask. I got a new partner and I have my own desk, office well it's more of a cubical because only the big guns get those. And like I said last week I get a raise and fewer hours I am also the best undercover agent they have and they complemented on great ability to hack on to computers…"

"Yah, yah, yah, so when are you going to settle down?" she said trying to change the subject into something her sister would hate talking about. Michelle asked knowing the answer to the question. Dominique chose not to answer her stupid question and started to play with her nieces and nephew in a game of hot potato.

"Well the reason I asked," continued Michelle, "Was that I was talking to this guy in the club about you and he would like to meet you. You could borrow my dress." she finished with a gleam in her eye. "And with you having more time on your hands all I'll have to do is get a new guy…"

"No! I do not have time for this, when I am ready I'm ready. And at a bar of curse the guy will have the nerve to beat you. No I will stick to my plan, and within the next year I should get promoted to NCSI then will I think about 'settling down.' I'll be making fifty dollars in hour and a will found a better guy and I'll be rich and very happy. Ok I do not need clubs! So you can stop trying to play match up. Ok." she yelled alarming the kids.

"Got it," answered her younger sister looking at the carpet as if it had just appeared out of thin air.

"Michelle I know your trying to help but not with things like this ok, I just don't want to end up reliving our childhood. I am going to go to the library."

"Oh, well can you take the kids I have to go out." Dominique looked at her sister long and hard before agreeing, "Ok, kids were going to the library are you ready?"

"Yes Aunty." And just like that, she turned to her room to change into civilian attire and left with the kids.