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Warning- The following story contains male on male action! It also has mpreg along with it…and that may not suite to well with some of you.

I give a really weird explanation to the whole knocked up thing…at least in Xigbar and Demyx's case. Screw Saix…he ain't even a main character.

Just For You!

Vexen glanced nervously at the silvery liquid that was glowing ominously in the syringe. He was sure there would be terrible consequences to what he was about to do. He glanced at the nobody who was lying casually on the surgical table, his chest exposed and ready for stabbing. He glanced back at the syringe, it just didn't feel right. He had done so many things in the past; terrible unspeakable things…but this had to be the one that topped them all.

"Are you ready yet," he heard the nobody whine from afar. He turned and stared at the nobody who was lying, bored as hell, as if nothing wrong was about to happen, on the table. "c'mon, dude, I don't have all night!"

"Xigbar," Vexen said nervously. "Are you quite sure about this?" He stared at the glowy liquid and shivered. "You have so much to lose…and you haven't even tested it on a lesser life form!"

"I know it will work," Xigbar said as he smirked at Vexen and the silvery liquid. "I know it will work-I made it!"

"That's what I'm afraid of," Vexen muttered in a very unenthusiastic tone. He sighed, "You do realize…once you start; there is no going back?"

"You don't think I know that," Xigbar said, raising an eyebrow at the blonde nobody, questioning him and his authority.

"This stuff…I can't even begin to describe how harmful it could be," Vexen said in shock and disgust.

"Just chill," Xigbar said. "Side's, I made it special-for me."

"I'd hate to think how," Vexen said as he walked over to the other.

"Well, doesn't matter who's on top or bottom," Xigbar said with a smirk. Because it was only obvious that Xigbar would be on top. I mean-just look at him! "So it's guaranteed to work!" (So apparently…positions matter. Especially in the gender category.) "Plus, I added some special ingredients."

"Once again; that's what I fear the most," Vexen said as he hovered above the nobody. The pelvic area…that was his target…and from there-who knows? Xigbar was one for imagination, and he was also one for keeping a secret. Vexen knew the basics of what this liquid would do-and it frightened the hell out of him. He also knew there would be many risks to this as well, but Xigbar said there was no time for testing, and that time was of the very essence! So…for the most part; he and Xigbar were playing with fire. He would inject this horrid liquid inside of the nobody, and he could only hope it would fail. Xigbar could only hope it would succeed.

"Well," Xigbar said impatiently, "I don't have all time here! I gotta a baby to make!"

"Please don't say that," Vexen said in absolute disgust. "I…seriously…do not want to hear…that."

"But it's true," Xigbar said, "I need to put a baby in the oven…and this is the only way."

"I swear, whatever made you come to this conclusion," Vexen said in a sickened tone.

"Hey," Xigbar said in an angered tone. "You have no idea how much this has been bothering him! I want him to be happy, and since I can't do it the natural way…"

"You're going to inject a mixture of dangerous chemicals inside of you; and you have yet to test it out," Vexen said in worried voice. "Even if he does get pregnant-do you think it would be healthy?"

"Of course," Xigbar said with a positive smile. "Now-poke me!"

Vexen shrugged and did what he was told. He pressed the needle against the pale skin and dug it deep into the other. Xigbar grunted in discomfort, not finding the huge needle all too…comforting. But within a few minutes, he relaxed and settles down. Xigbar was also one for adding extra ingredients in his experiments…in this case; it was vikaden.

"So," Vexen said. "I guess that's that."

"We need to make more," Xigbar muttered tiredly. "Just in case nothing happens; I want to make sure I have some back up."

"Seriously," Vexen asked as his eyes widened in complete fascination for Xigbar's commitment.

"I gotta do this," Xigbar said as he stared off, the drugs easily claiming his mind. "I gotta…give him…I want him…to be…happy."

Vexen shook his head and sighed, He had never known Braig to be so committed to another before. And now, as a nobody, he was on hands and knees for the young nocturne. It was a strange thing…but…

"I swear," he said while shaking his head in disapproval, "if this backfires; you better not come crawling to me…"

The problem had started about a year ago when a certain blue haired nobody began to show signs of being pregnant. Everybody was quite shocked; all expect a rather proud Xemnas, that this had happened. No one knew such a thing could occur, and for a while…it was nothing more than just a joke. Saix was just having random mood swings…he was just throwing up cuz he was over worked and under appreciated. His stomach…well…he was just eating too much! Yes; all the nobodies; preferably the males of the castle, went on pretending nothing was going on…until it happened. Saix was one for getting things done early, so what a surprise it was when he deiced to deliver Xemnas his daughter at thirty-six weeks. She was a little small, but Xemnas approved of her, and Saix was greatly rewarded for the months of agonizing torture, not that being pregnant was torture, it was more of the fact that he was a bit sensitive and suffered many symptoms of pregnancy.

And of course; things happened after that. These things took the form of new rules, new mission schedules, and new meetings and new…well, everything! Babies are big commitments, and Xemnas was willing to do whatever it took…to make sure all the members were committed to the caring and nurturing of his child.

Everybody was pissed. Well, at least ever sane nobody was pissed; Xigbar thought the very notion of his changing a diaper was simply absurd! But there were the few who thought that this, if anything, was a dream come true. Demyx; for one thing, had thought the new member of the organization to be simply adorable! He played with her and happily fed and changed her when he was taken charge of her, and with time he began to grow fond of the idea of having one of his own. Xigbar wasn't too please with this-children were noisy little mongrel that you had to support till they decided to leave you…and they never paid you back, all they did was take and take and take! It was like a sick twisted version of Luxord!

But Xigbar loved Demyx; he loved the little guy like hell. He would do whatever it took to make him happy, and if a baby was what Demyx wanted, well by god a baby was what Xigbar would give him. Besides; the process of making a baby…well come on; who wouldn't pass that up? Sure, he would have to deal with a crying pooping machine, but he knew Demyx would be the one to spend the most time with it…yeah, the kid would definitely grow up with Demyx being the favorite. He would have to be responsible…once in a while, but for the most part; he was good. So, out of the blue, he told Demyx that he would…give it a try, and of course Demyx was excited as could be! The Nocturne was going to have a precious little gift of his own; and it would be his and Xigbar's! A little family; just the three of them…or more; but only time would tell.

Xigbar prayed that there would only be one…

And so…a month went by…and absolutely nothing happened. Demyx showed no signs of fertility, he showed no signs whatsoever. No cravings, no mood swings, no morning sickness; everything seemed to be quite normal. Xigbar gave a check, of course, because some people, believe it or not, do not show signs. But when he checked, the sonogram showed nothing of the sorts. Ok…so it didn't work…but there was always next time. Yes, next time would be the one, and Demyx would have his kid. Xigbar gave Demyx a reassuring pat on the head, smiling happily; another week of going at it all night long was something he greatly looked forward to.

And then…nothing happened. This time Xigbar got a second opinion from Xemnas, the one who successfully knocked Saix, and had him double check for him. The sad news came about; Demyx was simply not carrying. Xigbar frowned, what he took as a joke was beginning to affect him. Demyx simply smiled at the blank sonogram, but he could tell the other was hurting-blaming himself for his infertility. And this time it was Demyx who reassured Xigbar that they could try again…though his tone did not sound all too confident in tone. The young boy was beginning to lose faith.

But this time they did things differently. Screw the calendar; they did it almost every night! They did everything that came to mind-whatever would help- they did it. Xigbar no longer cared about the stupid kid; he just wanted to make sure Demyx wouldn't blame himself for the failures. He knew the boy didn't take failure all too well; he had been told many times he wasn't a good fighter…that he was a coward. Xigbar was one of the few things Demyx had as a win, and Xigbar really didn't consider himself top pick, and the last thing he wanted was Demyx to think he had failed him. Before long; Xigbar was praying the young nobody did get knocked up. Anything to put a smile on his face, he knew it meant the world to the other, and he knew that another failure was simply not an option.

But alas, Mother Nature was cruel. Xemnas, Xigbar, and this time, vexen; had checked the Melodious Nocturne…and he was not pregnant. Demyx was upset, but Xigbar was simply crushed. He watched his young lover laugh it off, saying that it wasn't important and that he was still too young to be trying to have a family. He watched Demyx joke it away, and it hurt him to watch this. Demyx was upset, but he would not let Xigbar see this…and that only upset him more.

They did nothing after that. No more playing for them. Demyx said he had gotten over the phase, as if it were a phase, and had better things to do. Xigbar watched the Nocturne play away at his music, hiding obvious frustration about the failures that he had dealt with. Poor Demyx, why blame himself for something that might not be his fault? The world was a sick place, and even though Saix was once again pregnant, it didn't mean that Demyx was not capable of doing the same-

And then it hit Xigbar. Perhaps it wasn't Demyx's fault…maybe it was his?! It takes a lot for a man to realize that it could be him that was the problem, but Xigbar quickly got over this bump. He figured it had to be his fault, because it sure as hell would not be Demyx's. No! His fault! And he would correct it too, and he could; he was a damn scientist! If the gods or Mother Nature were not going to give Demyx a kid, then he would juts flip them off and make one himself…with dangerous chemicals. Yeah, science would be the victor here!

And so, our hero hurried to the lower levels of the castle and began to work away. He thought it over and over, and when it came down to it…he just needed to add up the amount he made, because if there were more, the chances of survival and making it to the goal were even better. So Xigbar began mixing away, the goal was simply to make him a bit more…fertile. More the merrier. And eventually he came up with a silvery liquid, his golden ticket. He had no time to test, as he figured Demyx would not be willing to give it another go again…plus he was rather impatient with the while experimenting process.

A night of getting Vexen to see it his way…and there you go; the whole story as to why Xigbar was high on vikaden.

He wanted Demyx to be happy, and he would give him that baby. A perfect little gift for his perfect little buddy.

Just for him…

"One more try," Xigbar said as he wrapped his arms around his smaller lover. "That's all I'm asking for." He leaned over and planted a kiss on the Melodious Nocturne's cheek. "And if nothing happens…I'll never ask again."

Demyx had been playing away at his sitar, trying to wear down a new string so that it would give him the nice full sound he was looking for; and then Xigbar appeared out of nowhere. Literally, teleporting and popping out of nowhere was a hobby to the Freeshooter. Demyx was surprised…to say the least, but hearing the words made him feel a bit queasy inside. Xigbar wanted to try…again? But why? It didn't work all the other times, and they had stopped trying, and now he suddenly wanted to try again? Why?

Demyx smiled. "I don't know Xiggy, it's really late and I'm totally bushed, maybe later?"

Xigbar easily looked passed the smile and saw the nervousness behind it. Demyx wasn't ready for more disappointment. He sighed and rested himself on Demyx's back.

"One more try," he said again. He smiled confidently at himself as he thought about what he had just done an hour ago. Yes, he was a bit sore from being stabbed in the stomach, but he figure a night of hot and sweaty lovemaking would be more than enough to make him forget about it. "I swear you won't be disappointed."

For some odd reason, Demyx felt a bit of confidence in Xigbar's words. He had said that the next time would be the one…but this time it felt real. Maybe he was right, maybe this time it would work out. Then again…it could fail once more. Demyx frowned and sank into his bed, letting Xigbar's weight take him away.

"I don't know," he muttered.

"Of course you don't," Xigbar said with a smirk. "But guess what; I do. And I got something on my side that will make all the difference!"

"Viagra," Demyx joked with a cruel smirk. He laughed and fell to the bed, holding himself as he relished in his humorous joke.

Xigbar frowned and grabbed the younger, grinding his fist into Demyx's head.

"Very funny," he said with a mischievous smirk. He felt Demyx try to squirm free from the older nobodies grip, his nuggied him even harder in response. "I ain't that old, not by a long shot!"

"I'm sorry, I give," Demyx said as he tried to free himself form his lovers death hold. Xigbar laughed and let go of the younger, smiling as he managed to get a good look at the boy he'd fallen for so long ago-not the depressed one that seemed to be hanging about lately. Demyx sighed and rubbed his head. "So…what do you have?"

"A secret," Xigbar said, smiling as he rested himself on the bed. He placed his gloved hand on Demyx's cheek and sighed. "Trust me…it will work this time…"

"Xigbar," Demyx said, looking off to the side, "it's not like I don't trust you; it's just that…"

"I swear," Xigbar said, brining himself up to meet eyes with his younger lover, "this time, it will work. I won't disappoint you this time…"

"You never disappointed me," Demyx said, smiling kindly at the older nobody.

"And I wont disappoint you now," Xigbar said with a perverted smile on his face. "Just give it…one more shot."

"…ok," Demyx said, submitting over to Xigbar's wishes. If worst came to worse, nothing would happen…but he still had Xigbar with him, so it would never be a real loss. He had the most important thing in his life, and that was Xigbar. And if Xiggy wanted to try one last time; then he would try one lore time. "One more time," Demyx said…but that's it. After that; we're doing it only cuz we wanna do it."

"You mean you don't wanna do it now," Xigbar asked in a very shocked tone.

"Except now," Demyx added. "I wanna do it now…with you." Demyx placed his sitar on the side of the bed, a sign that Xigbar could make a move. Yup; when the sitar was away…it was time to play.

Xigbar smiled. "Of course you do…"

Xigbar moved close to Demyx, the space between them disappearing. He locked lips with his Demyx, his tongue tasting those tow soft lips that he was just so addicted to. He begged for entrance, and Demyx let him in. He tasted that lovely taste that only the Melodious Nocturne would have; sweet and innocent. He moved his hand through the younger boy's hair, earning a soft moan from the other. He pulled away for a brief moment, to catch those wonderful eyes in a moment of ecstasy. He stared at those pretty eyes, those wonderful eyes that he loved so much. He would give him that baby…their baby. There was no way he could screw up now.

He pushed Demyx, to the bed, on his back, and he hurriedly pulled the zipper of his cloak down, eager to get a view of that perfect body. He watched the zipper go down and stared excitingly at the soft pale skin that just begged to be touched. And of course, Xigbar would not deny it. He was going to make that baby, but first things first…

Demyx whined lightly as he felt a tongue lick away at his nipple, causing it to harden in pleasure. He squirmed just a little as he felt Xigbar begin to suck on it, his teeth lightly grazing at it. He moaned and felt like going insane; Xigbar ewes just too good at this. Xigbar smirked and let one of his hands pay attention to the other…and the other hand; he let that one trail down…to a much needier organ. Demyx squirmed as he felt a gloved hand pinch at his other nipple, squeezing it and twisting a little bit, causing pings of excitement travel downward to his manhood. He could feel another hand play with the zipper of his pants, and he wanted nothing more than to beg for Xigbar to please hurry up. But Xigbar could be quite sadistic…and Demyx kept his silence. He was already so close…another touch could drive him insane!

Xigbar pulled out the already erect organ and felt it's warmth in his hand. The poor boy wouldn't last…he stopped sucking on the sore nipple and rose up to give his Demyx another good kiss, all while gently massaging the hard organ. He entered the other mouth, tasting him and his eagerness, listening to those moans that were getting louder and louder by the second. Xigbar pulled away a bit and began sucking on Demyx' lower lips, and his free hand began moving through the soft messy hair. Demyx was just so god damn addicting. He gave a quick glance over at the boy's erection and saw pre cum already leaking over his gloved hand. He sighed and smirked at the youngers excitement-he was just too precious.

Xigbar moved down and stared at the hard organ that was just below him. He licked at the tip and heard a soft sigh come from Demyx. He wanted the attention so bad. Xigbar complied and took the bulb of it in his mouth, tasting some of the saltiness in his mouth. He let his tongue slide around the tip, tasting and causing his lover to groan in pleasure and misery, and slowly moved his head in a tantalizing motion. Up and won, he moved nice and slowly, taking pleasure in the sweet sounds that Demyx made. He could tell the younger was close enough, and he did himself the favor and quickened his pace. Demyx breathes began shorter, and his back arched as he tried to move himself as close to the hot, wet mouth as he possibly could. He whimpered and felt himself moving along with Xigbar, nearing his climax. He felt his body heat up and he knew if he had a heart, it would be racing. He took another breath and cried out in pleasure, his body jerking just a little as he came into his lover's mouth.

Xigbar lapped up the sweet remains of his boyfriends cum, licking his lips as he swallowed every drop of it. He loved that taste. He looked up at his lover and smirked maliciously at him.

"You still bushed," he asked sarcastically.

Demyx's reddened faced beamed even more. He shook his head.

Xigbar crawled up and hovered above the younger, his yellow eyes glowing with pure excitement for what was to come.

"Thought so," He said.

The small little wound on Xigbar's abdomen healed up in just a few days, but it remained a tad sensitive for a while, about a week. After that; things went back to normal. He figured he would wait till a good seven or eight weeks before having Demyx go and check. He did this for two reasons; one, Saix didn't start showing signs till around that time, and two, Xigbar was afraid of failure. That wondrous night was a sticky reminder that he had promised Demyx something, and if he didn't give…then he just sucked; simple as that. He knew it couldn't be Demyx's fault…he lacked the organs and the reproductive cells in the first place! He had to hope what he did would be enough to…to…

"Are you ok," Axel asked Xigbar, giving the older man a somewhat worried look. The redhead moved closer to Xigbar and waved his hand across his face. "Heellllooo," he called out.

Xigbar shook his head, wincing in pain as he felt hot pings within him. He didn't need to guess what was wrong with him; the medicine was obviously beginning to wear out of him. He didn't expect it to happen so soon though; he figured the chemicals half life would be much longer. He groaned in pain and turned to Axel, smiling as best as he could.

"Shit, you don't look so good," Axel said as he stared at Xigbar's pained expression. He removed a glove and placed his hand on the others forehead. Axel frowned when he noticed that his temperature was quite normal. He looked around the table of messy food and playing cards-maybe he had eaten something wrong?

Xigbar frowned and grabbed hold of his stomach, very worried now. Ok, maybe he had miscalculated somewhere; this did not feel right at all. He blinked and saw Axel staring back at him.

"Dude, you allergic to anything," Axel asked.

Xigbar shook his head and answered with a weak "no".

Axel turned and saw Luxord and Xaldin walk in to the room, bags of snacks in their arms as they made their way to the table. Axel immediately called Xaldin over, hoping the senior would know what to do. He dragged the dread locked nobody over to give the Xigbar an examination, of sort. Xaldin removed his gloved hand, and like Axel, checked the others temperature; it was not hot…it was barely warm. He sighed and turned to Axel and a now concerned Luxord.

"There's nothing I can do," he said while looking down in shame.

"Couldn't we take him to Vexen, Zexion, or Lexaeus," Luxord asked in a very worried tone. He couldn't bear the idea of losing his drinking buddy! Plus, Xigbar always lost games…so he was a good source of money.

"We could," Xaldin muttered. He turned to Xigbar. "Number II, do you think you could make the walk to the lower levels?"

Xigbar couldn't even talk at this point; the pain was killing him. It felt like Axel lit a fire inside of him. He merely shook his head.

"What if Number VIII and X helped you," Xaldin asked.

Xigbar shook his head. He couldn't move; the pain was just that unbearable.

"What about if you teleported down," Xaldin asked, "Surely you could do that?"

Xigbar shook his head once more; the very action was now causing him pain. Just sitting was causing him pain. Oh god, if he was getting some mother fucking allergic reaction, he would be so pissed…that is; if it wasn't causing him so much pain.

Xaldin sighed and thought about the little options he was left with. The nobody was in obvious pain, and moving him while he was conscious was simply out of the idea. He sighed; he was going to have to do this the old fashion way. He leaned over and stared at Xigbar pathetic form. Despite his body temperature, he was sweating and shivering. He looked awful.

"Number II," Xaldin said. Xigbar turned to him and nodded his head. Xaldin smiled. "Yes, very well; could you please look over…there, would you?" Xaldin pointed to the hallway.

Xigbar frowned, not sure why this would help him in any way. He took another short breath and looked over to where the Dragoon was pointing. Xigbar stared at the hallway wondering what exactly-

Xaldin hit Xigbar square in the head, making sure to hit him nice and hard; causing the Sniper to white out. He watched the body go limp, and he gave a sigh of relief. He turned to his subordinates; both looking quite shocked at what had just occurred.

"Could you two please take Number II down to the lower levels," he asked axel and Luxord, as if nothing had happened. "I need to see if Zexion, Lexaeus, and Vexen are in the meeting area…just in case."

Axel turned to Luxord, then to Xigbar; frowning at the whole experience.

"C'mon Luxord," he mumbled in a very unenthusiastic tone, "lets go take him down."

Luxord shook his head.

"I hope he isn't too dreadfully ill," he muttered.

"It's probably nothing," Axel said. "Maybe just caught something, something that doesn't make you all hot and sneezy?"

"I hope it isn't contagious," Luxord said.

"Oh please," Axel said, "how bad could it be?"

When Xigbar woke up…he was literally on fire. His insides felt like hell had taken over, and it didn't help that he was strapped onto a bed. He could see an IV in his arm, and he was shocked that nothing was being done about the pain inside of him. He was only too happy to see Vexen walk by. He asked what kind of stuff was in that little baggy that was so graciously pouring liquid into him, and he was quite surprised to find out that only water and sugar and the most mild of pain medication was in there. No morphine, no codeine, no nothing. It explained why everything hurt so much, but he was confused as to why he was hurting in the first place. Why refuse him his pain medication? Vexen looked away, not all too sure what to say, his face holding the awkwardness of the situation. Zexion eventually walked in, and when he did, he looked over to Xigbar and dropped to the floor laughing. Xigbar did not see why this was so funny. How dare the emo laugh at him and his misery.

"What the hell is going on," he asked while trying to endure the agonizing pain inside of him. He looked over to the silent Vexen. "You wanna explain to me what's going on; seeing that you look like a girl who's just seen a dick for the first time."

Vexen shook his head, "Immaturity is the last thing I want to hear right now, Number II; especially coming from you." He sighed. "I told you-I bloody told you-test it out before injecting yourself!"

"Number II," Zexion said with a smirk. He sat on the chair that lay next to the bed and chuckled a bit. "I love to be the one to ruin your day, so I'll say it; the medicine you injected into you-it's flawed."

"Gee, whatever gave you that idea," Xigbar said with a smirk, "the fact that I can't stop shivering-or the fact that I feel like my internal organs are being cooked alive?"

Zexion chuckled a bit more. "You'll be fine…given it a few more hours; the chemical reaction would be complete by then."

"Chemical reaction," Xigbar asked. He wondered just how far off he was in his own experimental equation that he had done while creating the silvery concoction. He was sure he had used chemicals that would not react badly to his own biology-he was sure of it.

"Number II," Vexen said, groaning just a little as he tried not to go insane from what he was bout to say. "You know how the body naturally absorbs….things right? Water, food…none edible things…"

"Where are you getting at," Xigbar asked. He had no idea where this was leading to.

"I'm just saying, if you were to consume, or have something placed within you," Vexen said, not making eye contact with Xigbar as he did, "say…something small…single celled….you know it would be absorbed into the body?"

"…" Xigbar stared blankly at Vexen.

"Semen you idiot," Vexen said.

"Oh, right," Xigbar said, smiling happily at the other, despite the pain. "Yeah, I know the body does that-immune response."

"Yes," Vexen said. "And you know…it doesn't absorb every bit of it-right?"

"Well duh," Xigbar said. "Unless you're a chick…no real reason too, and that's only if it's squirted up the coo-"

"Anyways," Vexen said. He sighed and shook his head once more.

"Something wrong with my immune system," Xigbar asked. He frowned. Death by…semen; comical…but pretty disgusting. He winced in pain as he felt the intense pain jab away at him. It was…beginning to hurt less, but it still was pretty darn smart.

"Sort of," Zexion said with a cheery smile. "Your immune system did what no immune system would ever do."

"What," Xigbar asked. He did not like where this was going.

"It used every bit of…," Vexen trailed off. "Well, you know."

"How's that possible," Xigbar asked. "My body couldn't possibly use foreign DNA. It would get rid of it."

"Well," Vexen said. "This goes back to me telling you to test out the bloody concoction!" he pulled the clipboard from the end of the bed and gave it to Xigbar. "Your body stored the core of…Number IXs…genes, and it…reacted."

"Reacted," Xigbar said. He glanced at the clipboard. Vexen unstrapped him and let him go through the pages.

"The concoction mixed in with your…well, you know, as you planned-but it also messed with your immune system," Vexen said. "Something that could have been prevented."

"Whatever," Xigbar said. "I still don't see why this has to do with some reaction and me being in pain."

"Well," Zexion said. "You see, the stuff you put into you reacts with…that part of your body, and what happened was…"

Xigbar's eyes widened in realization. The very thing he put inside of him…was reacting to Demyx's…ok, that was just weird.

"So…what's happening is," Xigbar muttered.

"Your body is…mixing two different things," Vexen said.

"Nothing bad will happen," Xigbar muttered, "…right?"

"Weeeellllll," Zexion said with a smirk. Xigbar gritted his teeth together. "We took a look inside, and we got some bad news."

"Don't tell me," Xigbar said with a smirk, "I'm expecting?" He smirked at Zexion, expecting the other to frown or say some sly comment back. He didn't.

"Well, "Vexen said, "you see, as you know, X chromosome sperm live longer that Y chromosome sperm."

Xigbar felt himself stiffen.

"And well, since your body was just collecting all of that DNA; you can only expect that the X would live longer…"

Xigbar shook his head. He heard Zexion chuckle a bit more.

"And now that the concoction decided to mix everything together…well," Vexen trailed off.

"One of your little swimmers decided to meet up with all that X chromosome DNA," Zexion said while smiling at the very thought. "Think of it as a modified egg…"


"It's not so bad," Vexen said. "You did say that you wanted to, how did you put it; "put a baby in an oven"?"

"Not my fucking oven," Xigbar yelled. He dropped the clipboard and summoned up his gun. He aimed it at his stomach, making sure to not to aim to high. "Fuuuck no," he said, "I cannot…I will not….I refuse!!!"

Zexion fell to the floor, his body trebling in delight as he relished in the lovely thought; Xigbar was knocked up. Even better; he knocked himself up! No, even better; everyone would think he took it up from Demyx!!!

"Will you put that gun away before you hurt someone," Vexen said as he tried to grab the weapon away from the pissed nobody.

"No," Xigbar whined. "I need to shoot myself…and Zexion- especially Zexion."

"Well, before you do that," Vexen said, "I need you to consider what Number IX may feel about this whole situation."

"What is there to think about," Xigbar asked. He snatched his weapon away and glared at Vexen. Demyx…oh god; he could never let Demyx know of this. The shame would never end…him…in this situation? He couldn't even begin to imagine the scenarios that would play out in his head as soon as he thought of explaining himself to the other.

"When I realized that you were…I had a dusk find Number IX," Vexen said.

"You…didn't tell him, did you," Xigbar asked nervously. Then again, knowing Demyx; he'd think he was cheating on someone…

"No," Vexen said. "Trust me; you are not the only one who thinks this is…a bit odd. No; I decided to have him checked; to see if he was expecting."

"Oh," Xigbar said. "….ooohhhh." He had just forgotten about that.

"Yes," Vexen said. "I lied and said that it was sent under your orders and that you were too busy to come along."

"Way to make me look like an ass," Xigbar muttered.

"Yes well," Vexen said. "Number IX is not expecting a child…he is not-"

Xigbar frowned; Demyx…wasn't having a baby? He sank into his bed, well shit; so much for the promise. He had told Demyx it would work out…and yet; Demyx wasn't pregnant. And he was alone when he was told the news too…poor kid.

"Yes," Vexen said, "I think you understand why this may be important."

"Hmm, what," Xigbar asked quietly.

"Number IX…I think he may be incapable of simply holding a child," Vexen said. "Chances are…he might never be able to bear children."

"And yet…me and Saix are," Xigbar hissed.

"Yes," Vexen said.

"And twins too," Zexion added.

"So," Xigbar said. "You…you think if I keep this…this kid…"

"It may make up for all the other failures," Vexen said. "I mean….he wants a child…and technically; he will be getting one…just…"

"Just I have to sacrifice nine months with no alcohol, no defying gravity, no…nothing fun," Xigbar said in much disgust.

"Pretty much," Zexion said. "But…you'll probably want to get rid of it-seeing that it is you who is knocked up."

Xigbar sighed. He was…knocked up. Disgusting, no matter how you look at it. He was the guy who partied and hung out with everyone. He played target practice with innocent victims, and he played pranks on Roxas! How do you go from that…to pregnant? And it was him too! Demyx…he could totally pull off the look…and he'd still look good, kind of a turn on for Xigbar. But him…he would not be able to pull off that look-not now, not ever! And think about it; how could he manage nine months of….this? Sure, he wasn't showing now…but eventually he would-people would come to notice this. He would have to tell everybody sooner or later. And then there was the morning sickness…the cramps, the mood swings, the weight gain, and the cravings…he would go insane from it all.

No…he couldn't do this. It was not him; it was something that he simply could not do. He was not Demyx; he was not able to commit to this kind of thing…he…


He frowned. Demyx really wanted to have that baby. And he couldn't get pregnant…and yet; here he was…with a baby forming in his…eww, he couldn't even…err, wait, no! Seriously; he had to think about this. Ok-he was pregnant! Yes…and Demyx would never get pregnant…and he wanted a baby! And he…he had one! He had the one thing that Demyx would never have…and that was, despite the fact that he hated it so much; was fertility.

He shivered. Ok…Saix was pregnant-and he wasn't the daintiest of men. He had muscle, he had a scar on his face, and he had a bad temper; yet he was pregnant. Xigbar probably weighed less than the blue haired freak, and he had an awesome personality! He also had a scar too! Yeah…he could do this!

"Xigbar," Vexen said, "Number II…Braig…anyone home?"

"Hmm," Xigbar said, "sorry dude; I was having an epiphany."

"Well," Vexen said nervously, "what do you plan to do?" He walked over to Zexion and helped him up to the seat. "We can remove it; it wouldn't be too hard…"

"And you can live life pretending that this never happened," Zexion added with a smirk.

What to do? Xigbar sighed and thought about the possibilities. He glanced down at his stomach, taking notice that the pain was still decreasing. Nine moths was one hell of a commitment. He would have to…take care of himself, and he would have to be responsible too.

Demyx would do it for him. Demyx was willing to try again…and, well; shouldn't he be willing to try for Demyx?

Xigbar shook his head.

This was seriously the most fucked up thing ever.

"Hey buddy," Xigbar said as he quietly crept over to Demyx's bed. He saw the Melodious Nocturne turn and smile at him. He had been playing his sitar, and Xigbar took note of the slow melody he had been playing- a sad done if he ever knew one. "How's it going? Haven't seen you all day."

"Yeah," Demyx said, smiling at Xigbar as if nothing were wrong. "Vexen said you were really busy."

"Did he," Xigbar said, sitting down next to Demyx. "He say anything else?"

"Well," Demyx said, frowning a little. "You see…"

"Didn't stick," Xigbar asked, already knowing the answer. He still felt himself sink in agony, just knowing that Demyx had to go through it all…again.

"Not even," Demyx said," I just…I can't even get…"

"I'm sorry," Xigbar said quietly. "I thought that maybe…"

"No, it's not you," Demyx said, "It's just me. You didn't do anything wrong." Demyx leaned against Xigbar and sighed. "I just…can't do anything right I guess."

Xigbar frowned. He grabbed onto Demyx and tightly embraced him. "No," he said. "No…you….your just fine the way you are." He stared helplessly at the floor and sighed. "You did well, and that's all I could ever ask for."

"You're just saying that because you have to," Demyx said with a weak smile. "You're my boyfriend; you're not allowed to say mean things about me."

"And you are," Xigbar asked, smiling back.

"Since when have I ever said anything mean to you," Demyx asked.

"All the time," Xigbar answered, smiling at the younger nobody.

"You worse," Demyx answered, "you need to act your age…I'm acting mine, I'm allowed to be immature!"

Xigbar laughed.

"Xigbar," Demyx said quietly.

"Yeah kid," he asked.

"Thanks," Demyx said. "You're really nice…you know that?"

"Where did that come from," Xigbar asked.

"You're always trying to make me feel better," Demyx said, a few tears forming in the corner of his eyes. "You always try to make me feel better about myself…even though I'm not the greatest. You're always there for me."

Xigbar embraced his boyfriend tighter, making sure to comfort the other as he cried away. Well, it was ok…he would let him cry it out…he would feel better in the end.

"I can't do anything right for you," Demyx said, whimpering as he did.

"That's not true," Xigbar said in a very positive tone. "You do so much for me-"

Demyx shook his head and buried himself deep into Xigbar cloak.

"You do a lot for me," Xigbar said. "You…when you smile, that's like the greatest thing in the whole world…"


"And when you tell me about your day, or when we just hang out together," Xigbar added on. "You make me feel…and that's doing a lot…" Xigbar patted the boy on the head and smiled. "You could never be anything less than what you are….and you're everything to me."

Demyx looked up and stared at Xigbar with his watery eyes. "Really," he asked.

"Really," Xigbar said. "You're the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

Demyx smiled and hugged Xigbar back, burying himself into the other. Xigbar smiled as he heard the other cry a bit more into his black cloak. Demyx really was…just so innocent.

"I love you," Demyx muttered into the cloak. It sounded a lot like a muffle, but Xigbar seemed to understand it. He watched Demyx look back up and stared at him lovingly. "I love you…very much…Xigbar."

"I love you too kid," Xigbar answered.

"You're the best," Demyx said, smiling sadly. "I'm sorry I couldn't give you a baby…"

Xigbar twitched. "Wait…what?"

"You really wanted one, and I couldn't give you one," Demyx answered.

Xigbar's jaw dropped. "I thought you wanted one…"

"Well, I thought it would be nice, but when you asked if we could give it a try I figured you really wanted one of your own," Demyx said.

Xigbar let go of Demyx and sank into the bed. He stared up at the ceiling, unsure of what to do.

"Xigbar," Demyx asked.


"Xiggy," Demyx called out again, giving the older a bit of a shake.


"You ok," he asked. He poked Xigbar in the face, surprised that the sniper didn't react back.

"…no," Xigbar said, shaking his head as he did. "No...I don't think I am, and I don't think I will be for awhile."

"Whys that," Demyx asked, smiling at Xigbar. He had no clue what was about to be told.

"Well, Demyx, in this wondrous world…things happen…terrible, cruel things," Xigbar muttered as he stared out to into space. He sighed and sat up, grabbing Demyx' hand as he did. "And…you remember how I said, not too long ago, that I had something that would ensure us a child?"

"Yeah," Demyx said. "But…I'm not pregnant."

"Yeah…well," Xigbar whined miserably. "It still worked…kinda…"

"How," Demyx asked.

"Take a guess," Xigbar groaned.






"Shhh," Xigbar said to the younger, placing a hand on his mouth as he tried to calm him down. "look; nobody else knows…and until I can come up with an explanation as to how it happened, without making me look like I took it from you, you gotta keep quiet."

"I can't believe it," Demyx said, shaking his head, "it's so…it's just…"


"You're…really going to…," Demyx asked faintly. He looked a bit pale. "I mean…that's really…"

"You would do it for me," Xigbar said. "So…I'm gonna do it for you…."

"That's sweet," Demyx said. "Weird…but really sweet."

"Just for you," Xigbar said.


"Demyx," Xigbar asked.


"You can scream if you want," Xigbar said, looking off, "trust me; I won't mind."

"Thanks Xig," Demyx said. "I really needed that."

(love at its finest)

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