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Just For You!

Chapter 9

The first month was something that was needed to be repressed. Never in Demyx's or Xigbar's life had they endured so much. The two went through thirty days of constant crying, little sleep, trying to change a diaper without passing out, and so much more. Demyx was so disappointed to find out that Baby disliked water, fighting with all her might to avoid bathing in her tiny tub. She cried all the way, and Xigbar's only attempt to make it better was telling Demyx that he didn't have to bathe her every day. It didn't help much. She was finicky and feeding her was like trying to get a horse to drink the water that you had let it to. Eventually Xigbar just grabbed her nose and waited for her to take a breath of air. It worked after several attempts.

But it wasn't that bad. The two got to spend time off missions in order to come up with a schedule that made caring for her a bit easier. Xigbar easily lost his baby weight and was son back to the oddly thin built he had. The best of all was they got to just be together after months of Demyx going on missions and Xigbar lying around all day praying he would not go insane. There was no more worry and everything was almost back to normal.

Almost…but not quite normal.

"She's watching us," Xigbar said. His eye squinted a bit as he moved a bit more closely to the crib. "Yeah, she's definitely watching us…"

"It's ok," Demyx said, "she's just a baby; she doesn't understand…"

"I don't want her seeing us," Xigbar said, "that's not right…poor thing will be traumatized for life…"

"I doubt she's going to remember it tomorrow, let alone in the next five minutes," Demyx said with a smile. "Just ignore her…"

Xigbar frowned.

After three months of waiting, he was given the go and was told that he could do what nature seemed to constantly demand of him and was only too pleased to be allowed to. Though, it was only so long before he realized the problem of his daughter's curiosity. She was watching them, just staring in awe and what not as her father tried desperately to continue with the nightly activities. In the end, Xigbar just couldn't do it, not even with Demyx's words of encouragement.

"Do we have any other blankets," Xigbar asked.

"Why," Demyx asked in a somewhat suspicious tone. He frowned. "You're not going to hide in the blankets are you?" He shook his head. "I really don't feel like hiding in a bunch of blankets…"

"No," Xigbar said defensively as he went though one of the drawers. "I was thinking something different…"

"Like what," Demyx asked.

"You'll see," Xigbar said as he pulled out a white sheet from the drawer. He smiled happily as he got up and walked over to the white little crib in the corner of the room, eyeing his daughter who was bouncing up and down, excited to see her father approach her.

Demyx watched Xigbar pull out the sheets, folding it in half soon after to get it to a good enough size.

He frowned as soon as he realized what Xigbar planned to do.

"Xigbar," Demyx said in a state of shock.

But it was too late. The sheet went over the crib, covering it and blinding their daughter from sight.

"There," Xigbar said.

"You…you can't do that," Demyx said. "She's not a parrot."

"But look how happy he is," Xigbar said with a smirk.

"I can't," Demyx said, "she covered in a sheet."

"But you can here her," Xigbar said as he sat himself right back on the bed. "She seems to be enjoying herself, and we can get back to what we want to do…"

"I don't know," Demyx said.

"She's giggling," Xigbar said. "Therefore she is happy."

Baby was, in fact, giggling. She figured Xigbar's act to shield her from his sexual activities to be a strange new game, and for the most part, she liked it. In fact, from outside the crib, one could see her tiny hand go through the bars and grab on the sheets. She was taking this pretty well.

"I still don't know," Demyx said in a worried tone. "I really don't know about leaving her underneath a sheet….she won't run out of fresh air will she?"

"You're really bringing me out of the mood," Xigbar said. He lightly pushed Demyx to the bed and crawled over him. "Stop it…"


"Just relax," Xigbar said with a smirk, leaning a bit and letting a lips graze over Demyx's. He looked over to the crib once more before gibing himself a pat on the back, returning back to Demyx. He let his fingers trial across the younger nobody's body, basking the lovely sound of his soft moans, smiling to himself. It had been awhile since he had done this, so he was going to make sure he enjoyed every bit of this.

He let his hand slide down Demyx's side, stopping at his hip where he clung to it and hoisted it up a bit. Xigbar pressed his lips against Demyx's, roughly pushing his tongue into the others as he let his fingers go into the others pants. Demyx uttered another moan as he let himself rise up to Xigbar, his arm clinging on to his shoulder. He felt Xigbar slowly remove his pants down, cold air slowly exposing his skin and his erection.

He gasped lightly as he felt a cool hand wrap around him, warm lips continuing to give him much needed attention. It wasn't before long till Demyx forgot about the infant that was still playing with the sheets. The pants were soon removed, and Demyx was bare and naked underneath Xigbar. He felt his own hands fondle Xigbar's pants, eager to remove his only article of clothing.

"Mm," Xigbar smirked as he nipped at Demyx's lower lip. "Someone is eager…"

"Not as eager as you," Demyx replied back, nipping Xigbar right back, but a bit harder.

Xigbar chuckled, wincing a bit through the small amount of pain he received. But by no means did he mind it, if anything it made it even more kinky. He ripped away his pants, losing his patience and finding Demyx's attempt to be more torturous than anything. Hr hurried positioned himself, sucking on Demyx's neck as he felt himself press against the blonde's entrance.

"Abbah," a small little voice said.

Both men turned and looked over to where the crib was. They could see small blue eyes staring curiously at them, a tiny hand lifting up the sheet that had been covering her crib.

"And there is goes," Xigbar said in a very upset voice, looking down and seeing it pretty much die out.

Demyx, despite being the one who said that Baby couldn't understand what they were doing, had a look of horror on his face.

"Oh my god." he said in fright. "She's watching us…"

"Oh shit…"

Baby giggled.

The first month was a pain, but the next two after that were a bit easier, to say the least. In thirty days one would be able to adjust to little sleep or having your hair constantly tugged at. You learn to force feed a child and ignore them when they try to sleep in bed with you. You learn to be a good, loving and responsible parent, caring and strict at the same time.

As mentioned, Baby did not like water. Xigbar went along and laughed at this as he soon discovered that she actually enjoyed things that leaned more toward his area of expertise. While she screamed murder in the tub when Demyx tried bathing her, Xigbar had no problem dangling her from the ceiling or bending reality to let her experience zero gravity. It made playtime rather enjoyable, though it wasn't long before someone in the castle had something to say about it.

"I don't think this is a safe for of child play," Zexion said as he looked up to the ceiling where Xigbar and Baby were. "You do realize what will happen if you drop here right?"

"You do realize I pay no attention to what you say," Xigbar said as he dangled his daughter from the ceiling, letting her little legs squirm about in thin air. He looked at her excited expression and smiled. "She's enjoying herself dammit, and the fact that she's not crying should be enough for you to appreciate what I'm doing!"

Zexion scowled.

"As much as I enjoy your daughter being silent, I must interfere and draw a line when safety is at hand," Zexion said. He looked up to where the toddler was a shook his head. "Death is around the corner in this case…."

"Must you be such a killjoy," Axel asked as he clicked through the channels, "let the ass drop his kid; she'll match his intelligence."

"I heard that," Xigbar said, looking over to where axel said. "You better be careful or I'll beat your kid out."

Axel looked down and shrugged at his current form.

"That might actually work," Axel said.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," Roxas said as he shook his head. "Honestly Axel, have some shame in your pregnancy…"

"What you just said made no sense in the long run," Axel said.

"Yeah," Xigbar said as he teleported back down. He gave a cocky look to Zexion before passing him and settling down next to the other two nobodies. "I mean; Axel and shame-in the same sentence?' Xigbar burst into laughter.

Axel scowled.

"Oh ha-ha," he said as he got up from his seat. "Very fucking hilarious, you amusing piece of shit…"

"Hey!" Xigbar said as he covered Baby's ears. "Don't you sully my daughter's ears! …that's my job."

Roxas face palmed.

"Am I the only normal one in this castle," he asked himself. Axel grabbed hold of the younger nobody and laughed.

"Maybe, for now," Axel said with a laugh.

Roxas was not amused.

Xigbar leaned over and rubbed his daughter head, messing up her small nest of hair. It had darkened out since her birth, giving her hair an almost black appearance, much like Braig. Her eyes darkened a bit, giving her a deep sea blue color. Her skin was still quite creamy in color, but the two figured once she was old enough to go out and venture other worlds she would tan out a bit. Xigbar smiled, pushing his daughter fro his lap and letting her fall into the cushion.

"That's not nice," Zexion said.

Xigbar looked over and frowned.

"You're still here," Xigbar asked. He looked to his daughter and shrugged. "How is that not being nice? I'm playing with her."

"You can't toss her around," Zexion pointed out.

"I'm not," Xigbar asked. He looked to Roxas and Axel. "I wasn't tossing her around now, was I?"

"I don't think so," axel said. "Looks like you two were having fun."

"Well," Roxas said, "I think-"

"You see," Xigbar said. "No harm done."

Zexion sighed.

Xigbar looked to Baby and smiled.

"Zexion doesn't know what he is saying now, does he," Xigbar said, pushing his daughter once more as she tried to grab hold of him and crawl back up to his lap. She fell on her back and wiggled a bit, but was smiling nonetheless.

"That's adorable," Xaldin said as he walked into the Grey Area. He sat himself down on the couch opposite from the three nobodies and looked over to where Baby was. He looked over to Axel. "How much longer?"

"Not too long," Axel said with a sigh.

"You know how it's going to work," Xaldin asked soon after.

"Drugs," Axel said soon after, "lots and lots of drugs." He leaned into the white furniture and smiled gleefully. "I plan to not recall the birth once it's over…"

"Well, that's nice," Xaldin said.

Xigbar grumbled.

"I don't know," Roxas said, "I always figured if you can do it on your own then you should at least make the attempt to…"

"Hell no," Axel said. He removed himself from the young blonde and glared. "You think I'm that stupid? Luxord told me about Xigbar's freaking fiasco…he told me!"

Xigbar grumbled again, his daughter now attempting to crawl back to him while he was busy trying to not think of what occurred three months ago. He shook his head from the memory, easily able to recall the pain and exhaustion that he gone though as if it had happened not too long ago. He wasn't sure how a woman was able to have kid after kid, considering that it really was not worth it. If he ever had to go through that hell again he'd go though it wasted as hell. Oh yeah, he was overjoyed when he saw Baby and it really did make for a wonderful day, but that only eased the pain so much. He was sore as hell soon after, and the next few days revolved around him trying to rest and not move around to much. Eventually Vexen approached him, saying that he had talked to Saix not too long ago about when his body would "heal", saying that after a month or so everything would be back to "normal".

Still, it meant another month of having to know it was there…

Oddly enough though, if Demyx ever did ask him, he would think about the possibility of another. I mean, the last thing he wanted was his daughter to grow up to be a spoiled little brat. He knew Luxord refused to go though the ordeal, and from what he heard, and knew from experience growing up, single children grew up to be pricks; especially boys. Of course, that was only if Demyx ever asked him, and he would have to be in a good mood too.

Xigbar looked won and stared at his daughter, watching her tiny hand try to get at his pony tail. He couldn't understand why she thought getting it would make a worlds difference, or why it got her attention in the first place, but the very fact that she was going after it made him feel full in some sort.


"Hey guys," Demyx said cheerfully, walking out from the hallway next to Luxord. He hurried over to the group, stopping halfway to greet Zexion. "Hey Zexy!"

Zexion's face remained stoic as ever.

"Number IX," he said, "you need to keep a closer eye on Number II and his antics."

Xigbar rolled his eye, but not before tossing his daughter back on to the cushion, causing her to laugh a bit as she rolled on her back.

Demyx frowned.

"Why," he asked.

"Yes Number VI," Xaldin said suddenly, "why?" Much like the others, he found no problem in Xigbar's behavior.


Zexion simply sighed, shaking his head as he walked out the room.

Demyx watched the smaller nobody walk off and shrugged, looking to Luxord in confusion.

"I think he's pretty anal when it comes to things," Luxord said with a small smile as he walked over to the group. "You know how he is with things."

"I guess," Demyx said. He looked over to Xigbar and walked over to him and their baby girl. He kneeled over and smiled. "Hey Baby…"

The little toddler looked up and smiled, waving her arms a bit, hoping he would pick her up. Demyx easily obliged and picked her up, already cooing to her.

"Hey there Baby," he said happily, holding her up in his arms. "You miss me today?"

She smiled, making strange babbling noises that no one could comprehend. Demyx looked down to Xigbar.

"Was she ok,'" he asked.

"Yeah, she was fine," Xigbar said. "Practically an angel."

"Hopes she's that nice tomorrow," Demyx said worriedly, knowing he would be the one to take care of her tomorrow while Xigbar went out to go on a mission. It was nice to not have to worry about Xigbar so much anymore though, now that he was able to fight and fend on his own without a problem. Of course, watching over Baby was still a bit stressful, and until there was a day where both of them had a day off, he would be alone.

"Feed her lots of warm milk," Axel said, "I hear that works wonders…"

"Too much milk isn't good for her," Xigbar said, making a look of disgust. "Girls got a sensitive stomach; too much milk will make changing her a bigger pain."

Demyx groaned, having one to have shared such an experience.

"Besides," Luxord said, "whether the child's stomach knows or not; it all depends on the child itself." He sat himself down and made himself comfy. The platinum blonde smiled at Axel, trying to get the other to come over. "Ain't that right love?"

"Pfft, whatever," Axel said, looking away.

Luxord frowned.

"So," Xaldin said," how's about a change of topic?"

Several eyes looked to him, taking offense to what he had said.

"I'm sorry," Xaldin said, "I just don't find a talk about a child's digestion system to be very appealing…and I know I'm not the only one."

Xaldin pointed to Roxas. The young teen was looking away disdainfully, not really finding the conversation to be very….interesting.

"It's just Roxas," Luxord said. "It's not like he's a main character or anything…"

"Thanks," Roxas said sarcastically.

"Aww, you want to hold Baby," Demyx said, offering the small child to Roxas. He looked over to Xigbar, waiting for his approval. When the sniper refrained from saying otherwise, he carefully took the child and rested it in his lap.

"She likes you," Demyx said.

Roxas looked to Baby and then to Demyx.

"Really," he asked.

"Yeah," Demyx said.

Roxas smiled.

"Can I hold her," Xaldin asked.

"Silly Xaldin," Demyx said, "you know she's scared of you!"

Xaldin sighed.

Everyone laughed, and scene changed soon followed.

"Go to sleep," Xigbar whined, tossing in his bed and covering a pillow over his head. He looked over to where the crib was; staring at the small body producing little whimpers and cries every so often. He groaned and looked over to Demyx, who somehow managed to sleep though this.

He lifted his head up a bit, the pillow sliding off. He could see Baby's little legs wiggled and kick, her head looking around the room in desperation.

What was wrong?

He sighed and got out of the bed, figuring he would change her or give her a bottle, something simple that wouldn't take too long.

"Please don't be finicky tonight," he muttered as he grabbed on to the crib, his head leaning over to see what his daughter was doing.

She looked up to him, her eyes laced with tears. She continued to whimper. Her little hand came up, waving up and down.

"You hungry," Xigbar asked, "or do you need a change?"

Baby continued to cry, her chest heaving up and down. She let her other hand go up as well, and right them Xigbar pretty much had her figured put. She was lonely…


"Go to sleep," Xigbar said, turning around and heading back to the bed. He wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything, but he was tired and he knew coddling her wouldn't do any good for her. He didn't want to teach her that crying would help her get her way, and ignoring her would teach her to handle her own situation. Cruel…but it worked.

He stared at the clock at looked at the time.

Nearly midnight.

He listened to Baby's cries and grabbed on to his pillow again, figuring she would calm down in a few minutes.

He looked to the clock again.

It was half past one, and she was still at it.

"God…," Xigbar grumbled.


Xigbar looked over and saw that Demyx was now awake as well.

"Baby's crying," Xigbar said.

Xigbar might have well said that the whole world was about to end and they hadn't packed any snacks to prepare for the occasion, because as soon as he did Demyx jumped out the bed and hurried over to get to his daughter.

"Don't spoil her," Xigbar said, getting up and sitting on the bed, "she'll never stop once you do."

Meaningless words.

"What's the matter," Demyx said in that high pitched voice that Xigbar loathed. He watched Demyx pick up their daughter and coo at her as if she were some puppy or other small adorable animal. "What's wrong Baby?"

"Don't encourage her," Xigbar muttered, shaking his head and covering himself in sheets. He could here her making pleased noises, enjoying attention from Demyx, and from the sound of it he was sure the sound was getting louder. He felt a movement on the bed and immediately stiffened up; not wanting to believe what was now taking place.


"She's sad…"

"Don't you dare…"

"I'm not doing anything," Demyx said defensively.

"She's not sleeping with us," Xigbar said as he removed the sheets.

Demyx pouted. "Why not?"

Xigbar blushed.

"I don't want her sleeping in the bed she was conceived in," Xigbar said. "That's just not right!"

"Well, then I guess you'd be ok with it considering she was conceived in my bed," Demyx said with a laugh, grabbing hold of an extra blanket for his daughter. "This is your room," he added.

"Still wrong," Xigbar said.

"There's nothing wrong with a baby sharing a bed with their parents," Demyx said. "I mean, people in other worlds do it all the time…"

"She's a girl," Xigbar said in a whiney tone.

"It's not like she's hasn't seen it already," Demyx said with a raised eyebrow.

"…good point," Xigbar said.


Xigbar looked over to see that Baby was already calmed. Obviously the only thing on her mind was spending time with at least one of them. He wasn't sure why now, of all times, she would need comfort. He figured that she had gotten over her strange angst over being left alone for more than a minute.

He sighed.

"Fine," he muttered.

Demyx smiled. He got into the bed, baby safe in his arms and moved on to his side facing Xigbar, lowering baby a bit so she would be covered but still high enough to where she wouldn't be too covered. Xigbar grumbled and covered himself up, finding it nearly impossible to look away from the two sets of blue eyes locked on him.

"Goodnight," Demyx muttered in that god awful voice, giving his daughter a kiss on the forehead. She replied with a small little mew-like sound, happily accepting his affection.

"She's going to be doing this every night now," Xigbar grumbled.

"No she won't," Demyx said, pouting once more at Xigbar's attitude.

"Yes she will," Xigbar said.

"No, she won't."

"Yes, she will."

"Good night Xigbar," Demyx said softy, closing his eyes.

"…yes she will" Xigbar whispered, leaning over and saying the words to Demyx.


"Goodnight, Demyx," he added.

He looked down and smiled at the small infant sleeping in Demyx's arms.

"Night, kiddo."

"Hey Demyx," Xigbar asked.

Demyx looked over to the nobody sitting next to him, "what?"

Xigbar looked down to the small girl resting on his chest, watching her chest move up and down ever so slowly with every little breath.

"Do you think she'll ever hate us for not having a heart," Xigbar asked, his voice holding a bit of regret with asking.

Demyx nudged a bit closer.

"We can love her," Xigbar said. "But it's not like we'll ever be able to love her as much as she'll love us…or as much as we used to when we used to have hearts." Xigbar let a gloved finger trail through her soft hair as he continued on, detecting Demyx's stare and attention as he did. "And sooner or later she'll come to realize that we are different …"


"She's just a normal little girl," Xigbar said, petting her carefully.

"She is," Demyx said, "but it's not like she'll be alone…she'll have others to help her guide her along. And it's not like we won't try to give her everything she deserves."

"True," Xigbar said with a hopeful smile. "Hopefully axels' little brat will turn out nice…"

"And Xemnas and Saix's kids," Demyx pointed out.

"…lets not talk about their boring kids," Xigbar said, smirking just a bit. "If we're lucky, Luxord will screw up and produce another lovely child."

"That's mean," Demyx said, pushing Xigbar a bit.

"No, it's true," Xigbar said with a laugh. He pushed Demyx away with his free arm, forgetting there was a three and a half month old trying to sleep on him.

There came an upset whine and both men stopped their actions and looked to their child who had woken up. They never realized that a baby could produce such an angered face before…

"Oops," Xigbar said.

She began to cry.

Demyx sighed as Xigbar grabbed hold of her, getting up from his seat as he began to rock her as gently as he could.

"…and there will be a day when she'll understand we're doing our best," Demyx said suddenly. Xigbar immediately turned to him and frowned.

"What," he asked.

"She'll be upset for a while," Demyx said, "there's no denying that….but she'll soon realize that we love her nonetheless and that we're giving her all that we can."

Xigbar stared at Demyx for what seemed like and eternity before nodding his head in agreement.

"It'll be hard," Demyx said, "but we'll get over it."

"Will we," Xigbar asked.

"Of course we will," Demyx said. "We got over all of this didn't we?" He looked to his daughter and smiled. "We'll get over all of the other bumps that lie ahead, together."

"How sweet of you," Xigbar said sarcastically.

"Anything for her," he said. "I'd do anything…just for her." Demyx looked down and paused for a moment and then looked up to Xigbar. He smiled at Xigbar and got up from his seat. Demyx walked over and pressed his lips against Xigbar's, giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

Baby wasn't crying so much anymore.

"Just for you," he said with a smirk before giving Xigbar a small bite on the lower lip. He looked down and smiled. "She's asleep now…"

Xigbar smirked.

"You thinking what I'm thinking," Xigbar asked, moving his arms a bit, watching Demyx open a dark portal.

Demyx smiled.

"Give Baby a little brother?"

Xigbar frowned.

He watched the blonde break into laughter.

"Just kidding," he said with a laugh, his hand extended out to Xigbar. "I know what you're thinking…just felt like messing with you…"

"Don't ever scare me like that again," Xigbar said, taking a breath of relief.

"I'll try not to," Demyx said as he took Baby from Xigbar and walked though then portal.

"Take her to your room," Xigbar said in a rushed voice. "Ill meet you in mine."

Before completely sinking in Demyx looked over and gave Xigbar one last smile. It was enough to spark the energy Xigbar would need for later.

He watched the portal close. He soon opened another portal and eagerly waited for it to reach full size. As soon as it did he hurried through, excited as ever being that it literally had been awhile since he was last close with Demyx.

The last few months had been hard.

The past year had been hard.

The next few months, years, and forever on would be hard.

But he was willing to give it a try.

"A brother," he muttered as he walked though the portal.

He shook his head.

"No," he said, disbelieving his own words. How could he think such a thing?

"…where did I put that vile?"

So I'm finally finished. Feels great to finally get something done on this site, especially since this was the first story I put out. Hopefully I brought something new to the table, when it comes to this genre per se, and hopefully I've inspired you in some way- good or bad. Now, I can honestly say I probably wont be writing another mpreg unless it is requested by someone I know on this site. I experienced it, and I must say it is a bit different of a genre, but I think people who flame it simply because of what it is have been flaming it for a poor reason. You can do this genre right, and I'm hoping I did right by you. Thanks for reading and I hope you all continue to read my other works.