Call #2

Saturday 11:10pm


Alec swallowed, closing his eyes. Even though he was leaving another message after the beep, he tried to imagine Magnus's voice saying something in response. Maybe drawling 'hello' or saying his name.

Sometimes he called him Alexander - usually when he was making that face, his brow puckered, lips pursed, as if to say 'you know better, shadowhunter.' It was his way of calling Alec out on something, trying to tell him he was being ridiculous without having to say it.

Alec was prone to overreaction, where Magnus was concerned. And he was trying so damned hard not to overract now. Magnus hadn't returned his phone call. After last night, well, he thought Magnus would be leaping at the chance to ask him over again.

Alec bit his lip, starting to worry.

What if Magnus wasn't so eager to see him? Maybe there was something he missed. It's not like he was thinking clearly. All of the blood that normally would have been fueling his brain, well, it was a little busy below the waist. And heating up his face.

In fact, his entire body had been on fire, for a very prolonged period of time. He woke up in the middle of the night, brushing Magnus's naked thigh, and the heat rushed back in, hyper aware of another presence in bed. But it was kind of hard to escape - Magnus was so very tall, and even though the bed was roomy, Magnus insisted on curling up with Alec even in his sleep. If Alec tried to roll over onto his back, Magnus unconsciously shifted closer to his side, draping his long arm across the shadowhunter's chest. When Alec tried to draw up his knees and shift to the other side, Magnus scooted closer until they were spooning.

Why was he trying so hard to pull away, when hours before, he had strove so hard to satisfy the urge to be as close to Magnus as possible? He couldn't probe deep enough, couldn't stay inside him as long as he liked.

He had never experienced anything so...well, incredible. Profound. And scary. It was so scary, Alec had the worst time falling asleep.

He'd made love to Magnus Bane. A warlock, a Downworlder. Another guy. And what's more, he didn't regret it. Not one single, hot second. That's what frightened the shit out of him.

If anyone suspected, he would have to deny it. It would have to be their secret. The kisses, he could justify as juvenile experientation. Curiosity, giving into Magnus's constant persuasion.

But having sex with him, Magnus hadn't goaded him into that. Even though it was his first time, Alec knew perfectly well what was happening. He knew where it was leading as each layer of clothing was peeled away, and they joined together in nothing but hot skin and cool sweat. And he hadn't for a moment asked Magnus to stop. He didn't want to stop. He didn't want it to end.

Pretending it never happened, just the idea made his stomach twist. And Magnus would be furious.

No, he won't. He'll understand.

Maybe. But why would I deserve that?

He'd do anything for you.

I know. But that's not the same thing.

Alec sighed. "I miss you," he managed after a pause, running his fingers back through his hair.

That was a big understatement. If Alec closed his eyes and concentrated, he could see the unfamiliar flush on Magnus's face. Without any of the makeup or the glitter, Alec could distinguish the heat in his cheeks. It looked nice.

Nice? Magnus would taunt him.

Beautiful, Alec amended. He looked beautiful. And human.

Well, half-human at any rate.

I don't care. It doesn't matter. I don't even think about that.

"Will you call me back when you get this? I'd like to talk to you. I'll wait up a little longer by the phone."