House and Cuddy were together when he was taken to Mayfield. In fact, they were engaged and expecting a baby. But House started to hallucinate, and she has to wave him goodbye as he goes to Mayfield.

This fic starts when Cuddy picks him up from the asylum, but although they're back together and planning their wedding, an unexpected visit from 2 unexpected visitors may halt them in their plans.

P.S. The Lydia Situation did not happen in this story, seeing as Huddy are together in this fic, just so you know.

Right, here is Part 2 of the epilogue.

I think that this may be the last chapter...Thank you all for reading :) x

Roughly 18 months later...

Dressed in a simple white strapless dress that showed off her figure, Cuddy was nervous.

'Something's going to go wrong!' she exclaimed. 'I can feel it!'

'Relax honey, it won't!' reiterated Ellis for the billionth time.

'Sweetie,' said Katheryn softly. 'You're marrying the guy of your dreams today. You've come through so much that today is going to go off flawlessly.'

'Yeah,' agreed Brittney, her eyes diverting to the playpen in the corner, where 2 year old Delta played, along with 18 month old Elliot and Bradley, and the most recent addition to their little dysfunctional family, the Wilson twins, Annabeth and Adam.

'Something you want to share with us?' asked Ellis, noticing her loving gaze towards the children.

'No,' said Brittney, her subconscious mind sending her hand towards her abdomen.

'I knew it!' exclaimed Ellis. 'There's gonna be a baby Chase around soon!'

'No way!' exclaimed Katheryn excitedly. 'That's awesome! Now we knew why you became designated driver for the Bachelorette Party.'

'Hmmm, yeah. You never know, you could finish off our little tradition of twins...' said Cuddy with a grin. 'You're the only one left.'

Brittney groaned. 'As if I didn't feel worse enough already.'

'Ah, come on Brit, be happy,' said Cuddy pleadingly. 'It's my wedding day, I command you to!'

'Okay then,' said Brittney as Cuddy pulled the both of them into a big hug.

'Hate to be a party pooper, but baby needs oxygen, and we're ruining the dresses,' said Brittney.

'Oh right,' the rest answered, breaking apart from the hug and smoothing down their dresses.

Ellis, Katheryn and Brittney were the joint maids of honor, as Cuddy couldn't decide between them, she loved them all equally, like sisters. Probably even more than the one sister she did have. Her maids of honor wore deep purple strapless dresses and heels. They were going to partner House's groomsmen and Best Man...Their husbands. Ellis with Kevin, Brittney with Chase, and Katheryn with Wilson, the best man.

Lindsey, Rachel and Ellis' 6 year old daughters Livvy and Calysta were the bridesmaids/flowergirls, and wore matching dresses to the maids of honor, but a pint sized strap version, with white embroidery and ballet pumps.

After a final hair and make up check, the girls picked up their bouquets of white roses and Cuddy picked up her bouquet of purple roses. They were ready.

House was waiting at the bottom of the aisle, dressed smartly in his tux. His groomsmen and best man had been waiting at the top for their women.

Dropping off all of the younger kids with House and Cuddy's Moms, Wilson signalled for the music to start.

The music started, a gentle melody that was not quite the bridal march. With a basket of white and purple rose petals in their hand, Lindsey, Rachel, Livvy and Calysta walked down the aisle, one behind the other, scattering the petals as they went.

After a quick 'have I got the rings' check, Wilson took his fiancee's arm and led her down the aisle.

Brittney and Chase followed, and Chase couldn't help but notice how much she was glowing.

Ellis and Kevin were last out, making their way down the aisle and standing where they needed to be at the end.

The bridal march started, and everyone was on their feet.

Beginning to walk down the aisle, Cuddy had a beaming smile on her face. Almost everyone she had ever known was here, smiling back at her.

She saw her Mom and Dad, House's Mom, all of her aunts and uncles, her cousins, her sister and brother in law, Thirteen and Foreman, Taub and his wife, Lucas, Nick, her grandmother, Ingrid, Cameron, Alvie, Bonnie, Wilson's brothers and even her childhood friends from back home.

She also couldn't help but notice how many of House's ex patients were there. She saw Hannah, the girl with the tapeworm, Adam the autistic boy, and many more whose names she could not put to faces.

By the time she got to House, she was overwhelmed.

When it came to the vows, it had been decided that they would recite their own. House went first.

'I can't believe we made it to this day Lise. Look how far we've come, look how many hurdles we've jumped over, just to make it to today. And here we are. We've faced so much together and came through fighting. We had me in Mayfield, then we welcomed Lindsey into our lives, Stacy's illness and all the troubles that caused, then we had Elliot and Bradley, the boys to complete our family. We're so unbelievably lucky, any couple with a love less wouldn't have survived. But we did, we beat the odds. And here we are now. I promise to be there forever, that you're the only woman in my life, that I'll love you until I die. Because you're my soulmate.'

Welling up slightly, Cuddy followed.

'Here we are, a day we've been waiting to come around for so long. There've been times when I thought we wouldn't make it, that our love wasn't strong enough, but it kept surprising me by growing stronger everytime an obstacle came in our way. Everything that's happened has only made us happier. We've got 2 beautiful daughters and 2 beautiful sons, and now we're up here today, sealing the deal in front of everyone we have ever known and loved. And it feels good. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, wake up next to you every morning, and to fall asleep next to you at night. You've completed me, and now I promise to love you, be faithful to you, and trust you with my life, like I've always done and will do until I die.'

There was not a dry eye in the room.

'You may now kiss the bride,' was said emotionally by the registrar, wiping a tear from their eye.

Pulling her as close to him as possible, House captured Cuddy's lips with a passionate kiss that went on forever, but did not seem long enough for them. Eventually, Wilson had to pry them apart.

Giggling and taking House's hand, Cuddy said, 'Shall we, Mr House?'

'Yes we shall Mrs House,' was the reply she received.

And she knew from then that nothing could stand in their way, because they were a family now.