Tom's day off

Tom was a nice house cat. He was groomed, clean, and well mannered for a cat.
He had soft grey fur and calm green eyes.
He was a good cat. His owners loved him---until he starts running around the house like he was chasing a rat.
His owners never saw the rat. They thought he was going a bit senile...

He wasn't.

No one saw what he saw.

That rat with the long lashes kept stealing the cheese from the trays in the kitchen and he did his best to get it back, only for the people to look at him funny.

After trying to catch that darn rat for so many years, he finally got tired of it.

The rat had to go.

The next day Jerry the mouse was making his daily run for the cheese...and didn't notice the angry cat waiting for him. He sat by the big chunk of cheese and dared the mouse to come and get it.
The mouse looked at him a bit baffled at first but tried to walk to the cheese like Tom wasn't there anyway.
That stupid cat never caught him before, and when he did, he never had the guts to swipe his head off.
That cat was sooo not scary.

Jerry had the audacity to take the cheese from under Tom's paw like what he did so many times before.

But what happened next never happened before...

Tom snatched the fragile mouse with one paw, somehow managing to keep it in his paw as if he had a human hand complete with a thumb.
The mouse silently wiggled and tried to get free from the tight grip.

All attempts failed...the cat had his prey right in the spot he wanted...

Tom smiled a big, toothy grin. He felt powerful knowing such a nuisance was about to die.
All he had to do was squeeze the life out of that annoying rat and all will be well.

All will be well.




Jerry's cute face twisted in discomfort...



Jerry suddenly reached down and..


"YEOWCH!!!!" Tom cried out in pain and accidentally dropped the mouse. That rabid rat bit his paw!!!! Dammit!

He saw the tiny rodent trying to get away. He ran fast, as expected from normal house pests.
Tom quickly stepped on Jerry's thin tail and kept him from getting any further away...

Only if he did this sooner...

If only he wasn't a wuss...

He picked up the mouse and held it infront of his face.
He laughed at the scared animal.
So small.
So helpless.
It's going to die!

He threw the mouse onto the floor and stomped on it.


He moved his foot to see the mouse was cowering in fear.
It appeared to be not hurt.
Tom had soft feet and probably really furry to cushion the death blow.

He sneered and stomped again and again on the mouse, not injuring it, but scaring the living shit out of it.
Poor thing...

Finally he got ready to start another round of stomping on it, until he felt a little pinch from under his foot.
He raised his foot and saw Jerry had his teeth bared viciously.
He was hissing at the hunter with all his might.
He was tired of being stepped on.

To his anger, Tom smiled.

He smiled.

He smiled...

He stomped once again, on the tiny animal...and again, Jerry bit him----only harder.


Tom reached and took a plate from under the cheese.
He raised it over his head and


He looked at the mess he made.

The tiny mouse's body was barely recognizable.
It was covered in blood laying a small puddle. It's mouth was wide open and it's muzzle was crushed, going to the's tiny teeth were missing and it's eyes were still open and rolled if still trying to look even after it was dead.

Tom gasped to the realization that he killed the mouse...

He did it.

Jerry's dead.