Chapter 1:

The ghost side of the moon

(In a cave on the moon. Lance is talking with Reginald who has snuck there to see the exiled evil Prince and give news about what is going on in the Neitherworld)

Lance- that's all well and good…but, Reginald have you found a way to get me back, yet?

Reginald- Working on it your lowness… unfortunately, even though I have convinced Vince that I'm on his side he's still keeping a close eye on me and finding a way to get you back for revenge is quite difficult,sir. But I will try harder.

Lance- You better! I cannot stay on this damn moon forever. Now, if that is all you may leave!

Reginald- Sir, I know this is asking a lot but it is a long cold trip back to earth may I please stay in your cave for the night?

Lance- Are you nutz! I don't want a vagabond sleeping so near me get out of here your services are done!

Reginald- As you wish your lowness.

(Reginald exits)

Lance- Who does he think he is asking to sleep here with ME!! Why I oughtta

(A large shadow appears behind him)

RGINALD, I said get out of here?!

(We see Vlad Plasmius, a vampire type ghost, behind him)

Plasmius- I think you have mistaken me for someone else.

(Lance turns around)

Lance- You're not Reginald… who the hell are you?

Plasmius- I am the potential ruler of the universe and you are?

Lance- You can not be the potential ruler of the universe… I am Prince Lance and that's my job! Or it will be when my henchman Reginald figures out how to get me off this damn moon! Now I ask again WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!

Plasmius- You can't even come up with your own plans on how to get back home… (evilly chuckles) how could you possibly survive as the ruler of the universe? And you may call me Vlad Plasmius future ruler of the universe and as such I claim this cave as my own get out!

Lance- I don't think so… (Lance suddenly changes into a monster. Plasmius duplicates himself several times and blasts Lance. For any other monster this would have done nothing but Lance is not used to fighting for himself and the blast melts him back to normal and the impact makes him hit the cave wall. However, in anger he still runs at Plasmius but Plasmius surrounds him and starts hitting him with things left and right that he ducks and twists from trying to get away from Plasmius and out of the cave) Damn! I just wanted to get revenge on the people who forced me to come out here! Was that too much to ask! (suddenly Plasmius stops)

Plasmius- What was that?

Lance- I' m trying to get home so I can get rid of a ghost child and her family. They sent me out here after I tricked them. I happen to be fond of the mother. I want her to be my queen. Although, if I can't get her her daughter is a looker.

Plasmius- Is the mother married?

Lance- Yea. But not to the ghost girl's father to some mortal idiot.

Plasmius- Is he a ghost hunter?

Lance- I don't believe so.

Plasmius- I'm going through something very similar. Perhaps I could help you and in exchange you must help me get back to the world and help get rid of a gnat known as Danny Phantom.

Lance- All right. Deal!

Plasmius- I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

( they shake hands)

(re-enter Reginald)

Lance- Reginald, I thought you went back to the Neitherworld. What are you doing back here?

Reginald- I nearly forgot I have gift for you, sir. I stole it from the scarecial service office. It's what Juno uses to check up on her clients. However, I modified it to work on humans and ghosts.

Plasmius- He can do that but he can't manage to get you back home?

Lance- If you're so smart why aren't you back home.

Plasmius- because I gave myself away to the entire world. I can never go back not unless there was a way to make myself more powerful of course I'd need another half ghost for that and the one I know knows what I did. I need one who knows nothing about me.

Lance- I know the perfect one. Her name is Briana and she is biologically half- ghost so extracting from her should be no problem. In fact, this could help me I get to kidnap her to lure her mother to me and then we can split her power and together become the most powerful beings in the universe Plasmius old boy.

Plasmius- Not a bad idea. (to Reginald) this can track anyone?

Reginald- Yes,sir.

(Reginald hands Plasmius the device)

Plasmius- Show me… Daniel Fenton

(Suddenly a hill overlooking Amity Park appears around them and Danny and Sam are sitting under a tree together)

Sam- Danny, you ok?

Danny- Do you have the feeling we're being watched.

Sam- No. Will you relax a ghost hasn't been here in months. Ever since you defeated Vlad they've stopped coming as much. Now do you wanna make out of just look at me all night.

Danny- Sorry, I guess I'm just jumpy about the new neighbors coming.

Sam- What's so odd about new neighbors people move to Amity Park all the time?

Danny- I know it's just rumors are already starting to spread about them. And they haven't even gotten here yet.

Sam- You mean the one about the girl who is biologically an evil half- ghost. Danny, you know that's impossible. When is the last time a ghost ever slept with a human. Ghosts hate us they always have.

Danny- I guess you're right.

( they go back to looking at the stars)

Lance- Show me Briana.

Plasmius- That the one? She looks perfect. Does she have a weakness?

Lance- Yes, hopefully it's powerful enough for you.

(Briana's bedroom appears. Briana and Roger are sitting next to each other on Briana's bed)

Briana- I can't believe this is it.

Roger- We don't have to break up you know.

Briana- But we'll never see each other again and I don't wanna hold you back.

Roger- I stayed with you through measles, chicken pox, getting your arm pulled off, getting turned into a monster, getting kidnapped, and getting ghost powers… most guys would have run in the other direction after all that and never looked back. Believe me, if none of that held me back this sure won't besides we can see each other through the neitherworld. I was talking to your dad he said it could work and he could even take me to see you. We'll never be apart at least not until. I die.

Briana- Really?

Roger- If I'm lying I'll explode into a million sparks.

Briana- I'm so lucky to have you ( they kiss and Roger explodes into sparks) Roger! ROGER!