Chapter 13: Brand new begginings!

One year later

(Lydia and Allan are sitting on the couch watching TV. Tucker Foley is sitting behind a desk in a very professional is a re-run from earlier that day)

Tucker: We would like to again thank Danny Phantom and Team Phantom for tirelessly protecting our city from yet another ghostly disaster. On today the anniversary of when these wonderful citizens defeated the world's most feared enemy. Vlad Plasmius. Who was destroyed by a very special young lady, a loving daughter and girlfriend and friend who sacrificed herself by letting herself be destroyed along with Plasmius. We celebrate our independence day in memory of her and declare today Team Phantom day

Lydia: Turn it off… I said turn it off!

(Allan turns off the TV)

Allan: You can't keep blaming yourself for this.

Lydia: I don't blame myself… I blame him!

Allan:Then you need to talk to him. You can't push Beetlejuice out of your life over this.

Lydia:Over this? You act like this is no big deal.

Allan: I'm not saying that but this isn't anyone's fault. Briana made a decision and the sooner you realize that the happier you'll be. Just gain closure and move on with your life. We've got to go anyway. We have your session with Dr. Void.

(Lydia and Allan step on to their front stoop. Allan has one hand on Lydia's shoulder. Lydia had never fully recovered from Briana's death even though her and Allan had a new baby girl and Lydia had been going to therapy. They walk over to the Fenton house and knock on the door. A lot of banging is heard from inside and the door is blown open before Allan can knock. Maddie comes out of the kitchen after seeing the mess that is now the living room and notices the giant hole in the door)

Maddie: Boys! I told you to practice your ghost fighting downstairs. (to Lydia and Allan) Hello, Allan… Hello Lydia. How are you?

Allan: We're fine thank you, Maddie. I have to take Lydia to her therapy session and we were wondering if either you could watch Tina for a few hours.

Maddie: Of course.

Allan: Thank you.

(Lydia hands over the baby and she and Allan turn to go. Maddie closes the door)

Maddie: Poor dear.

(Maddie takes the baby into the living room where the others are still fighting)

STOP! ( everyone freezes) Put down the weapons. We have some babysitting to do.

Jazz: Babysitting? Mom, we're practicing to fight ghosts right now that's more important than babysitting.

Danny: I just hope we don't see any for a while…coz if I see another ghost it will be too soon.

Roger: I've had enough to last me a lifetime.

Maddie:Glad you feel that way because the Swartzes need us so right now babysitting is more important than ghost hunting. Besides, a couple of hours and quiet family time won't kill this family.

Tucker: Should Sam, Roger, Dani, and I leave? We're not really family.

Jack: Don't be silly of course you are. Sam is dating my son, Danielle is my niece… sort of, you are my son's best friend and Roger is your cousin. And that makes all of you family.

Roger: So, what do we do?

Tucker: I have a new computer game we could play.

Danny: We can't my game cube is busted.

Jack: We could use the computer down in the lab.

Maddie: Jack, I don't think that's a good idea.

Jack: Don't worryso much Maddie.

(They go down to the lab and Jack puts the baby down to put in the computer game. She crawls towards the ghost portal and a glowing net springs up around the baby)

Dani: Tina! (flies towards the net but gets electrocuted and faints to the ground)

(The net disappears into the portal and Skulker's laughter is heard)

Danny: I think we'll have to play the game later. Team Fenton needs to go now.

Roger: Go on ahead. I'll call Beetlejuice.

( Maddie, Jack, Sam and Tucker go into the Fenton sub and wiz off into the ghost zone. Danny and Dani speed past them and Roger runs out of the lab)