Happy Halloween guys! My cruddy gift to you!

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"Come on Abs! You love Get-Free-Candy-From-Strangers Day!"

"Abby said no, Hoagie."

Her boyfriend stumped over to the couch to look her in the eye and broke into a puppy dog face he'd perfected over the years. She looked back impassively, raising a sarcastic eyebrow before turning the page of her novel. It wasn't that she didn't want to go. She just didn't want to deal with a sugar-high Hoagie later on. She'd love to go trick-or-treating with him, but he more than likely wouldn't behave himself. Some days Abby wondered if she was his girlfriend or his babysitter. Right now the scale was tipping toward the latter.

He plucked the book from her grasp and tossed it behind him. "Please Abby?" his hopeful grin, hesitant, yet brighter than the sun, melted her heart and she remembered the reason she loved him. But not being one to give up easily, she settled for a compromise. Swinging her long legs from the couch, she stood and looked up at him sternly.

"Fine. But," she warned, "ya can't eat any candy unless Abby says so."

His smile faltered a bit, dimming a few watts before shining again. "Deal!" was his cry as he grabbed her arms and swung her about in a wild victory dance.

"Lemme go boy, Abby's gotta get a costume." She laughed throatily, pulling her forearms from his grasp and heading to her TND room. He saluted her. The gesture brought flashbacks from her time as Soopreme Leader of the Kids Next Door and made her reflexively look at the pictures decorating her walls. They'd all been so little back then.

Abby dug through a battered box from her closet, searching for her markers. With a grunt of victory, she found them and pulled out a square piece of cardboard about a foot wide and two feet tall. Abby held the cap in her teeth as she scribbled on the board. Finishing and admiring her work, she hung the sign around her neck and emerged from her room, still dressed in the jeans and T-shirt she'd been wearing all day.

Hoagie had been waiting for her. He also wore the same clothing as he had when she'd left. Abby covered up the sign and looked at him expectantly. "Where's ya costume?" He grinned and held out a toy airplane in the palm of his hand.

"I'm an aircraft carrier."

Abby rolled her eyes and chuckled. Did she expect any less from him? She dropped her arms and revealed her masterpiece of a costume. He gaped and laughed, completely caught off guard by her last minute wit.

It read; "Nudist On Strike."

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