Lineage: A Kim Possible Fan Fiction

By Eoraptor

Kim Possible and related characters © 2002-2007 Walt Disney Company. I in no way own them, and this is a fan work for enjoyment and not for profit.

The smack of flesh on flesh was like thunder in the nearly silent room. For the last few seconds the only sounds had been their shuffling feet, their breathing, and Kim's occasional giggles. Shego's vocalizations had been increasingly displeased in response to the giggles.

Rolling back and guarding her injured face with her forearm, the mercenary replayed the last interchange quickly in her mind. She didn't like what she saw.

The redhead was dancing around her blows, and increasingly her blocks, as though she had choreographed the entire fight herself. This was the first blow that the former cheerleader had landed on her, but Shego had the sense that that was more by choice than by opportunity.

"Nice shot, Pumpkin." The former hero wiped her lip and smirked around the already-swelling flesh. She slowly moved in a circle around the redhead, and noted with some small frustration that Possible wasn't even breathing hard. Well, not hard enough any way.

"Glad you liked it." Kim quipped back, smiling cheerily. And then she was on Shego again.

The mercenary thrashed and swept and blocked with everything she had, but again, Kim spun and danced around her arms and fists as though she could read Shego's mind. An elbow pounded into her momentarily unprotected gut, and the evil lieutenant coughed out a fetid breath. The only thing that kept her on her feet at the force of the blow was her butt slapping against the edge of a lab table.

Shego realized that Kim was toying with her. The redhead was weaving about her blows and redirecting her efforts with very little exertion. It pissed her off! Especially since, after that blow, Kim again stepped back and lightly bobbed on her feet, letting Shego assess her position.

"Glad you brought your 'A' game tonight, Princess… I would hate to think you spent all that time away just eating potato chips and watching Desperate Poolboys." She tried not to favour her wounded flank as she took another stance.

"That show's still on?" Kim chuckled playfully. "I haven't watched too much TV lately you know."

Once again the redhead was attacking, but this time she was throwing punches and short kicks, mainly because Shego wasn't. The pale woman was getting winded, and frustrated. Then she hit on a strategy. She flared her hands as brightly and hotly as she could as she blocked, which was something she usually didn't do.

It had the desired effect, as Kim immediately backed off a step or two from the intense heat and light, her eyes narrowing against the flare. Shego made an effort to resist breathing hard, against her instincts to gulp air as she regathered herself. She took only a split second before diving after Kim, her hands not dimmed one bit.

The former cheerleader danced backwards hard and fast for a moment, her eyes opened a bit more widely. Then, in a flash, she grinned and ducked under a claw swipe.

In the next second, Shego groaned and realized she was on the ground, her hands scorching the floor and a burning pain in her left shoulder. She shook her head hard to clear it, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out how she had gotten there.

Realizing Kim was still recovering from her attack, Shego lifted herself up onto her hands and pin-wheeled her legs. Kim overleapt her legs, back-flipping in typical cheerleader-fu style. The mercenary tried to capitalize on the opening, but her hands were still planted on the ground, and the plasma bolt she was finally able to sling out was hopelessly wide.

And then, it was over. Kim somehow, Shego was entirely uncertain how, managed to convert her backflip into a cartwheel, and ended with her foot right against Shego's throat.

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my Molerat. Prepare to Die."

"What?!" Shego croaked, winded, wounded, and thoroughly confused. She looked up and boggled at the redhead, who wore a goofy grin.

"You just stay there. I've got a tapioca powered death-ray to destroy, and no sidekick to push the button for me." Kim chirped, winked, and then bounded off, with a spring in her step.

Shego's head bounced off the tile floor, and she groaned. She had neither the energy nor the will to give chase.

Two years that redhead had been gone. Completely absent from either the world-saving or social scenes. And then ten minutes ago, she had showed up in the rafters, tossed off a perfectly timed quip in the middle of Doctor Drakken's rant, and dove in as though it were two thousand seven again. Worse, she had just run Shego, a bonafide superhuman at the top of her game, ragged; and she seemed like she was actually having fun.

After a moment, Shego heard the whoop-whoop of a self-destruct klaxon and groaned. Climbing to her feet and looking around, she saw no sign of the hero girl, and frankly, at the moment she didn't care. She stumbled her way over to the escape hatch, kicked it open, and gripping her bruised flank, slipped through and into the dark tunnel.

A few minutes later, she emerged into the Icelandic night, and breathed deeply, the cold fresh air burning into her strained lungs. Looking around in the darkness, her comet-enhanced eyes allowing her to see much in the half-moon light, she noted that no one was around, not even Drakken.

With a sigh, the mercenary, straightened up and moved off into the darkness, planning to lick her wounds, find Drakken, and regroup.


Regrouping seemed a lost cause. Drakken's spirit was hopelessly broken by the reappearence of Pumpkin, and he petulantly declared he would not even bother to try again. This left Shego with probably three weeks of downtime before he would come out of his funk to concoct a new plan, and for the first week or so she had gone utterly stirr crazy.

Then she had decided to find out just where Kimmie had been for the last two years. It started simply enough, with a Giggle search. That turned up… surprisingly little. There were some old newsposts and forum threads wondering at her dropping off the map shortly after the events of the Lorwardian attack, and then, nothing really.

Next she checked the .net. Same story there, though more forums to peruse. Everyone, of course, was happy she had gone; but then it went on for months with people speculating when or if she would return. It had finally quieted down in the last year or so. There were a few threads that talking about her sidekick's random appearances in Asia and mentioned her absence, but not much else.

After a break for a sandwich and a beer, she tried a few people searches. Nothing, nothing nothing no- No wait… She was stopped with a singular recent result. A forward cell phone number order for a K. Possible. Of course, it was a thin lead, K Possible could be many people in Kim's clan, or someone entirely unrelated… But it was all the emerald woman had to work with, and it was odd that it was the only trace of Kimmie before she'd shown up ten days prior.

In disguise, which for her was anything other than her cat suit or the white blouse Miss Go wore, Shego surveiled the address she'd found for a few days with no luck. Finally, after three days, and about to get back into her rental car, she caught sight of a redhead in a dark blue hoodie… Hmmm, dark blue…

She gave the mystery girl enough time to get settled into her routine, whatever that was, and then made her stealthy way to a tree in back of the small house. Pulling out some cheap fold-away binoculars, she scanned the house. Finally she settled on the kitchen, and found her girl moving about within.

"Hmmm, nice cut of meat… guess Kimmy has a guest coming over." Shego muttered as she observed. She arched a brow as the woman grabbed the red meat and wrung it into a glass with a funnel. At first she thought it was weird, but then she remembered her father did the same thing with fresh wild game. And it was dark red steak, like the deer Daddy had made her clean that one time. That was a memory which stuck with her; cow meat and pig was a lot pinker than that deer.

The more she watched the redhead moving around the kitchen, preparing dinner, the more she thought this was Kimmie, She moved with chipper energy and was bobbing her head to some unheard beat. She bounced and hopped and giggled and everything Shego expected of the cocky now-ex-cheerleader.

As the mercenary criminal watched, the redhead took out her phone and dialed someone. She began animatedly talking as she danced around the kitchen to unheard music, slicing up a vegetable of some sort, opening her oven for the steak, and the like.

Shego almost fell out of the tree when Kim took a drink from the glass by the stove.

"God that's one distracted girl," the mercenary pulled a face and shuddered, shaking off the disgusting view. "Blech. Anyways."

Looking back, she saw the glass gone, hopefully disposed of after the mix up, and the rest of the cooking apparently underway, the music being switched off. Then the redhead slipped out onto the back patio, and looked straight into the tree.

"You going to come down from there and eat? Or should I just set out some seed?"

Her jaw hanging slack, Shego shook her head then climbed down. "How in the heck…?"

"It's a small town Shego. People notice when a tall pale woman in a rented BMW comes around. That is a rental right? Not stolen?" Kim arched a brow at her pointedly.

"Of course I rented it… People look for stolen cars, not rentals. Now, how about the tree?" She resisted most of the impulse to snarl at her apprehension.

"Your Beemer was parked three blocks away, but no one but the attendant was in the convenience store there. And of course, someone was sitting on the bench waiting for the out-of-town bus, which doesn't come for three hours yet, and had no luggage. Then they were gone, but the car was still down the street. Quod erat demonstrandum." She tilted her head, a triumphant smirk on her lips.

"That doesn't explain the tree." Shego snorted irritably at the cocky explanation.

"It's my tree. It's the tallest in the neighborhood after last summer's storm, so I keep an eye on it for loose branches… and super villains." Kim laughed softly. "Look, I knew you were in town, so it wasn't difficult to know what you'd probably do. No different than you constantly watching the air ducts in Drakken's lairs. Now, you want some venison, or should I just tell you where the Cow & Chow is and send you on your way?"

"I hate deer." She tilted her nose up, her stomach lurching.

"Fine" Kim snorted, apparently exasperated. "I have some left over spaghetti if you want. Please come in and have dinner?"

Shego arched a brow at the redhead, who had her hands shoved in the pockets of her hoodie, and finally relented. "Fine, only if you tell me where the fuck you were for two years. I been bored stuffless."

"That was the plan." Kim supplied cryptically as she led Shego in the back door.


"No," Kim offered after she had seated Shego, nuked up the leftovers for her, cut off a slice of the roast deer and veggies for herself, and sat down, "The plan was to show up and see if you'd follow my lead. The two years had nothing to do with you."

Shego had just asked if Kim had been playing her all along, more heat in her voice than her hands. Her eyes never left the redhead as she shed her hoodie and moved about the kitchen of the small house.

"Well, maybe not 'nothing'," Kim admitted as she cut into her rare steak. "I kept an eye out in case you and Drakken ever got your act together again like you did in New Mexico, but my leaving my hobbies behind didn't have anything to do with you specifically."

Shego studied her foe's face closely. She saw a flash of bitterness there and arched a brow. After a moment forking through her spaghetti, she sighed, "Alright. I'll bite, what did it have to do with? And why bait me out after two years?"

"Can I answer the second first?" Kim tilted her head, her cheeks coloring slightly.

With a snort, Shego shrugged.

"I was bored. Well, mostly I was bored. I was a bit lonely too."

The mercenary bit back the impulse to curse and flambé the table and the girl sitting across from her, but her words still flew if plasma didn't, "I'm not some videogame to keep you amused, Princess."

"No!" Kim yelped, and then chewed her lip fiercely. "Look… Everything you're gonna hear me say is weird… and I mean weirder than Commodore Puddles using Area 51 as a chew toy weird. But… I trust you, okay?"

"Well, that makes one of us then, Cupcake; 'cause even I don't trust me." Shego smirked but continued eyeing the redhead.

"Fine…" Kim drolled out after a frustrated moment. "Firstly, haven't you asked yourself where Ron is at?"

"I just figured you two didn't work, teen love and all that," She shrugged. "Besides, I hear tell he's running around South East Asia in black pajamas. After he stepped it up against the big uglies, I steer well clear of him. Let my brother Glory Boy deal with your boy- ex boyfriend."

She relished the wash of bitterness and embarrassment roll over Kimmie's face. After a moment, she continued, "Fine… Start spilling. What made you dig me up when you could have gone and hunted up any of your old friends, enemies, or frienemies? And if you tell anyone I said frienemies I will barbecue you."

"Because we have something in common." She supplied after a heavy moment, "We're both different."

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Shego held up her hands, and then moved to get up. "I don't care what the internet says… I am not into girls, so if this is you asking me for a date, forget about it."

"No!" the redhead once again squawked defiantly, "Well, maybe three years ago, but no! Look, will you sit down!? It took a lot of guts and a lot of planning to set all this up, okay?"

"Three years ago, huh?" Shego growled hotly, half-standing for several moments before reluctantly sitting down. "I always figured you went both ways. Rumors may start themselves, but they don't keep going like they did for us without some truth behind them."

"Yes," Kim let go a heavy breath, spearing a cut of venison and chewing for a long moment before continuing, "I'm bi. And no, it's not why I wanted to get your attention."

After a few more bites of food, which served to calm her and give her time to order her thoughts, the former teen hero continued, "Yeah, when I was in school and you were tying me to things that could kill me, I had a crush on you… but don't be weirded out by it, it's hardly the most damning thing you'll hear from me."

"Fine," Shego snorted, forking her spaghetti and taking a bite. "Not like it's the first time I got propositioned by a hot chick. Just don't start playing the My Chemical Infatuation tunes when I turn you down."

Kim let go a breath of irritation and tried to resume. "Look, I had a teen crush for an attractive woman, big whoop. I moved on after you melted my date, got involved with Ron, and that's that."

Kim allowed herself a small smirk of triumph when Shego flinched. She slid away her mostly-finished plate and sighed, sitting back. With no more meal to distract, she had to plunge forward with this. "Didn't you ever ask yourself how a sixteen year old girl could keep up with you day after day?"

"Don't flatter yourself Kimmie, but I just figured you were that freaking good, k?" Shego sniffed, still toying with her plate. "Besides, you weren't that good. I beat you more times than you did me."

Kim gave a disbelieving sniff and then shrugged, "Maybe. But you never once wondered?"

"What, you're going to tell me you're some secret government experiment? A cyborg or a genetic freak or a highly trained and brainwashed Jane Bond?" Shego rolled her eyes as if those were actually implausible suggestions. "No, I never bothered to worry about it."

"Well you should have… a teenage girl fighting a bonafied superhuman hand to hand is not normal to most people." Kim actually laughed softly.

"Most people, Princess. For us, it's a day at the office." Shego shared the chuckle and shook her head. "Did you know there's another of you on the rise? Some girl named Yin in California. Yin Vincible. I swear, what is it with heroines and corny names?"

"Yeah, I heard of her. She's not too bad. A bit abrasive though." Kim shrugged. "Anyways, I was saying, you should have wondered, because I'm not normal."

"No crap Pumpkin," Shego rolled her unearthly green eyes. "But psychological defects aside, what are you getting at here?"

"Shego, I kept up with you because I'm not Homo sapiens. I'm Homo silny" Kim took a deep breath, sighing as she let fly her secret.

"Silly? Not a word I usually associate with you, but okay." Shego shrugged it off.

"No! Not Silly! Silny!" Kim grumped, pouting a bit. After a moment, she rubbed her hand across her face, seeing she was going to have to lead Shego directly to the truth instead of alluding to it. "Silny comes from the Czech word for strong."

Seeing that Shego was giving her a vaguely confused look, tinted with frustration and confusion, Kim rolled her eyes. "Shego, how would you describe my mom?"

"Your mom?" She arched a brow at the redhead.

"Yeah, tell me what you would say about her if someone asked you to describe her? You've met her a few times." Kim motioned with her hands for Shego to continue.

"Um, well, she's cool… She's pretty calm under fire, looks freaking incredible for a fourty-something mother of three. Tries a little bit too hard to be hip for her kids though." Shego looked up; searching for any indication she was on the right track.

Kim sighed heavily, yet again.


"My mother is also Homo silny, Shego. She's actually almost seventy."

"Oh fuck you!"

"Shego!" Kim gasped at the first hard swear word she had ever heard Shego speak. "Fine… I'll prove I'm different."

After a moment, she rolled her suddenly tense neck. Giving the emerald super-human a look, she stood up. Looking around for inspiration, she spied her ceiling on looking upwards. She moved her eyes from one side of the room to the other, counting silently and nodded to herself, and then jumped.

Straight up, from a flat footed stance, ten-plus feet to the ceiling, where she slammed her fingers through the gypsum, and crouched for several seconds, feet on the popcorn texturing as she held herself with only her fingertips. She then shot Shego a loaded look and dropped back to the floor, dusting the gypsum off her shoulders and eyeing the twin holes on either side of the otherwise invisible stud running through the ceiling.

"…" Shego sat forward a bit, "Well, I'm… surprised. I'll give you that. Now, aside from asking you to come and clean my windows on the third story… what is it you're trying to get me to ask here, Pumpkin?"

Sitting back down, Kimberly sighed once more, and eyed the damaged ceiling and speaking one of the ugliest words that she knew. "The word most people use for Homo silny is 'vampire,' Shego."


It had taken a good ten minutes for Kim to calm the star-powered mercenary down. Somewhat.

"So the blood in the glass?!"

"…really was deer."

"Bull hockey! And that steak?! That was some poor unfortunate victim, maybe Adreana Lynn? You hated that wench!"

"It's really venison, Shego."

"And you lured me here to feed on me! Some freaky glow blood for your belly!"

Seeing that the mercenary was getting worked up to hysteria again, Kim walked to one side of the kitchen. She practically slammed open the door to the garage, and held it there, grinding her teeth. "Look! Deer! Dead! With A Gun!"

Normally, the sight of a dead, skinned deer hanging from the rafters of Kim's garage would have Shego losing her leftover spaghetti on the floor. The fact that it was apparently fresh enough to still be dripping once in a while didn't help that impulse any. But the evidence that it was obviously not a human being helped alleviate her need to vomit with relief that she was not in the presence of people-cutlets.

"And no. I did not even shoot it myself." Kim bit out irritably as she saw that Shego was calming down. "I bought it from a hunter this morning, cleaned it, and cut off a few flank steaks for dinner. With. You."

"I hate deer." Shego muttered again, weakly.

Kim allowed the garage door to swing closed. She moved into the living room and sat on the couch. Shego dumbly followed. She sat across from Kim, her hands finally extinguishing after having been engulfed for the last ten minutes.

After another five minutes during which the redhead begrudgingly allowed Shego to calm down, explanations and questions resumed.

"So, Vampires are real?"

"Please don't use that word." Kim tried not to scowl as heatedly as she felt. "It's no different than Nigger, Dyke, or a lot of other ugly phrases. But yes, technically, species other than Homo sapiens exist. Or races… there's still a bit of debate on that."

Shego was still pale, though one would be hard pressed to describe her as such given her normal palor. She swallowed, and tried to commit that to memory… no need to piss off the vampire with racial slurs. "So. Um, I guess since I saw you out jogging this morning, there are differences between you and Drac- um, that famous movie monster I mean?"

Kim laughed gently, despite her discomfort. It wasn't like Shego knew better, after all, and seeing her in genuine fright was a delightful change. "Yes, Silny are no more like the creatures of books and movies than that movie with Ringo Starr is like real cavemen."

Shego tried to seize on a joke there, but she was still a bit too terrified to do so. After a moment, and probably realizing that Kim Possible was not likely to tear out her throat and drink her blood, Shego forced herself to calm down a bit. Or so she told herself. "So, um… maybe you ought to lay it out for me, Pumpkin…"

"Well, it's like this. Homo silny are a different race or species of humans, just the same way Neanderthals are, erm were. Silny scientists think we appeared about nine to eleven thousand years ago, shortly after the end of the last ice age, during a genetic bottleneck period. There was selective pressure towards a faster, stronger kind of human being on the plains of central Asia and Siberia when several other large predators went extinct, but regular humans with spears couldn't keep up with the sudden explosion of large plant-eating mammals." Kim recited from the most knowledgeable website she had on the subject of her own people.

"Silny scientists?" Shego arched a brow, as though the concept of vampire scientists was a silly as the name Kim supplied for them.

"Yes Shego… Just like there's Chinese scientists and American scientists, there are Silny scientists too. Now, where was I?"

"Selective pressure?" Shego supplied quietly.

"Right. Anyway, Homo silny and Homo sapiens coexisted in central and western Asia just like Humans and Neanderthals did in Europe fifty thousand years ago. Then, the numbers of my people started to drop off sharply." Kim shifted uncomfortably. "Shego… Humans are… kind of genetically predisposed to be the only… human species on Earth. Silny scientists think so anyway, because myths about ape men, werewolves, cavemen, and… us, are almost universally negative. Silny history is very sketchy because so many of us are wiped out when we are discovered."

"The Uighur people of central Asia were Silny, until the Mongols conquered them. Things went well, until some of the Mongols discovered that we were a little 'too different' to be allowed to survive. So they kept the language and the religions, but wiped out the people quietly. And Alexander the Great may have been Silny as well, and was slain for this after it turned out he could survive being shot multiple times with arrows and slashed with swords. His remains certainly fit the-"

"Ahbububu…" Shego held up a hand. "No one has ever found Alexander's… tomb? Vam- Erm your people did?!"

Kim nodded softly. After a moment, she decided to skip the history lesson and switch to biology. "Look, like I said, we're nothing like the movies. Sunlight is a myth, as is the whole garlic thing… I happen to love eggplant parmesan with garlic. We don't change into anything, sneak in windows at night, drink bloo… well okay, I'll come back to that in a moment. We're just people. But if you think gays and jews have had it hard through history, the unspoken massacre of Silny would make your head spin."

"Look Princess, I've heard all about Neanderthals and cavemen… why have I never heard about you?" Shego pointed out with a little disbelief.

"Shego, did you know that if you shaved a Neanderthal, they would just look like a human with a receding jaw and forehead? Physiologically and all that, their very very similar to humans. Same with my species. If you're only looking at our bones, most Silny look like slightly taller, broad shouldered humans with pronounced canines… Slightly pronounced canines… I don't have fangs, just pointy teeth. In fact, Silny are more similar to Homo sapiens than Homo neanderthalensis are. Like I said, Alexander might have been one, but it's hard to say for sure since all that's left are his bones and some legends."

The mercenary tried to digest all this. After a moment, her calming brain latched onto Kim's phrasing. "You said 'looking at their bones.' Does that mean there are other differences?"

"Well doy Shego," Kim snorted and made a wry face, "Did you already forget the kitchen, or all the times I kicked you butt?"

Shego made a face. "Okay, so you're a lot stronger and faster than normal people now…"

The redhead growled hotly and narrowed her eyes. "I am normal people." Sitting back, Kim took a deep breath, and reminded herself that for Shego, this must be really weird and almost unbelievable. "Silny are substantially stronger and faster than Sapiens. We have pronounced upper canines, about five to ten percent longer and thicker than Sapiens. A few ancient Silny had much bigger ones, but they were all killed off since they were easy to identify. I also have much faster reflexes, and sharper hearing and sense of smell. I'm lucky I got my mom's small cute nose, because a lot of Silny have big Roman noses. We also live about twice as long in modern times. Like I said, my mom is sixty eight."

Shego arched a challenging brow at this.

"It's true! Look, back in the day, Homo silny spent their days hunting things that could break a Homo sapiens in half. We evolved to be more rugged, more resilient, and as a consequence, when we're ~not~ getting the tar beaten out of us on a daily basis, longer-lived." Kim challenged. After a moment, she let go another deep breath and sat back.

"You sound like a biology text, Princess…" Shego sat back as well, trying to stay objective. "Are Silny also super smart?"

"No," Kim rubbed her temples softly, a small tension headache appearing from trying to persuade Shego. "And thank you for not using the V word. No, my brains come from my dad. Some Silny biologists try to claim we're smarter, but that's no more backed up by anatomy or aptitude tests than the idea that all black people can play basketball. I just happen to take an interest in my family and background."

"So Humans and Silney mix, huh?" Shego arched a brow at this salacious detail. "I wonder if I got any…"

"Actually," Kim blushed very gently, looking up. "I kind of wondered that too, especially after I met Hego. He's really within the Silny archetype. But almost all silny know they are different from humans. And unless you have Eastern European or Asian ancestors, it's not likely. Mixing the species is pretty rare. Most Silny have developed a fear of humans that's almost instinctual because of how many of us are wiped out. My mom is one of the few who fell in love with a Sapiens. And the genetics are really hit and miss. My brothers seem completely human."

"Shucks." Shego relented. "I'm like seventy percent German, the rest is Irish and a bit of good old American mutt… and Hego wasn't that big before the comet. Wait… is that why you lured me here?"

"Um…" Kim chewed her lip and looked at her hands in her lap. "No… I hoped you were one of us way back when I was crushing… but no. Shego… this probably sounds really stupid and pathetic. But I figured… you're really rare and special too. I get so freaking lonely up here and…"

"This whole town is Silny?" Shego suddenly looked around. She blinked, because it was just as Kim said. Everyone looked just normal to her. Sure, there were a lot of tall people, but Shego herself was tall, so she tended to notice that less anyway.

"Um… mostly. There's a few Sapiens and one mixed family. We're one of the biggest Silny communities outside of Mongolia. Eleven thousand people live in town." Kim smiled with civic pride, and then she sobered a bit. "But… Um… It's different for me. I lived among humans all my life, and being from a mixed family that favors humans doesn't help. After Ron left me for Japan, I kind of fell apart."


The two had taken a break from Kim's show and tell, during which Kim cleaned up their abandoned dinner plates. Shego was provided with a beer, after paranoidely refusing a bottle of red wine. Kim, her nerves a bit more settled by her wine, and by companionship from her old life, finally elected to resume her interrupted tale.

"It's not like there's a Silny culture any longer. Not outside Mongolia any way. Oh, yes, Ghengis Kahn was Silny, as were most of the early Kahns. And if you do that William Shatner joke, I'm kicking you out of my house!"Kim laughed and shook her head. She sipped her wine contemplatively, "Actually, some scientists, Silny and Sapiens, think the Mongols may have been the bastard children of all three species, Human, Neanderthal, and Silny."

"But really, it's more like being Irish American or something. Those that still exist of us, maybe a million in total, just live our lives among Humans or in little mostly Silny villages like this one. We celebrate and research our ancestry, but you wouldn't, and obviously don't, notice us day to day." She continued, rolling her wineglass in her fingertips.

"And Ron is one too?" Shego probed, since Kim had mentioned him before, and in her estimation, the blonde had to be.

"No." Kim's expression darkened. "Like my mom, I favour humans. Which is sort of like a fetish among Silny. Actually, it's more like being bi, which I also am but… yeah. No, Ron is, or was at least, Sapiens. Not sure what you'd class him as now."

"But he knew, right?"

"Yeah… He freaking knew."

"I always wondered how he could stand to be shown up by a girl all the time. Weird."

Kim looked up, arching a red brow. "Ron ran off, you want to know why?"

"Cause you grew fangs?" Shego supplied with a smirk. That smirk faded when Kim growled irritably again at the racism, unknowing though it was.

"Yes actually." She supplied after a long bitter moment. "See. Silny, full blooded ones anyway, like me, go through not one, but two puberties. There's the regular one that we share with Homo sapiens where we get hair down there, periods, boobs, etc… then about age nineteen, we enter a second one."

"Which is when you get fangs, superhum- erm, super abilities, and so on?" Shego guessed, correcting her slip. "And drink blood?"

Kim nodded, sucking her lower lip gently. She smiled at Shego, making a point to show the emerald woman her teeth. Indeed, were Shego not looking specifically for fangs, she would probably not have noticed how Kim's canines were slightly longer than the surrounding teeth.

Taking a deep breath, she looked Kim in the eyes. "What about the blood thing?"

"Yeah, well, for one thing, I don't kill people in the night or rob blood banks. Incidentally, refrigerated blood reeks." Sighing, letting go the biggest secret of her race, she looked Shego directly in the eyes. "Silny are carnivores. Our digestive system and dietary requirements evolved in central Asia, in the Steppes. The only food there was big animals, or grass. My diet after my second puberty is about seventy percent meat."

"And drinking that glass of… blood?" Shego swallowed in spite of herself. What she had before thought was a clumsy distracted mistake was now clearly something more.

"You really hate venison, huh?" Kim gave a sad little chuckle.

"I have bad childhood memories, okay? Now what about the whole vampire blood drinking thing?!"

Kim took a breath at the ugly word, and then chose to answer. "Most Silny suffer from an iron deficiency. I'm not pale because I'm a redhead, I'm pale because I'm not Sapiens. Those of us who live among humans usually take suppliments, but those things are hella harsh on the digestion. I don't miss having irony farts all the time and wearing carbon-laced panties to cover them up. So living up here, I just do what comes natural. I drink a little mammal blood every few days, eat my steaks rare, and a lot of kidney beans. The local sheriff's wife is Silny, so he makes sure to look the other way when people take deer, elk, etc out of season. Wild game just tastes a bit better to most of us than farm raised. And there's a lot of blood in a four hundred pound elk. Speaking of, I have to take that bucket under the dinner down to the community room tonight before it congeals."

"Thanks for the visual." Shego muttered. Looking up, she blinked. "I think we got off track, weren't we talking about why you're lonely, and where the doofus is?"

"Ron left after I started going through second puberty. He used the whole 'training my powers in Japan' thing as a cover, and okay, maybe it's a little true… but mostly he left because of me." Kim bemoaned, sipping her wine. "See, when Silny go into their second puberty, it makes those emo teenagers from the suburbs who wear all black seem like candyland."

"And if Ron and the rest of the world thought you were a bitch before," Shego muttered, and then winced under the glare gave her. "Right… super hearing. Sorry… but it's true!"

"Yes… it is." Kim sighed heavily, finishing her wine. "That and the sex. I kind of turned into a nympho for a while to. Ron was a saint, because I literally would have been a total slut and done anything that moved if he didn't try to help me slake my needs that way. Heck, I almost called you… once. He probably saved my reputation, and burned himself out on romantic love in the process. I hear that he and Yori hardly ever sleep together."

Shego blushed for one of the few times in her life, and swallowed. "Um… that's not why you-,"

"No!" Kim laughed, and blushed intently as well. "I'm pretty much past all that. Look, let me tell the story of Ron, then you'll understand, okay?"

Shego arched a disbelieving brow, but nodded.

"Like I said, I really leaned on Ron during those first few months of second puberty. See, with my people, it doesn't matter if you're half human or not… you're either Sapiens or Silny… something weird about the genetics. My brothers are humans, no second puberty, not seven feet tall with a greek god's build or anything." She blushed softly, because Shego was still looking at her as though Kim might suddenly pounce her and either rip out her throat or sex her rotten.

"He couldn't take it anymore, and I can't blame him… even though I do." She let go a bitter breath and chewed her lower lip. "I mean, even a nineteen year old boy will get tired of sex when he's getting it three times a day, especially when it's mixed in with the bitch on wheels act and mood swings from hell. I went through a lot of Prozac then."

"Prozac?" Shego arched her other brow, looking surprised.

"Treats PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, super PMS… So it also helps Silny not kill someone or sex them to death during second puberty. Probably the only reason we're still around is because half of us have at least two children by twenty five." Kim chuckled a bit, and shook her head. "I had to order a box of condoms every few days… thank goodness for the internet pharmacy and plain brown wrappers."

Seeing the look on Shego's face, Kim laughed and blushed. "Okay, this is not how I wanted this explanation to go. You're supposed to understand why I wanted to see you, and it's not because I'm hypersexual. Um… So yeah. Between the sex and the mood swings; and some really ugly things I said during one in parituclar, Ron just couldn't handle me anymore. And with the hyper aggression, the sexual aggression, and the fact that I was getting strong enough to throw down with Warmonga, minus the battle suit, I couldn't exactly go save the world a lot either."

Kim closed her eyes, a single tear rolling from one. "And without Ron, my ferociously loyal best friend, to keep an eye on me, well… Something else had to be worked out. I had a lot of friends, obviously, a few of them also Silny. My parents and them were able to get me this house here, and some family friends like Big Mike and Doctor Porter kept an eye on me while I dealt with second puberty."

"Big Mike, the tubbo who sat on me?" Shego squawked, half sitting up. "He's one of you?!"

Kim let the vaguely racial question slip past, and smiled. "No… His mom is though, which is probably why he's so big. But Doctor Porter, it turns out, is. There's like three dozen Silny living in Middleton. Go figure, cause it's pretty rare to get that many of us in a human community."

"Doctor Porter? That bombshell who works at the Space Center?" Shego blinked. "No, wait, she's actually like fourty, right?"

Kim made a face, and also blushed just a bit. "No, she's only twenty seven. Really. But thankfully, she is also full blood Silny, both parents. So she's way familiar with life during second puberty because she and her brother went through it. She was able to do most of her work telecommuting from up here. She moved out about a month ago though. She met a Sapiens guy from the next town over, and they moved back to Middleton."

"And you're lonely." Shego finished, moving to stand. "Look Pumpkin… not that this isn't weird and freakishly interesting, but I'm not your babysitter and I'm not here to amuse."

"Shego…" Kim sighed softly. "It's not… I didn't mean… it's just that…"

Shego fixed the redhead with a look. She stood, waiting.

"Okay. Fine. I'm lonely, and I need a friend." She sighed, dropping her head. She looked up, trying not to let the desperation in her deep green eyes show. "I thought, since you're so… unique… that you'd get how I feel. SO I figured, if I showed up, and kicked your butt, that you might follow me, and we could…"

"Live happily ever after?" Shego snorted irritably. "I told you, I don't swing that way… Whatever that means in this case."

"No!" Kim whined softly. "No… I mean… Okay… maybe a tiny bit. But really… seriously… I just need someone to talk to… from the old days. Shego, I'm looked at weirdly wherever I go. Up here people kind of look down at me because I save humans all the time even though they have worked to eliminate our race. ASnd because I still think of myself as a halfy. Not everyone does, but it's there, under the surface. Down in Middleton, and everywhere else, people look at me as 'Kim Possible,' the girl who can do anything and save the world."

Looking up, holding out her hands, Kim sniffed slightly as the emotion of the night, and the months past, caught up to her fully. "You are about the one person besides Ron and my family, and maybe Wade, who looks at me as just Kim. I'm not some human-lover, and I'm not this freakishly abled girl. I'm just… me."

Shego intended to just blow off the vampire girl. She was fully prepared to laugh in her face at the bald-faced, lonely desperation. She wished she was seized by the impulse to go out and tell the world that Kim lived here, and what this place, and she, was; and witness the whole scene burn.

"Fine… maybe we can… have lunch or something."

She didn't… because Kim was right. They were sort of alike, outcast by the groups they traveled in, but were not a part of, Kim as Silney and Human; and Shego as hero and villain.

She grunted as she was seized by a powerful hug, and eventually, she had to slap Kim's shoulder, as it changed from a bear hug, to something that her very-human body was pained by. "Air!"

Kim sheepishly released Shego, and cleared her throat. She looked around, because this was a heck of a lot more emotion than she was used to sharing with the villainess. Then she got an idea. "Hey, want to go spar?"

Coughing, trying to get her breath. Shego blinked. Suddenly, she realized something. Fighting this new and improved Kim… might just push her to new heights to. And it was a heck of a lot more palatable than just palling around with her like a goober. Grinning at the idea of a no-holds-barred throw down with the redhead for the first time in a while, she nodded.

"Hell yeah. Let's go. But please, do something about that bucket first?"

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