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"Mom!" Kasy protested, "Jason's party starts in an hour!"

"Then you're going to be late," Kim told her.

"Sheki and Hana can watch the little kids trick-or-treat!"

"You want them to watch Jane, Junior, David, Louis, Aaron, Becky, Francis, Abie, and Catlyn by themselves?"

"Hana can do anything!"

"And that means she'll keep Jane out of trouble. Sheki can't watch the rest of them."

"But mom!"

"No buts, young lady. Get your jacket and go downstairs. Mommy and Eemah need to get on our costumes."

Kim heard Kasy stomping down the stairs as she headed for the guest room.

Shego helped Drakken set up the apparatus. The blue man wore his old lab coat and Shego her green and black catsuit. Kim had on one of her old mission outfits.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Princess?" Shego asked. "This thing's been in mothballs for years."

"Come on, best costumes ever - it'll be fun… Doc, you've taken your medications, right?"

"Of course… But let me double-check everything before you use it."

Downstairs Ron had an axe buried in his skull, exposing half his brain. "As if you had a brain," the pretty vampire beside him laughed.

"I must have a brain, I married you, didn't I?" he asked Bonnie and gave her a kiss.

Wade, in a football uniform, and Joss, as a cheerleader, gave nervous last minute instructions to the teenagers as they left with the younger children.

Felix leaned on his cane and stared at the couple in front of him. "Aïda and Radames," Monique explained.

Some twenty minutes later Kim, Shego, and Drakken descended the stairs for the Lipsky & Load/Possible Manor Halloween party.

Jim shook his head, "Going the cheap route, Kim?" the Star Trek security officer asked.

"Not exactly," Shego answered.

It took a minute to register. "Wait, you're Kim?" Zita asked. "So Shego…"

"That's me." Kim answered.

Bonnie moved over and stared, "Who did the makeup? You really-"

"Brainswitch," Kim/Shego answered. "Doc used it once on Ron and me."

"Why is something in my head screaming, 'Not a good idea'?" Ron asked.

"Princess swears we'll be fine," Shego/Kim assured him. "We've got the machine locked in the guest room and will go back after the party."

Meanwhile, on the streets of the Middleton, some of the younger kids had started to hit the candy. Sugar, young children in a group, and Halloween proved an explosive mix and the teenagers were hard-pressed to keep the herd from scattering. It became even more difficult for Sheki and Hana when Kasy suddenly failed to return after rounding up a stray.

The two teens remained in the street as the troop moved to the front porch of another house and demanded candy. "We need to take them home early," Sheki suggested

"That may prove difficult," Hana answered. "They-"

Conversation ended as Jane led the others in an unexpected direction and the pair set out in pursuit.

Some three hours after starting out the young contingent straggled back at Possible Manor. They headed for the top floor, which had been prepared for their party, but were too full for the cake and ice cream available.

"Where's Kasy," Kim/Shego asked, "did she go to the party at Jessica's when you were done?"

"No," an exhausted Sheki complained, "she abandoned us a couple hours ago."

"She didn't stay with you?"

"No," Hana confirmed.

"Shego!" Shego's body shouted. "We've got trouble." She turned back to Sheki, "We're going to get Kasy. Do you want to go to that party?"

"Nah, I'll skip it. They didn't invite Hana so we'll just hang here… As long as you don't make us watch the kids upstairs."

"No, you've done your duty."

It was more difficult for Kim and Shego to execute their plan without their own bodies, but they managed.

The Mankey house had too many teens for Tara and Josh to monitor closely. If they'd been able to talk they might have discussed ending the party early, but there was no time for them to talk.

Suddenly the house went dark. Josh swore under his breath, wondering who had blown a circuit, and how. He'd need to find a flashlight and head for the breakers in the basement. He just hoped Tara could control a houseful of teenagers in the dark for a few minutes. Even before he could find the flashlight, however, the power came back on. "Must have been a problem on the line," he thought.

A few seconds later Jason called, "Hey, what happened to Kasy?"

It would be awhile before he learned the fate of the redhead in solitary confinement. She had lost her cell phone and computer privileges when sent to her room.

"No fair," the teen thought. "Sheki didn't even want to go to the party. Mommy and Eemah are mean." She needed some way to pay them back.

Kim had often warned Shego she would regret teaching the twins to pick locks.

"What do you mean the machine won't work?" Shego/Kim asked Drakken.

"I don't know what's wrong. I'll figure it out tomorrow."

Back in their bedroom Kim and Shego stared at themselves. They had planned a little something after the party but Kim/Shego summed up the problem, "Too much like masturbation."