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NoDrogs created the twins.

Out-of-Body Experience

In the morning Kim woke to see herself in bed beside her. She woke Shego, who looked over and smiled at herself. "This is weird, even for us," Kim commented.

Downstairs the kitchen was already crowded. Ron, in his old 'Kiss the Cook' apron made pancakes. Not that the smaller contingent needed more sugar - they had already been into their Halloween candy. Monique looked the women over, "You're really not yourselves?"

"Nope," Kim, in Shego's body, answered.

"You know, I hate to say I told you so, KP," Ron said as he poured batter on the griddle, "but I told you so."

Shego/Kim sighed "Wade and Doc are coming over to figure out how Kasy fouled up the brain switcher."

"Why do you blame me! You always blame me for stuff! You don't know that I did anything."

"It has your fingerprints all over it."

"I wore gloves."


"I mean, I would have worn gloves. If I did it. But I didn't. After the garden gnome I learned to wear gloves."

"It's missing a part," Wade told them after the examination with Drakken.

"Can you buy a new one?" Kim/Shego asked.

"One I built myself," the blue man muttered.

"We might be in trouble," Shego told Kim after the men left.

"What's the matter?"

"Well, after he had his… uh… accident Drakken had genius spells all the time. He'd throw together incredible stuff in hours. Then the genius fits got a little further apart. And further apart. That's when he started stealing stuff instead of making his own. Maybe he can figure it out, maybe he can't."

"He's got Wade now."

"Yeah, but… I just hope we don't have to bring back Zorpox."

Kim shuddered, "No way."

"What happened?" Will Du asked at lunch. His family would leave that afternoon.

"Someone grabbed a part, an important part," Kim reported glumly.

"Why are you looking at me!" Kasy demanded. "We had a whole house full of people."

"Motive, opportunity, and the necessary skill sets," Shego told her oldest daughter, staring at her with Kim's eyes. "You're the prime suspect."

"That is so unfair. I always get blamed!"

"You're usually the one who pulls something," Kim muttered.

In the late afternoon Wade called with bad news, "Doc doesn't remember what he did. I sketched a circuitry diagram and Joss and I are looking it over - but it's mad science. I'm not sure we can make anything."

"So what are you going to do tomorrow?" Bonnie asked at dinner.

"I don't know," Shego sighed. "I can't go in to court wearing Kim's body. She never passed the bar. Lawyer on the other side'll scream I'm Kim practicing law without a license." She reached for her glass, and knocked it over. "And I want my body back. I'm all clumsy because this body's a different size."

"I might go in to Global Justice," Kim answered. "It'd be fun leading a mission with plasma powers."

"Unless you start, like, three fires because you can't control it," Shego reminded her. "And don't hurt my body!"

"Fine, maybe I'll stay in my office and do paperwork."

Shego shrugged, "I guess I could do that also."

Kasy wondered how to 'find' the part without drawing attention to herself. She hadn't realized how important the piece was when she took it, and hadn't meant to cause this much trouble. But she objected to being called the prime suspect and didn't want to admit to her crime. Maybe she could frame someone… Monique and Will had left and couldn't defend themselves… Maybe Drakken and cousin Wade could make a new part…

Bonnie took Sheki shopping after school the next day. Kasy's grounding required her to stay at home. Kasy knew the grounding would be extended if they discovered she had taken the part, but Kim and Shego were so unhappy about their work days that she wanted them back in their own bodies. She hadn't meant for things to go this far.

It was worse at breakfast the next morning. Bonnie turned to Kim's body. "I thought Drakken came over late last night. Can he make the part?"

"No. I hope we don't get stuck here."

The pale green woman spoke up, "And Shego started to worry we might lose the house."

"Lose the house? How?" Kasy demanded.

"My job at the law firm pays the bills around here," the redhead answered. "This place is expensive. Your mom's job at Global Justice doesn't pay that much. Maybe in a year or so I can take the bar again, if I have to… We may be an apartment then."

Kasy slipped away from the table after breakfast and ran upstairs. She was in tears when she came down. "It's gone. I took it, but it isn't there any more."

"Found it last night," Shego told her.

"Drakken came over and switched us back," Kim finished.

"You're back? But…"

"We asked Jane and Sheki if we could look through their stuff," Shego told her.

"We knew you wouldn't hide it in your things. You'd want to be able to deny knowledge."

Shego chuckled, "Kid, you've got a mother who's an ex-thief and one who works for Global Justice. You thought you could pull one over on us?"

"My moms are so unfair!"