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Chapter # 15: Epilogue

Anna dipped her brush back into the bucket of soapy water. She hated cleaning worse than anything. That was why her father often used it as a punishment. It wasn't even noon yet and she had already cleaned the bathrooms and was now scrubbing the floor of the dojo.

"Your father always hated cleaning too," Don spoke as he dropped down beside his niece.

"Then why is he making me clean the whole liar," Anna complained.

Don chuckled. Leo always was a hard one. Things had been more than tough on him growing up as the leader of the four turtles. Leo had dealt with them fairly and sternly then and now. He could even punish himself from time to time.

"It's nice of you to help me," Anna thanked her uncle.

"Don't thank me, I really didn't have any choice. This is my punishment too, you know."

"For what?" Anna asked questioningly.

Don didn't answer at first. Leo had tried to keep the wives and children away whenever he had dealt with one of them. Everyone knew that Leo was in charge, but maybe they didn't quite understand how much.

"Getting mouthy with Leo," Donny finally said not wanting to say any more.

He could still remember a time when they were young, and Leo had taken him down hard in the dojo when he wasn't paying attention during training. Master Splinter had reprimanded and punished him, but not a word was said to Leo.

"This is taking forever," said Anna. "After I finish this, I still have the kitchen to do. After that I have to clean up all the kids' rooms and…"

Don held up his hand. He had an idea. It would be quicker if the two of them split up the cleaning.

"I tell you what, I'll clean the kitchen and I clean my kid's room. That way the work will get finished in half the time."

"I don't know," said Anna. "Daddy may not like that idea.

"He might not," Don admitted, "that is if he finds out."

The uncle and niece shared a sly smile.

"It'll be a secret between just the two of us. Why should it matter as long as it gets done?" Don prompted.

Anna laughed. "I don't know, but we'll have to be very sneaky to get around Daddy."

The two finished washing to floor of the dojo, and Don watched a now very happy girl skip off to her next cleaning job. He smiled as he watched her. Don couldn't stand seeing his niece sad.

Leo had actually only instructed Don to clean all of their weapons, that included the turtles', the kids', and the practice weapons and equipment. It would take much longer then what Anna had been sentenced to do, but Don figured what Leo didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Don walked to the other side of the large training room where the weapons were kept. He started with the bows first because they didn't take as long to clean.

He tried to focus on just getting the task at hand done as soon as he could, so much that he didn't notice Leo coming from out of the shadows.

"So, you and Anna keep many secrets from me?"

Don's eyes went wide and he instantly dropped the bow he was cleaning on his foot.

"Ouch!" yelped the purple turtle.

Leo laughed at how started his younger brother was. "That's karma," he said, and walked out of the dojo leaving a very spooked Donatello holding his hurt foot while jumping up and down on the other.