Jack sighed as he shook his head. He had been called to the Zombies Courtyard. It had been a few months since everything had ended and Jeffereson Island had been completely deserted. The Organizers had been arrested and the Deathwatch Games had ended. Jack ate a Happy onion as he sensed something behind him, a cackle and a the soud of skates later and Death Blade was facing Jack.

"This old Grim Reaper wannabe?" Said Jack. "Fucking hell Amala, you told me this place was deserted."

"It is, everyone who refused to leave was shot down and all records of people who left or were killed are here. Maybe he just wants a rematch, gimme a sec."

A few seconds of clicking on a keyboard and Amala gasped. "Jack, according to records Death Blade was never known to be a competitor, every picture and video of him, he's not there. Maybe he is the Grim reaper. Careful Jack, one touch of the scythe and your dead."

"Dead? Me? Give me some credit, I'm not that weak." said Jack as he lit a cigerette.

It was below 0 degrees and you could see breath emenating from beneath Death Bladesmask. He cackled as he swung his scythe. The cigarette was cut in two and Jack was behind him, his chainsaw revved and sliced Death Blade in the middle. Blood splattered everywhere and he disappeared.

"You know, I can't really win this if your gonna regenerate." he said. "This rematch is a waste of time."

Jack rubbed his shoulder, underneath his clothes a small scar glowed red, it was a full moon. Well it was always a full moon in this place, the clouds had cleared. Jack coughed and got on all fours, he screamed in pain as his heart ached, he could feel his heart beat slow down until coming to a complete stop, a few moments passed and he collapsed. Death Blade reappeared and poked him with the end of his scythe. He laughed and raised his scythe and brought it down to behead him. There was a clank of metal hitting the ground, Death Blade was on the recievng end of a uppercut. Death Blade staggered back, blood coming from his mouth beneath the mask. He looked at Jack who had a full head of hair.

"The Shamans." came Amala's voice through Jacks ear. Death Blade cocked his head. "They weren't a load of wolf loving freaks, they really were Werewolves. He must have been struck when he fought them. Death Blade listen to me you have to...."

Her voice was cut off, Jack punched his head and the sound went out. He growled as his clothes ripped, they were replaced by fur and his face grew longer a snout and several large teeth began to grow. He got onto all fours like the animal he was beoming, he howled to the moon and Death Blade slashed his chest. Blood poured from the wound and Were-Jack jumped back cluthcing it with his lare paw. He licked his paw clean and moaned in ecstasy as he pounced on Death Blade, scythe clashed with claw. Death Blade removed his mask to reveal a plae skeletal face, a large cut on his face, it healed itself and he cakled. Were-Jack rubbed his eye trying to wipe the blood away. Soon enough they both were on rooftops. Death Blade twirled his scythe and cackled, whereas Were-Jack was growling on all fours. Both moved and both were struck. Both stood up the moonlight shining on both of them. One collapsed whilst the other leapt from building to building. Who won? Only the moon knows.