By Danu40k

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Everyone was worried when a limping Xander picked them up at the Quidditch camp entrance on Saturday but Xander just brushed them off and pulled out a rope for them to hold onto, portkeying them to Orlando Florida.

The family had had a discussion as to where to have Harry's birthday party again and had decided to hold it like last year only bringing the rest of the family so they were off again to Disneyworld and the surrounding parks with the boys showing everyone their favorite places.

Each person got a credit card like before and Hermione's parents were with them and used their own cards and had given her a card as well.

Mr. Weasley was in heaven with all the Muggle entertainment going on and at the end of the week when they went to Cape Canaveral and watched the Space Shuttle launch he was to the point where he could have launched a Corporal Patronus he was so happy.

They spent the day going through the museum and Mr. Weasley got posters for the Burrow of the earth as taken from space and the moon before they headed back to their hotel.

The next day Xander had everyone pack and they headed not to the airport, but to the port where the ships were, there he handed everyone a ticket to a Disney Cruise ship and herded them up the gangplank to their next destination a cruise to the Bahamas.

Xander figured that they were old enough to get their own suites so everyone was stretched out on deck 8 with views of the ocean and hot tubs on the verandas.

Rumor had it that this was the last year for this company to hold the cruises for Disney and that Disney was going with their own lines starting next year so they would have to do this again to see if there was a difference.


After they were underway, Xander had them meet in his room for a meeting.

They came in and sat around the living room section of his suite and he handed out folders to everyone and when he got to Neville he told him that he had already briefed his grandmother on this so he didn't have to worry about trying to brief her later.

"Okay, welcome to the first meeting of the LionClaw shareholders, because we are meeting here I am able to write off a lot of this on our business taxes so enjoy the trip." There was laughter around as everyone glanced through the folders.

"If you'll turn to page 5, we'll start off with B&P Loan and Trust." Everyone turned to the page and looked it over.

"As you can see it's not making much money right now and what it is making is being plowed right back into the business, there is a reason for that. Malfoy, in his wisdom decided to have everyone but his friends and cronies pay close to 45 percent in interest for their loans and it was costing the people businesses and livelihoods. We've cut the loans back to 4 percent originally and given the people refunds on the payments they made at the old percentage rate allowing many of the old loans to be paid off. This allowed for spending and with the new loan rate of 4 percent allowed for new businesses to open. The goblins kept track of the inflation index and when it looked like inflation was going to start with all the new spending we upped the interest to 5percent which helped. They raised their interest rate to 5 percent as well for loans to the Ministry and together we have pretty much kept inflation down for now.

If you turn to page 12 you can see a map of Diagon as it is now as well as picture we took of the overcrowding on a busy day. The Alley Alliance, which used to be run by the Malfoys, the Longbottoms, and the Potters, as well as the Shopkeepers Guild and headed by Malfoy, is now run by Sirius, me, Mrs. Longbottom, and the Shopkeepers Guild. We decide what shops to bring in and what upkeep is done with the taxes the shops pay to the alliance. Now Malfoy only wanted to pocket the money and didn't want to spend any money which is why no new shops were put up unless he was forced to do so. Even when there WAS money for it, so rats and other vermin started to populate the market. Complaints were made, but as long as he was in charge nothing could happen.

NOW, we have the goblins coming in after the school rush and expanding the Alleyways to twice their size which will allow for growth and will allow for the widening of the alleys so less congestion. We will be putting in light posts for lighting at dusk and night so less chance of thievery, and we will also be following the mandates of the Wizengamot by putting in new Auror stations. If you will turn the page you will see a mock up of what the alleys will look like after we are done." Everyone turned the page and looked seeing a bigger alleyway and a lot more shops as well as a few more side alleys.

"LionClaw and the Longbottoms will own the new shops coming in and we have already presold many of the shops as you will note on the page they are posted in red and the regular shops are posted in black."

Everyone looked and noticed that two thirds of the new shops were already sold.

"Now the ones done in purple are shops that will deal in Technomancy which is basically Muggle tech and Wizard magic done together. These are things like CD Walkmans and Computers as wells as music stores and such with the tech working on both magic and batteries or electricity which gets them around the Statute of Secrecy laws.

We checked and got them Ok'ed."

Everyone looked at Mr. Weasley and he shook his head, "they must have checked with the Misuse office because they didn't check with me."

Xander nodded his head; "we didn't want any notes of impropriety so we didn't even tell him that Arthur was a member of the board just that we were thinking of putting in businesses."

"We are also upgrading the wards which should have been done under Malfoy so that the fire hazards and the pests are under control."

"Now on page 34 you will see our investment portfolio is strong. Right now we are mostly invested in the tech stocks with some in other stocks as well, we made enough money off of these investments that it basically paid for the this vacation including Quidditch camp and the one coming up in a year or so I've labeled DVD market will definitely pay off since we are getting in on the ground floor. Basically this will be what CD disks are to music tapes; Movies will be put onto disks and will be hardier so you don't have to worry about the tape breaking as easy just about fingerprints and scratches like with CDs. DVD players will be expensive at first as with all new tech, but with time the price WILL go down and some, just like VCR players, every Muggle house will have one or want more than one. These same companies also do the Muggle VHS movies so we have an investment in them whether the DVDs go well or not though I think the DVDs will take off."

Everyone nodded at this liking the fact that they were invested in the VHS since that was what they were used to and only the Grangers seeing the big picture of the DVDs possibilities.

"Now on page 50, I would like to know what you think of the proposal to redo the Daily Prophet. I am getting irked that there is no real news service for the UK. Should we rework the Daily Prophet or open a new daily paper?"

Everyone read the pros and cons of both proposals that he had drawn up and then began to debate the question.


It was finally decided to keep the Daily Prophet and bring in a news paper with Xander getting in touch with the people he had contacted to do the paper.

They decided to call it the London Magical Times after the New York paper they had read while in America it would have Magical and Muggle news as well as the stock market news and sports news as well as special interest sections.


The next day they landed at Disney's Private Island and enjoyed learning to scuba dive and play in the surf and the following day they headed to Nassau where they played tourist , then back to the Island and to Florida where they flew to New York and then home.


From the airport they headed to the Leaky Cauldron in the shuttle cabs and from there the portkeyed to Potter Manor where everyone hit their rooms to sleep off the jet lag

The next afternoon Xander got everyone up and going with a good brunch of French toast and eggs as well as bacon (for Hedwig as well as the others) and ham and juice, before getting everyone ready to go to the theater to see The Fugitive with Harrison Ford the twins (and Sirus') hero. Afterwards they headed back to Pizza Hut near the Leaky Cauldron for dinner and then home.

End Chapter 25